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Circassian phrasebook

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(Common signs)
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==Common signs==  
==Common signs==  
Circassian similar to Chechen language.
Salamun alejkum ( Саламун алейкум. )
Hello. (informal)
Salam. ( Салам. )
How are you?
Muhad´she bari gijulagshame? ( МухадIше бари гиюлагшаме? )
Fine, thank you.
Dig´ats´e bar, kalyakhe. ( ДигIацIе бар каляхе. )
What is your name?
Khan'tsey khimy jun? ( ХанIцей хим юн? )
My name is ______ .
Zeni yandem jy ______ . ( Зени яндем йы ______ . )
Nice to meet you.
Dzevezinija khyash´yakheta. ( Дзевезиния хяшIяхета. )
Thank you.
Barjakaljekhyn. ( Барякалйехын. )
You're welcome.
Masharnija. ( Машарния. )
Haj. ( Хай. )
Hejri. ( Хейры. )
Excuse me. (getting attention)
Illa barekbillakh. ( Илла барекбиллах. )
Excuse me. (begging pardon)
I'm sorry.
Goodbye (informal)
I can't speak to Circassian.
Az´ cherkessomozi tesh bjuzuh. ( АзI черкессомози теш бюзух. )
Good morning.
Jor dygym jekhla. ( Ёр дыгым йехла. )
Good evening.
Shojor je dygym jekhla. ( Шоёр йе дыгым йехла. )
Good night.
Bur´sham kojor je dygym jekhla. ( БурIшам коёр йе дыгым йехла. )
Good night (to sleep)
Bur´sham dygym jekhla. ( БурIшам дыгым йехла. )
Where is the toilet?

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Circassian languages aer spoken in Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia.


Common signs



Leave me alone. ? Don't touch me! ? Police! ? Stop! Thief! ?


1 - zı 2 - tu 3 - şçı 4 - plı 5 - tkhu 6 - hı 7 - blı 8 - iy 9 - bğu 10 - pşı 20 - toşç 100 - şçe


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