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West Java : Cirebon
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Cirebon is a city in West Java. It's located near border with Central Java

Its name is often said to be derived from the Sundanese words of "Cai" (or river) and "Rebon" (or "shrimp"). (Indeed the main production of the city is fishery including shrimps.) The alternative Javanese derivation is from "Caruban", meaning "mixture"--a reference to Cirebon's complex mix of Javanese, Malay, Sundanese, Chinese and Arabic cultural elements. While Indonesians from outside of Cirebon pronounce the name CHEE-reh-bon, locals say Cheer-BON. (Rolling the R's, of course.)

The city weather is hot and humid. Wear cotton clothes. You do not need long sleeves shirt, instead a T-shirt and knee-long trousers are comfortable. Some places like mosques (masjid) and temples require polite dress such as long trousers/skirts. Hot pants/mini skirts will attract people attention and might be considered impolite.

Get in

By rail from Jakarta (Gambir Station or Jatinegara Station) you can take the Cirebon Express for Rp 70,000 (business/no air conditioning) or Rp 95,000 (executive/airconditioned,tv). It takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes. A more expensive but still very cheap alternative is the Argo Jati train at Rp 120,000. The different between economy class train and business class train in Indonesia is,The business class train will only stop in one or two station during the journey to its final destination,while the economy class train will stop at almost all station it passed by.

By Bus From Jakarta:Plenty of Choices of bus company serving the route,the fare as per January 2011 Rp.35.000,(US$4-5) (economy) Rp.55000(US$6-7)(business)

The city is easy to reach from other places in java as it is lies in main road from Jakarta to other destination in Java and vice versa.

Get around

There are several ways of getting around the town of Cirebon.

By rented car - this is the most convenient way.

By 'Angkot' - this is the public van transport. However, they are not as comfortable as your own private car. Cost around Rp 3,000 for most journeys.

By 'Becak' - similar to a rickshaw. You hop on the 'wheeled chair' and the driver will cycle the becak around for you. It will cost you from Rp 5,000 to Rp 20,000. Prices are highly negotiable.

There are some taxis in Cirebon (the taxi driver informed me there's only 20 units of taxi in this city). The rate is on hourly basis, based on your negotiation skill, it should be around Rp. 75,000 per hour.


  • Kraton Kasepuhan
  • Kraton Kanoman
  • Gua Sunyaragi
  • Grave of Sunan Gunungjati


Have a visit to Keraton Kasepuhan and Keraton Kanoman (two main palace in Cirebon).Swiming in cold mountain water with hundreds of fish(Labaebarbus Dournensis)in Cibulan kuningan,(approx'30minutes from city centre). Pampering your self in local spa which the hot water is coming direct from nearby mountain(the location itself indeed at the foot of mountain Ciremai).You can also joint local people to swim in public hot spring water.Take a look of local daily life by getting arround the city with dokar(a two wheeled carriage drawn by a horse).


  • Batik Cirebon
  • Toserba YOGYA Grand Centre, Jalan Karanggetas. Located at the heart of the city, this Toserba (toko serba ada) which means, shop that sell everything, consisted of 4 floors: 1st floor - shoes & bags department. 2nd floor - ladies wear & mens wear 3rd floor - supermarket 4th floor - Marina Restaurant


Local cuisines are:

  • Nasi Jamblang. The most famous one is Mang Dul, you could easily eat at Grage Mall or Toserba YOGYA Grand Centre food court.
  • Nasi Lengko. The most famous one is located on Jalan Pagongan. Nasi lengko is consist of steamy rice, tempe and tahu, bean sprout, and covered with peanuts sauce, kucai and sweet soysauce in the top of it. It's better if you eat it with lamb satay and kerupuk aci.
  • Sate Kalong. (Satay) You can find it only at night. That is way they named it sate kalong (kalong:bat)
  • Tahu Gejrot
  • Empal Gentong.

Seafood restaurants:

  • Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
  • Marina Restaurant
  • Haji Moel Seafood


  • Amarta (Empal Asem), Jl. Raya Tengah Tani Plered (about 3 km from cirebon city). it is such Empal Gentong, but the soup has added small star fruit (belimbing wuluh), and without coconut 5000. (,20000)



  • Hotel Asri


  • Hotel Bentani
  • Hotel Park
  • Hotel Patra Jasa
  • Hotel Puri Santika
  • Hotel UMA Sukalila
  • Hotel Delam


Get out

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