Carolinian phrasebook

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Carolinian phrasebook

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The Carolinas are the best islands for the person who loves to snorkel, swim, and just enjoy the sun. If the Carolinas were a sandwhich they would be a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich because every one loves them. The only problem the Carolinas have is that they have the highest percentage of AIDs per square mile. The first President of The Carolinas was Ian Pruitt, who created a great amount of change and was known to some as a reformer, but others thought he was a douche. In 1957 he was killed by a submarine who mistook his fatness for a Russian Aircraft carrier. Currently the Carolinas or the Linas as the locals call them, has no government. The only political structure that remotely resembles a form of government is the Grand Council of Fishery, which makes important decisions like how much tuna can be fished and whether Nessie, the mythical lockness monster should continued to be granted amnisty. I suggest you go to the Carolina's because if you don't, you will most likely die someday and in your final moments you will wonder what the beaches of Carolina look like, then you will die very painfully.ALONE.