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Colima has a wide variety of culinary options and price ranges.
The typical cuisine of Colima can be divided in two major categories: Inland food and seafood.
Inland food are the staple of the capital city, while seafood can be commonly found on the coastal regions; however, the city also offers a very decent set of options of seafood restaurants.
Additionally, Colima also has a well established set of International restaurants available at affordable prices.
The base of the Colima's gastronomy is a combination of corn and pork and the city has these traditional, very affordable restaurants called "Cenadurias" (literally it means, places to have dinner), that usually open at around 6 pm, and serve the most traditional meals described in the list below.
The most popular Regional foods of the city of Colima include:
'''- Pozole Blanco'''
A white hominy corn-based soup with pork, garnished with fresh vegetables, lime, onion and an optional spicy salsa roja (trust me, it's spicy).
'''- Pozole Seco'''
A unique variation of Pozole only found in Colima, that serves the dish in a paste-like option instead of the soup. The rest is very similar.
'''- Sopitos'''
A dish only found in Colima consisting of pan fried mini tortillas topped with ground beef, and a very mild liquid sauce. Garnished with cheese, vegetables and tomato. Absolutely a must try!
'''- Tostadas'''
A large deep-fried tortilla with a coating of bean paste and with a variety of pork toppings (depending on the style), garnished with vegetables and a medium salsa valentina.
'''- Sopes Gordos'''
Hand made, thick tortilla with a coating of bean paste and a variety of pork-based toppings (similar to the tostada described above).
'''- Tamales & Atole'''
Colima has its own version of Tamales, which are cooked in a corn leave and have different varieties of fillings including picadillo (ground beed), pork in green or red sauce, cheese and rajas. Atole is a corn-based drink and in Colima, it is traditionally only one flavour and it is vanilla with a touch of cinnamon.
'''- Tacos dorados'''
Deep Fried tortilla filled with chicken or Panela cheese and garnished with vegetables and bathed in a savoury mild sauce
Other very traditional means found outside of cenadurias are:
'''- Tacos Tuxpeños'''
Tacos typically only found in the morning all around town that have a special mild red oily sauce filled with traditional ingredients such as beans, chicharron (pork skin), Pork, etc. (Very cheap and delicious)
'''- Street tacos'''
An evening traditional meal found in most street corners.
Additionally, there are also other excellent regional such as:
'''- Chicharron en salsa roja or salsa verde'''
Morning and afternoon dish found in traditional Mexican restaurants around town. (Also a popular choice for breakfast food in restaurants). It consists of pork skin cooked in a very traditional and unique mild tomato sauce.
'''- Chilayo'''
Chunks of pork cooked in a thick, savoury, mild sauce, typically accompanied by white rice and onions.
'''- Carne en su jugo'''
Clear Beef stew garnished with an abundance of vegetables
'''- Chamorro'''
Traditional Mountain food consisting of a leg of pork, slow cooked in a spicy sauce that is very unique to family recipes in the region.
'''- Birria'''
Dish from the neighbouring state of Jalisco served exclusively in the mornings consisting of a goat stew in a mild broth. Usually fresh, homemade tortillas are served with this popular dish.
'''- Menudo'''
Dish typically served between 2 am and 8 am for the most daring visitors consisting on Beef stomach in a soup.
There are some drinks that are only found in the region of Colima:
'''- Tuba'''
A fermented drink unique to Colima made with the nectar found inside the trunk of palm trees, garnished with freshly toasted penauts and found everywhere in downtown by street vendors.
'''- Tejuino'''
A very refreshing and unusual drink made out of corn, molasses, cinnamon, lime, salt and crushed ice.
'''- Aguas Frescas'''
These are quite simply, drinks made with traditional, seasonal fruits and products, the most popular are: Lima, Limon, Horchata (rice), Tamarindo, Jamaica (a must have!)
'''- Ponche'''
Traditional alcoholic drink  from the Comala region prepared with mezcal in a variety of flavors such as Coffee, Pomegranate, plums, peanut, tamarind, etc.
'''- Bate'''
The most peculiar of all of these drinks, made with chia seeds.
Desserts include:
'''- Cocadas'''
Traditional candies made out of coconut and related products
'''- Pan Dulce'''
Sweet bread usually available for breakfast or for the merienda at 5 pm.
'''- Jericallas'''
Custard dessert usually found in cenadurias. Absolutely delicious
'''- Flan Napolitano'''
A mixture between a flan and a cheesecake.

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