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Cúcuta is in Colombia in the region of Norte de Santander


Cúcuta is the capital of the department of Norte de Santander, known as the "La Puerta de Oro" or "The Golden Door" because it is the border with Venzuela.

Its metropolitan area it is conformed by the municipalities of Cúcuta, Villa del Rosario, Los Patios and El Zulia. The information of the last census shows tha Cúcuta has a population of 742.324 persons.


Cúcuta is located in the northwest, 580 km to the north of the capital (Bogotá).

Exact Location:

  • West longitude: 72º 30"
  • North latitude: 7º 30"
  • North: Municipality of Tibú
  • South: Municipality of Villa del Rosario, Bochalema, and Los Patios
  • West: Repúblic of Venezuela and the municipality of Puerto Santander
  • East: Municipality of the El Zulia and San Cayetano

The area of the city is 1.176 km2


The average temperature is 28º C.

To check the time please go to:


  • Castellano

Get in

By air

Cúcuta has a domestic airport, Camilo Daza and the neighboring airport of San Antonio (Venezuela).

The available airlines are Avianca, Intercontinetal, Aces, Satena, Anvil, Lanc, Aerocusiana, Helivalle, Helicol and flights charter of national and international character, also is usual the arrival of passengers in transit to San Antonio, Venezuela or the foreigner.

By Bus

Cúcuta is connected by national railroads with the capital (Bogotá) and with Caracas (Capital of Venezuela).

To go to Cúcuta you have to arrive to the "Cúcuta's Bus Station" or in spanish "La Terminal de Transportes de Cúcuta".

Get Around

By bus

There are many public and private transportation companies that offer bus services and cover almost all of the metropolitan area (Villa del Rosario, Los Patios and El Zulia). It's a cheap and a rather safe way (ticket costs around US$ 0.45, but it will cost more depending on the bus, the route and the day) to travel around Cúcuta, and they offer nice and clean vehicles that you will feel comfortable with.

By taxi

This is by far the best way to travel around if you don't mind spending a bit more for transportation. The cabs here are very clean, safe and they will take you to anywhere you want.


  • Hotel Tonchalá
  • Hotel Casablanca Av. 6 # 14-55 Tel. 5722888 FAX: 5722993
  • Hotel Quinta Avenida
  • Hotel Villa Antigua. Located in the highway to Venezuela.
  • Hotel Arizona Av 0 # 7-67
  • Hotel Bolivar Av. Demetrio Mendoza
  • Hotel Casino Internacional Calle # 2E-75
  • Hotel Acora Calle 10 #2-75
  • Hotel Acuaris Calle 5 # 3-37
  • Hotel Amaruc Av. 5 # 9-73
  • Hotel Chucarima Calle 7 # 2-30
  • Hotel Exelsior Av 3 # 9-65
  • Hotel Lord Av. 7 3 10-58
  • Hotel Luxor Calle 10 # 2-66
  • Hotel Victoria Plaza Calle 8 # 2-98
  • Hotel Paraiso Calle 10 # 5-84
  • Hotel Conquistador Av 11 E. Frente al Parque Simón Bolívar, Colsag.
  • Hotel La Paz Calle 6 Av 3 y 4
  • Hotel Cacique Av 7 calle 9 y 10
  • Hotel El Samán (Prosocial) Autopista Internacional, en Villa del Rosario


Comida Rápida

  • Kokoriko Av. 0 Calle 8 Esquina Tel. 5722822
  • PRESTO Av. Los Libertadores # 3-08 Tel. 577 5596 / 577 4949
  • Los Carritos Av. 0 # 15-71 Tel. 5710097
  • Los Carritos Av. Los Faroles # 9E - 51 Tel. 5741506
  • Juan K Av. 3E #1-218 La Ceiba Tel. 5779113 / 5779114


  • Restaurante Rodizio: Malecon II Etapa La Riviera Tel. 5739029 / 5751719
  • Pinchos & Asados (Rodizio): Tel. 5739039
  • Restaurante EL CORRAL: 5745701 / 5773152
  • MANGOS: Av. Libertadores #7-22 Tel. 5752648
  • Restaurante La Gran Muralla Av. Libertadores #10-84 Malecon Tel. 5753946 / 5755156 / 5755069