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===By air===
===By air===
'''Shah Amanat International Airport''' ({{ICAO|CGP}}) is modern and clean and serves as Chittagong's international airport besides domestic serices to and from [[Dhaka]] and [[Sylhet]]. It is the 2nd busiest in Bangladesh.  Situated in Patenga, it has international services to destinations such as [[Dubai]], [[Kolkata]], [[Yangon]], [[Muscat]] and [[Bangkok]]. Formerly known as MA Hannan International Airport, but was renamed on April 2, [[2005]] by the Government of Bangladesh. Major airlines that serve the airport include [ Biman Bangladesh Airlines], [ GMG Airlines], Thai Airways International (also in charge of maintaining the ariport), and Oman Air.
'''Patenga International Airport''' ({{ICAO|CGP}}) is modern and clean and is served by both domestic carriers, [ Biman Air] and [ GMG Airlines], and receives some international flights from cities such as [[Kolkata]], [[Pukhet]] and [[Singapore]] in [[Asia]], as well as the [[Middle East]] and [[Europe]].
'''Shah Amanat International Airport''' serves as Chittagong's international airport. It is the 2nd busiest in Bangladesh.  It has international services to destinations such as [[Dubai]], [[Kolkata]], [[Yangon]], [[Muscat]] and [[Bangkok]]. It was formerly known as MA Hannan International Airport, but was renamed on [[April 2]], [[2005]] by the Government of Bangladesh. Major airlines that serve the airport include Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Thai Airways International, GMG Airlines, and Oman Air.
===By train===
===By train===

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Chittagong is the capital of Chittagong Division in south-eastern Bangladesh.


Chittagong is a fairly big, spread out town, and the largest international seaport in the country. Like Dhaka the streets are filled with masses of rickshaws, though the city puts in a little more effort to keep its streets and sidewalks clean. Foreigners will notice a distinct increase in hassle from beggars and the people are slightly less friendly than in other parts of the country.

The busiest part of town is the area around the train station and Station Road, while things get a little more bearable as you move further north. GEC Circle is the intersection of Zakir Hossain Rd, Nizam Rd and CDA Ave, about 3km north of the train station, and is the center of middle to upper class life with a variety of good restaurants and shopping.

Chittagong is a fairly traditional location. In most areas women don't move about in the streets a lot. In the more affluent neighborhoods like Nasirabad there is more mobility for women. The parties that let women have fun are mostly indoors, and Chittagong Club or Hotel Agrabad are fairly happening places at that.

The Chittagonian enthusiasm for inviting people to massive feasts is a bit of legend both locally and elsewhere in Bangladesh. Known as mezbani these feasts feature a tremendously hot curry, ususally of beef. If you're not used to it, approach with caution.

Get in

By air

Shah Amanat International Airport (ICAO: CGP) is modern and clean and serves as Chittagong's international airport besides domestic serices to and from Dhaka and Sylhet. It is the 2nd busiest in Bangladesh. Situated in Patenga, it has international services to destinations such as Dubai, Kolkata, Yangon, Muscat and Bangkok. Formerly known as MA Hannan International Airport, but was renamed on April 2, 2005 by the Government of Bangladesh. Major airlines that serve the airport include Biman Bangladesh Airlines, GMG Airlines, Thai Airways International (also in charge of maintaining the ariport), and Oman Air.

By train

Trains run to Dhaka and Sylhet. The train station is on Station Rd just west of Jubilee Rd. Chittagong has a station on the narrow gauge eastern section of the Bangladesh Railway. The headquarters of this railway are located here.There are main two railway stations in Station road Chittagong. There you can have different train those go to different direction (Dhaka,Shylhet,Comilla,Bhairav) of Bangladesh. Train journey is apparently cheap compared to Bus journey.

By bus

There are 2 spots in the city where the major private companies operate from and have offices - just to the south of GEC Circle on CDA Ave, and on Station Rd near Hotel Golden Inn. Greenline, Silkline and Shohag are the nicest and have frequent services to Dhaka (6 hours) and Cox's Bazar (3 hours). Greenline also offers the only direct bus to Sylhet (Tk 550, 6 hours).

Local buses to Cox's Bazar (Tk 140, 3 hours) run frequently throughout the day from Cinema Palace Bus Station, about 1km north of the Station Rd area.

By boat

  • BIWTC has an office and launches its ferries from Sadarghat, about 1km south of the train station down Sadarghat Rd. Barisal is the main destination, where you can then continue on to Dhaka.

Get around

Transport in Chittagong is similar to that of the country's capital Dhaka. There are various bus systems, taxis, and as well as smaller 'Baby' or 'CNG' taxis which are basically tricycle-structured motor vehicles. Also, there are the traditional manual rickshaws which are very common.

  • Cycle-rickshaws are the natural choice, and cost around Tk 5 per kilometer.
  • Walking is also a possibility as the town isn't too confusing, but keep and eye out as the streets can be very busy, especially around Station Rd and Jubilee Rd.


  • Patenga Beach: Sandy beach at the meeting place of the roaring sea and the river Karnaphuli. It looks more beautiful from Navel Academy Road which is just Beside the Shah Amanat International Airport.
  • Foy's Lake: Set amidst panoramic surroundings, this ideal spot for outings and picnics is thronged by thousands of visitors. This Lake has been created in the natural environment in 1924 by the initiative of the then Asam-Bengal Railway. This lake has been created by building a dam based on a plan by an English engineer Mr. Foy. Now an amusement park is established there.
  • Shrine of Baizid Bostami: This holy shrine attracts a large number of visitors and pilgrims. At its base there is a large pond with several hundred tortoises floating in the water. According to tradition, these turtles are descendants of evil spirits (djinn) who were cast into this shape because they incurred the wrath of the great saint who visited the place about 1100 years ago.
  • World war II Cemetery: In this well-preserved cemetery at quiet and picturesque place lie buried over 700 soldiers from commonwealth countries and Japan. The War Cemetery is located in a hillside sloping place, in the south-western corner of Chittagong Medical College Hospital, beside the Badshah Mia Road of the city. The total area of this cemetery is eight acres, which is protected and supervised by the Common wealth Graves Commission.
  • Ethnological Museum: A unique treasure house of variety of tribal culture and heritage of Bangladesh. The Ethnological Museum of Chittagong was established in the first half of nineteen sixties. The museum contains four galleries and a small hall.
  • Baitul Falah The largest masjid in Chittagong.
  • Chandanpura Mosque: Situated in the old city, the multi domed mosque is an architectural sight to behold.
  • Chittagong College: Situated in the old city, is one of the oldest colleges in Bangladesh (estd 1869) and also one of the prestigious academy.
  • Mohsin College:Situated beside Chittagong college. The College area covers almost 31 acres of land decked with beautiful landscape. The college Campus wears a garb of natural panoramic beauty. It is housed in eight metalled/pucca buildings on an extensive beautiful campus in the lap of nature. A beautiful play ground a stretches to the south of college gate, supplying the students a great scope to participate in different games and sports. The college campus upholds the ancient architectural beauty in the shape of a building built by the Portuguese.
  • Court Building: Situated on the Fairy Hill, this building commands a magnificent bird's eye view of Chittagong city, particularly at night. This gigantic Judge Court building was built immediately after the East India Company conquered and declared Chittagong as a separate administrative area in 1773. The building is huge, over 250 thousand square feet and has hundreds of rooms.


  • The shipbreaking yards near the Indian Ocean are Chittagong's international claim to fame, but for the wrong reasons; these are considered one of the most polluted places on Earth with highly dangerous practices and hazardous working conditions. Green Peace is actively campaigning against them and trying to bring this issue further into the light. Tourists are not usually welcome, but some travelers have been able to sweet talk the gate keeper and get amazing photos of massive ships being dismantled for parts and steel. There are many breaking yards stretching for miles, so start at one end and try your luck until you have success. Keep your wits about you, safety practices leave something to be desired. It's also wise to keep your camera hidden until you're out of view of the officials, lest you be mistaken for a journalist out to do them harm. Bus #6 runs from Station Road, or you could hire an auto-rickshaw. (See also Alang, India).


There are a few amusement parks and paublic parks in Chittagong:

  • Karnafully Sishu Park (Agrabad,Chittagong)
  • Zia Sishu Park (Circuit House,Chittagong)
  • Mini Bangladesh (Chandgaon,Chittagong)
  • Biplobi Uddan (2 number gate,Chittagong)
  • Jatisongho Park (Panchlaish, Chittagong)


  • Aarong Handicrafts has a large branch on CDA Ave just north of GEC Circle. It's well stocked with men's and women's clothing and housewares at medium to expensive prices.


  • Zaman Hotel, just north of GEC Circle, on west side of street, 0189 649 138. Head here for some truly fantastic Bangladeshi food. You'll be ordering the same things you've had elsewhere, but they'll likely taste better than before, and while you're savoring it you can ponder the wisdom in the quote on the menu: "For super disk with quality food to avoid cooking please step with whose family at Zaman Hotel." There are two restaurants of the same name on the same block - this one is the most southerly, with the huge neon sign on the roof. Mains Tk 40-100.
  • Shaad Snacks, Station Road, across the street from New Market. A friendly place serving the usual fast food snacks - rolls and buns filled with chicken, beef or vegetables, microwaved to a spongy perfection as you order. They've got a good range of sweets as well. ~Tk 10.
  • Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant, 39, Agrabad, 810210. Smart air-conditioned Chinese restaurant. ~Tk 300-400 per person.
  • Baskin Robbins, just east of GEC Circle. One of the city's greatest redeeming qualities.


Alcoholic beverages are available only at the top hotels and top clubs like the Chittagong Club, which requires a difficult to acquire membership for locals but is open to people from abroad. The same goes for parties. It is possible to buy alcoholic beverages, ranging from local brews to smuggled beer, at bazaars with aid from a local guide. Parties arranged at homes are often the source of entertainment, and can even become a bit wild. There are a few cinemas in town, but all are in a shabby state.



  • Hotel Miskha, 95 Station Road, +880 (0) 31 610923. checkout: 12PM. One of the better of the Station Road cheapies, rooms are large, fairly clean and more atmospheric than others in the area with faded old wooden furniture. Prices are a little high but don't even think of asking the stubborn manager for a discount or to throw in a tv. There's a decent restaurant behind the reception desk. Tk 200-300.

Mid range

  • Hotel Al-Faisal, 1050 Nur Ahmed Road, +880 (0) 31 710048. checkout: 12PM. This is a good option, mostly because it's far enough away from Station Rd. Tk 350-1200.
  • Hotel Bandargaon, 875 Nur Ahmed Road, +880 (0) 31 637686. checkout: 12PM. Near Hotel Al-Faisal, it's also a good choice. Rooms around Tk 600.
  • Hotel Sylhet Super, 16 Station Road, +880 (0) 31 632265. checkout: 12PM. This is a very large hotel west of the train station, good if you need to be in this area. Tk 300-1000.
  • Hotel Golden Inn, 36 Station Road, +880 (0) 31 611004. checkout: 12PM. Across the street from Sylhet Super, it's another decent choice. Tk 400-1000.

Hotel Golden Inn is a 2-star hotel situated on Station Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

  • Hotel Saint Martin: Hotel Saint Martin is a 3-star hotel situated in the commercial district of Chittagong on Sheik Mujib road.
  • Asian SR Hotel: The Asian SR Hotel is a 2-star hotel situated on 291 Station Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh.


  • Hotel Agrabad, Agrabad Commercial Area, +880-31-713311, [email protected], [1]. A business hotel in the heart of the commercial area, easy airport access, restaurants and a swimming pool. $154-581. Hotel Agrabad is a 3-star hotel situated in the commercial district of Chittagong.
  • Peninsula Chittagong, 486/B, OR Nizam Road CDA Avenue, +88-031-285-0860-69 (10 lines), 616722, 619850, [2], [3]. Situated in the prestigious GEC circle of the Port City, The Peninsula Chittagong provides superior services combining western sophistication and Chittgonian hospitality in a scenic and convenient location. Discover this unique retreat for business or pleasure just minutes from the commercial center surrounded by famous retail shops, restaurants and corporate offices. Tarrif: $100-$150. The Peninsula Tower is a 3-star hotel situated in the center of the city near the G.E.C Circle. The roof of the building contains a swimming pool and offers a view of the entire city.


  • Internet Cafes can be found around the intersection of Station Rd and Jubilee Rd and around GEC Circle.

Get out

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