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Charlotte/South End

Charlotte : South End

South End is a district in Charlotte. Extending from the southern side of the I-277 freeway loop south of Uptown, it extends along South Boulevard toward I-485. It was historically dominated by mills and factories, but in recent years has been reborn as an arts and entertainment district. It is currently one of the city's fastest-developing districts, primarily due to the placement of a light rail line along South Blvd.

Get in

South End is well connected to other parts of Charlotte. South Blvd connects to I-485 south of the city, giving visitors from that direction an easy inlet to the district. Visitors from the Uptown area may travel down South Blvd by car (the easiest way is to take S. Brevard until it becomes South Blvd after the I-277 junction). A cab is also a reasonable option, since the district is only about a mile from Uptown.

In addition to car travel, visitors may also reach South End via mass transit. Bus numbers 12 and 24 serve the South Blvd corridor; numbers 16, 19 and 36 make at least one stop in the area. Also, the city currently runs a dedicated "South End Shuttle" trolley between Uptown and South End; the fare is $1 in each direction. This trolley is a temporary replacement for the streetcar service, which is currently on hold due to light rail construction in the area. Once the light rail is running, both it and the streetcar will serve the entire length of South End.

The northernmost end of the district is within reasonable walking distance of Uptown, though this requires crossing over I-277 via a somewhat unsightly pedestrian bridge.


  • Charlotte Trolley Museum, 2104 South Blvd., (at the end of the streetcar line in SouthEnd), +1 704-375-0850, [1]. This small museum is a good place to drop in when making a trip on the rails. Featuring photos, exhibits, and rides. Also offers walking tours of Dilworth and Plaza-Midwood, two of the city's oldest and most interesting neighborhoods. Free.


  • Tremont Music Hall, 400 W Tremont Ave., +1 704-343-9494, [2]. Home of the city's best series of underground concerts. Its gritty location on the edge of SouthEnd is right in tune with the personality of the music hall. At maximum capacity it can only hold a few hundred people, and the lack of permanent seating allows you to get as close as you like to the stage. A good mix of local and national acts.
  • Amos' SouthEnd, 1423 S Tryon St, +1 704-377-6874, [3]. Like SouthEnd Brewery, Amos' popularity exceeds the mere gentrification of the neighborhood; it helped make SouthEnd hip. Amos' hosts a very diverse range of live acts, but the proprietors have good taste and shows there are generally expected to be pretty good. One of the best singles joints in town, and typically a good stop for a beer regardless of who's on stage.
  • Camden Market. 1517 Camden Rd., +1 704-277-0828.
  • Dilworth Billiards. 300 East Tremont Ave., +1 704-333-3021.
  • Jillian's. 200 East Bland St., +1 704-376-4386.
  • Tutto Mondo Night Club. 1820 South Blvd., +1 704-332-8149.
  • Uptown Cabaret. 108 E Morehead St., +1 704-344-0802.
  • Velocity, 935 S. Summit Ave., +1 704-333-0060. F-Sa 10PM-4AM. Huge warehouse converted into a gay/lesbian club in the funky South Blvd. area. Known for its large area and variety of attractions inside, Velocity is reputed as one of the more entertaining clubs in the city. Very large dance floor, usually filled with a diverse crowd.


  • Canine Cafe. 1447 South Tryon St., +1 704-588-3647.
  • Article Gallery. 2041 South Blvd., +1 704-376-5881.
  • Charlotte Art League. 1517 Camden Rd., +1 704-376-2787.
  • Chasen Gallery of Fine Art. 1719 South Blvd., +1 704-376-0066.
  • Crossland Studio. 118 E. Kingston Ave., +1 704-332-3032.
  • Dilworth's Little Secret. 2000 South Blvd., +1 704-333-0995.
  • Eileen. 1800 Camden Rd., +1 704-372-1002.
  • Elder Gallery. 1427 South Blvd., +1 704-370-6337.
  • Joie Lassiter Gallery. 1440 South Tryon St., +1 704-373-1464.
  • Lotus. 1247 East Blvd., +1 704-332-2047.
  • Lu Lu Raccoon. 2000 South Blvd., +1 704- 341-6213.
  • NICHE. 1510 Camden Rd., +1 704-379-1811.
  • Renee George Gallery. 225 East Worthington Ave, +1 704-332-3278.
  • South End Exchange. 1616 Camden Rd., +1 704-353-4600.


  • Price's Chicken Coop, [4]. Simply the best fried chicken in all of Charlotte, having earned an enviable reputation after several decades of service to locals of all descriptions. The restaurant is take-out only, and the line often stretches out the door during lunch. Your best bet is to find a spot in nearby Latta Park to eat.
  • Greek Isles, 200 E. Bland St., +1 704-444-9000. Located right in the middle of South End, very convenient to the amenities that the district has to offer. A larger restaurant that serves primarily Greek fare.
  • South End Brewery, 2100 S. Blvd. (set a way back from the road, look for the sigh with pastel colors and sheet metal decorations), +1 704-358-4677. Su-Tu 11:30AM-9PM, W-Sa 11:30AM-8PM. $2-$5/pint. A fixture on South Blvd. before the area was fashionable. Produces several excellent beers; South End Blonde is the signature. Also serves a decent food menu. Draws big crowds on football Sundays, who usually fill the bar near the huge "Tank 5" vat.
  • Tavern on the Tracks. 1411 S Tryon St., +1 704-372-0782.
  • Pewter Rose. 1820 South Blvd., +1 704-332-8149.
  • Phat Burrito. 1537 Camden Rd., +1 704-332-7428.
  • The Original Pancake House. 1300 South Blvd # S, +1 704-372-7099.
  • Carrabba's Italian Grill. 1520 South Blvd., +1 704-377-2458.
  • Fuel Pizza. 1801 South Blvd., +1 704-335-7375.
  • McIntosh's. 1812 South Blvd., +1 704-342-1088.
  • Pike's. 1930 Camden Rd., +1 704-372-0092.
  • Rudino's. 2000 South Blvd., +1 704-333-3124.
  • Sullivan's Steakhouse. 1928 South End Steelyard, +1 704-335-8228.
  • Vinnie's Sardine Bar. 1714 South Blvd., +1 704-332-0006.
  • Einstein Brothers Bagels. 1501 South Blvd., +1 704-333-4370.
  • La Paz Restaurante & Cantina. 1910 South Blvd # 100, +1 704-372-4168.
  • Mantis. 2334 South Blvd., +1 704-527-1919.
  • Morehead St. Tavern. 300 East Morehead St., +1 704-334-2655.
  • Mr. K's Ice Cream. 2107 South Blvd., +1 704-375-4318.
  • Nikko Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar. 1300 South Blvd., +1 704-370-0100.
  • Owen's Bagel & Deli. 2041 South Blvd., +1 704-333-5385.



  • Amos' SouthEnd. South Tryon St., +1 704-377-6874.
  • The Gin Mill. 1411 South Tryon St., +1 704-373-0782.


  • Queen's Beans, 1510 Camden Rd., +1 704 790-2326. Your best bet in South End, located on funky Camden Rd. alongside galleries and other "artsy" fixtures.
  • Java Passage. 2135 Southend Dr., +1 704-343-3000.
  • TEA Rex. 2102 South Blvd., +1 704-371-4440.
  • Dilworth Playhouse Cafe. 1427 South Blvd., +1 704-632-0336.


  • Ascot Inn. 1025 South Tryon St., +1 704-377-3611.


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