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Bukavu is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is situated on the border with Rwanda. This locale has left it hard hit by some of the recent political unrest.


Bukavu lies on the extreme southeastern extent of Lake Vivu separated by the Ruzizi River. It is a very calm place where tourists visit on many occasions.

Get in

You can reach Bukavu from Rwanda via the borders of Cangungu, from Burundi via the border of Uvira, and from Goma via Lake Kivu or by Road. Due to unresolved wars that continue to this day, as well as the massive crossing of goods over the Rwanda/DRC border, the border crossings can take a great deal of time, as well bribes. Do not approach expecting to be able to buy a visa at the border. Have it beforehand and also be prepared to wait and still possibly pay a bribe. It's just one fellow writing everything down in a big ledger.

At the time of writing the road to Goma[ is not considered safe but there are boats every day. Expect to pay $10 - $50 depending on speed / comfort. If you're white you may have to argue to get a cheap ticket, apparently it's 'not suitable for tourists'. You may have to pay $5 departure tax - they gave me a receipt so I suspect it's official but you never know here. Occasionally these boats also stop at Idjwi Island

There are wooden boats to Idjwi island leaving at various times through the day. Ask around at the port. Unlike the northern part of the lake the water here is generally calmer (due to it being narrow and populated with a high number of islands) so the voyage by wooden boat is not usually unduly traumatic.

Get around


  • A picturesque peninsula on Lake Kivu
  • From Bukavu you can visit the lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National park, Idjwi Island on Lake Kivu, and Minova village.
  • Nuns near the airport. They have fantastic ice cream and cheese. You'll need a car to get to them and the road there is absolutely horrible, although quite worth it.



Bukavu is mainly a dollar economy, so plan to use Congolese francs only for small purchases. For shopping, check out the SuperMarket Asante, between the Mayor building and SONAs, in front of the Bukavu Cathedral.


  • Hotel La Roche has great views of the lake.
  • Hotel Horizon (near Alfajiri Secondary School) is a good option for dinner, though the views are less exciting.
  • Hotel Orchid a great view of the lake as well as the best food in town. Not terribly overpriced despite the rather poshy quality of the establishment. You will want to drive to it at night as the road is unlit and treacherous to walk in pitch black.

For lunch and dinner, try the Cafe and Restaurant Asante at Supermarket Asante, located between the Mayor Building and SONAS.


  • Beer - Primus, Mitzigi, Turbo king..
  • Soft drinks - Vitalo, Fanta, Coca Cola, juice.
  • Local Drinks - Banana beer called Kasiksi or Mutchibwe.
  • Mama Kindja. Sells mostly roasts: fish, meat, etc. With 8 dollars you get a plate of raost and chips


  • Laroche.
  • Hotel Residence.
  • Hotel Riviera.
  • Hotel Tanganyika, 22-24, Av. Kahusi Biega (near the center of town), (). Nowhere near the lake of the same name. Locals tell it is the cheapest safe place. A bit grotty but generally OK. It also does reasonably priced food ($3 for brochette and chips). From $15 per night.
  • Orchids Safari Club, (), [1]. Has 22 rooms and two suits. Regarded as the best hotel in town. From $110 per night.

Get out

If you want to get out Bukavu City: Please visit Kaziba about 35 mileages (55km) from the big city Bukavu. There is a guest House at Byakweli's property, closer to the Kaziba Hospital.

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