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Getting Around

Good weather? Rent a bike from the North Avenue beachhouse and pedal your way around the city. There's bike lanes all over the place.

Too fat? Use public transit. Most of the good stuff is reachable by transit.

Idiot? Rent a car. Have fun parking.

Good Eats

  • Buffalo Joe's, Evanston. Best wings and burgers in the city, no contest.
  • Mama's Fish and Chips, Red Line, Morse Stop. Total dive, fantastic fried chicken. Skip the fish.


  • Art Institute of Chicago. Lots of everything. Don't miss the miniatures and photography in the basement.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art. It's contemporary all right.
  • Museum of Holography. It'll only take you twenty minutes, but it's kind of interesting.


  • Green Mill. Jazz and lots of it. Go on a Sunday evening for the weekly poetry slam.
  • Heartland Cafe. Live band or open mic almost every night.


  • Blue Man Group. Get tickets (well in advance) on the floor instead of the balcony.
  • Improv Olympic. If the downstairs show is full, don't waste your time on the upstairs show.


As a general rule, most sporting event tickets in the city are bought up by ticket resellers. Welcome to the wonderful world of markups. You're better off buying from scalpers.