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Charlotte/South End

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Charlotte : South End
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Charlotte/South End

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South End [1] is a district in Charlotte. Extending from the southern side of the I-277 freeway loop south of Uptown, it extends along South Boulevard toward I-485. It was historically dominated by mills and factories, but in recent years has been reborn as an arts and entertainment district. It is currently one of the city's fastest-developing districts, primarily due to the placement of a light rail line along South Blvd.

Get in

Map of South End.

South End is well connected to other parts of Charlotte. South Blvd connects to I-485 south of the city, giving visitors from that direction an easy inlet to the district. Visitors from the Uptown area may travel down South Blvd by car (the easiest way is to take S. Brevard until it becomes South Blvd after the I-277 junction). A cab is also a reasonable option, since the district is only about a mile from Uptown.

In addition to car travel, visitors may also reach South End via mass transit. The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) [2] operates the transit system in the city. The LYNX Blue Line [3] light rail service runs the length of the South End, stopping at Carson Blvd., Bland Street, and East/West Blvd. The Blue Line connects the South End to Uptown to the north and travels along South Blvd. to the south. Frequency varies from 7-10 minutes on weekdays to 20-30 minutes on weekends. Fares for LYNX are $1.30 one-way (seniors and youth receive a discount) and $4 for a day pass. In addition, bus routes 10 and 16 serve the South End corridor while numbers 19 and 36 just pass through the area.

The Charlotte Trolley [4] is a vintage streetcar system which makes a charming way to get between the South End and Uptown. The trolley runs along the LYNX route, stopping every few blocks until the terminus of the line just pass Tremont Avenue at the Charlotte Trolley Museum. At the moment, the Charlotte Trolley service has been suspended during final preparations of the LYNX light rail line. It is expected to be running again by Spring 2008.

The northernmost end of the district is within reasonable walking distance of Uptown, though this requires crossing over I-277 via a somewhat unsightly pedestrian bridge.


  • Charlotte Trolley Museum, 2104 South Blvd., (at the end of the streetcar line in SouthEnd), +1 704-375-0850, [5]. This small museum is a good place to drop in when making a trip on the rails. Featuring photos, exhibits, and rides. Also offers walking tours of Dilworth and Plaza-Midwood, two of the city's oldest and most interesting neighborhoods. Free.


  • Tremont Music Hall, 400 W Tremont Ave., +1 704-343-9494, [6]. Home of the city's best series of underground concerts. Its gritty location on the edge of SouthEnd is right in tune with the personality of the music hall. At maximum capacity it can only hold a few hundred people, and the lack of permanent seating allows you to get as close as you like to the stage. A good mix of local and national acts.
  • Liaisons, 316 Rensselaer Ave, +1 704-376-1617, [7]. It might not look like a gay club from the outside, but this iconic Victorian house in Southend is one of the city's hidden gems. Music videos, TV-watching parties during the week, and a nice balcony overlooking the skyline all make for a very cozy atmosphere.
  • Camden Market, 1517 Camden Road, +1 704-277-0828. An outdoor market with lots of fresh produce, baked goods, and arts and crafts, all from local sellers.
  • Jillian's Billiards Club, 200 East Bland St., +1 704-376-4386, [8]. Su-Th 11:30AM-Midnight, F-Sa 11:30AM-2AM. Billiards, video games, and TVs.
  • Tutto Mondo Night Club, 1820 South Blvd., +1 704-332-8149, [9]. M-Sa 6PM-2AM, Su 9PM-2AM.
  • Uptown Cabaret Club, 108 E Morehead St., +1 704-344-0802, [10].


  • Canine Cafe, 1447 South Tryon St., +1 704-588-3647. Lots of homemade treats for your dogs and gifts for both canines and dog lovers.
  • Article Gallery, 2041 South Blvd., +1 704-376-5881.
  • Charlotte Art League, 1517 Camden Rd., +1 704-376-2787, [11]. 11AM-3PM daily. A non-profit adult arts organization, which provides gallery space to local artists.
  • Chasen Gallery of Fine Art, 1719 South Blvd., +1 704-376-0066.
  • Crossland Studio, 118 E. Kingston Ave., +1 704-332-3032, [12]. M-F 8:30AM-6PM, Sa 9AM-4PM. Architectural antiques: doors, stained and beveled glass, mantels, gates, and terra cotta.
  • Dilworth's Little Secret, 2000 South Blvd. #530, +1 704-333-0995. Garden and home accessory shop.
  • Eileen, 1800 Camden Rd., +1 704-372-1002, [13]. Designer clothes and accessories.
  • Elder Gallery, 1427 South Blvd., +1 704-370-6337, [14]. Tu-F 10AM-6PM, Sa 10AM-2PM. Showcasing the work of many renowned American artists.
  • Joie Lassiter Gallery, 1440 South Tryon St., +1 704-373-1464, [15]. Tu-F 10AM-5:30PM, Sa 11AM-4PM.
  • Lu Lu Raccoon, 2000 South Blvd., +1 704- 341-6213. Interior design store, with custom upholstery and design brand names.
  • NICHE, 1510 Camden Rd., +1 704-379-1811, [16]. A large footwear and apparel boutique.
  • Renee George Gallery, 225 East Worthington Ave, +1 704-332-3278, [17]. Tu-F 10AM-3PM, Sa 11AM-4PM. Contemporary abstract and realistic works of fine art and sculpture. Nationally and world-renowned artists presented.
  • South End Exchange, 1616 Camden Rd., +1 704-353-4600. A large consignment store with a broad range of antique items.


  • Price's Chicken Coop, 1614 Camden Road, +1 704-333-9866, [18]. Simply the best fried chicken in all of Charlotte, having earned an enviable reputation after several decades of service to locals of all descriptions. The restaurant is take-out only, and the line often stretches out the door during lunch. Your best bet is to find a spot in nearby Latta Park to eat.
  • Greek Isles, 200 E. Bland St., +1 704-444-9000. Located right in the middle of South End, very convenient to the amenities that the district has to offer. A larger restaurant that serves primarily Greek fare.
  • Tavern on the Tracks, 1411 S Tryon St., +1 704-372-0782.
  • Pewter Rose, 1820 South Blvd., +1 704-332-8149, [19]. Open for lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday, lunch Sunday, and late-night on Friday and Saturday. $8-$35.
  • Phat Burrito, 1537 Camden Rd., +1 704-332-7428. M-Sa 11AM-9PM, Su 11AM-7PM. Excellent burritos.
  • Carrabba's Italian Grill, 1520 South Blvd., +1 704-377-2458, [20]. M-Th 11:30AM-10PM, F 11:30AM-11:30PM, Sa 11:30AM-11PM, Sun 11:30AM-10PM. One of four locations in the Charlotte area. $9-$11.
  • Fuel Pizza, 1801 South Blvd., +1 704-335-7375, [21].
  • McIntosh's, 1812 South Blvd., +1 704-342-1088, [22]. Seafood restaurant open for dinner only. $20-$40.
  • Pike's, 1930 Camden Rd., +1 704-372-0092. M-F 6:30AM-9PM, Sa 8AM-4PM, Su 8AM-2:30PM. Old fashioned soda shop.
  • Rudino's, 2000 South Blvd., +1 704-333-3124, [23]. M-Th 11AM-4PM, F-Sa 11AM-10PM, Su 11:30AM-8PM. Pizza and grinders (a combination of meat, cheeses and vegetables served on baked bread). $5-$15.
  • Sullivan's Steakhouse, 1928 South Blvd., +1 704-335-8228, [24]. $20-$40.
  • Vinnie's Sardine Bar, 1714 South Blvd., +1 704-332-0006, [25]. M-Sa 11AM-2AM, Su Noon-11PM. Seafood, sandwiches, and salads. $8-$14.
  • Einstein Brothers Bagels, 1501 South Blvd., +1 704-333-4370. M-F 5:30AM-6PM, Sa 6AM-5PM, Su 6AM-4PM.
  • La Paz Restaurante & Cantina, 1910 South Blvd # 100, +1 704-372-4168, [26]. $9-$14.
  • Mantis Family Restaurant, 2334 South Blvd., +1 704-527-1919.
  • Morehead St. Tavern, 300 East Morehead St., +1 704-334-2655, [27]. $6-$9.
  • Mr. K's Ice Cream, 2107 South Blvd., +1 704-375-4318.
  • Nikko Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, 1300 South Blvd., +1 704-370-0100, [28]. Lunch M-F 11:30AM-2:30PM, Dinner Su-Th 5PM-10PM, F-Sa 5PM-11PM. $8-$20.
  • Owen's Bagel & Deli, 2041 South Blvd., +1 704-333-5385, [29].



  • Amos' SouthEnd, 1423 S Tryon St, +1 704-377-6874, [30]. Like SouthEnd Brewery, Amos' popularity exceeds the mere gentrification of the neighborhood; it helped make SouthEnd hip. Amos' hosts a very diverse range of live acts, but the proprietors have good taste and shows there are generally expected to be pretty good. One of the best singles joints in town, and typically a good stop for a beer regardless of who's on stage.
  • The Gin Mill, 1411 South Tryon St., +1 704-373-0782, [31].


  • Queen's Beans, 1510 Camden Rd., +1 704 790-2326. Your best bet in South End, located on funky Camden Rd. alongside galleries and other "artsy" fixtures.
  • Java Passage, 101 West Worthington, +1 704-277-6558, [32]. M-F 7AM-5PM.
  • TEA Rex, 2102 South Blvd., +1 704-371-4440, [33].
  • Dilworth Playhouse Cafe, 1427 South Blvd., +1 704-632-0336. Daily 7AM-8PM.


The only places to sleep in the district are at the north edge of the neighborhood, where you'll find a few cheap motels along the I-277 loop freeway. For a better variety of accommodations, cross I-277 into Uptown.

  • Ascot Inn, 1025 South Tryon St., +1 704-377-3611, [34]. Basic motel accommodations. $60-$140.


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