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Burnt Pine

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Burnt Pine is the commercial and residential hub of Norfolk Island. The site of most of the leading hotels and shops, as well as other infrastructure, most visitors will either stay in Burnt Pine or spend a lot of their time there.


While not the official capital of the island, Burnt Pine is definitely the hub. The town consists of Taylor's Road and a number of shops, hotels and restaurants either side of it. Grassy Road joins Taylor's at the end closest to the airport, while Queen Elizabeth Avenue is located at the far end. Taylor's Road is intersected by The Village Place (often referred to simply as The Village), which is another shopping strip.

Get in

By plane

The rather grandiosely named Norfolk Island International Airport is located near the Grassy Road intersection. This is the only way onto and off the island.

By car

Try to arrange either a lift from the airport to your accommodation or (if you've hired a car) pick it up from the carpark. Most guesthouses will offer this as a matter of course, and in some cases the staff will seem slightly affronted if you drive yourself up Taylor's Road.

It might only be one road, but Taylor's is surprisingly long when you're weighed down with suitcases. Besides, a car is necessary to see the rest of the island.

Get around

Burnt Pine can be walked around quite easily, although the amount of shopping on offer might make a car a necessity.

If so, the simplest option is to hire a car for the duration of your stay. Borry's Rental Cars, located near The Village Place, as well as Martin's, Father's and Hibiscus Rentals all offer a range of vehicles.

A taxi service is beginning to establish itself as a means of getting around, but costs may prove prohibitive for trips up and down Taylor's Road.


There is a scarcity of actual sights in Burnt Pine itself, although a number of structures commemorating Australia's bicentennary (1988) are to be found in the area near the post office. Barney Duffy's Charcoal Grill restaurant is something of a local landmark.


Burnt Pine is a shopper's paradise. The absence of many of the duties and taxes normally paid on goods on the Australian mainland means that almost everything is cheaper than Australian prices. Shop assistants will almost always point out savings over "mainland" (Australia or New Zealand) prices. Don't forget to look at the establishments in The Village as well.

On Sundays, there is also a market near the post office.

There is also a proliferation of restaurants along Taylor's Road. In recent years, a number of cafes have also opened, providing a congenial location to relax with a cup of coffee (local coffee is beginning to develop as an industry) and watch the world go by.

For those planning a tour of the island, the information bureau is located near the post office and can advise on almost any aspect of your stay.














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