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Brooklyn in a Day

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Brooklyn in a Day

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Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs in New York City and is located south and east of Manhattan across the East River. Brooklyn still has some rough neighborhoods but has also been seeing an increase in affluence not seen even a couple of decades ago. Many people who used to live in Manhattan are now opting to move into Brooklyn neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Park Slope, South Slope and Red Hook. Brooklynites often refer to Manhattan as “the city” and the subway as “the train.”


Check the weather for the day and wear layers because you will be both indoors and outdoors. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Closed toe shoes are recommended since you will most likely be getting on the train. If you want to plan a picnic be sure to bring a blanket and food. Bring money; cash is preferred because if you decide to enter a bodega (similar to a corner store), there’s a good chance they won’t be able to process cards. The same is true for cabs.

Get In:

Arrive to 25th Street and 4th avenue stop in Brooklyn via R train.


A good place to start your day is with breakfast, so head on over to Baked In Brooklyn (the location on 26th St between 4th & 5th Ave) for some of the best foods from bagels and breads to cupcakes to sandwiches. They’re known for their delicious baked goods at cheap prices when compared to that of super markets. Baked In Brooklyn made their name because of their pita chips, flatbread crisps and sticks so make sure to at least pick up one of those items while you’re there! Feel free to sit down and enjoy your meal and then do another lap around the bakery to take in and appreciate their variety of goods. Once you’re done with breakfast, cross the street and head into Green-Wood Cemetery through its main entrance on 25th Street and 5th avenue. It’s one of the most historic cemeteries in New York City and plots there are now considered some of the most prime real estate and Green-Wood’s also known for its unique architecture. It is recommended to go on a self-guided tour using the Green-Wood Discover app, so you can see what interests you whether that be the site of George Washington’s Battle of Brooklyn in 1776, historic/famous grave sites, or admire the grounds and architecture. If you wanted you could even bring a blanket sit by one of the four lakes and unwind. Yes, it sounds odd but people do this and it’s acceptable to do so. The new crowd of Brooklynites have made this a norm and changed the vibe of the cemetery to feel more like a park. Once you’re done with touring the cemetery, exit by the main entrance and take the R train to City Hall so you can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. You’ll be able to see padlocks and notes on the bridge and also read about its history. It also provides some of the most spectacular views of both the city (Manhattan) and Brooklyn. Once you make it to the Brooklyn side go check out the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It has everything from the iconic Granite Prospect, public art, music and more. If you get hungry fear not, there are some awesome places to eat. Recommended is Luke’s Lobster followed by ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery. Luke’s Lobster offers great scenery and genuinely amazing food. You can’t go wrong with the “Taste of Maine” menu option as it lets you try all 3 rolls (shrimp, crab and lobster) with a side. As for Ample Hills Creamery, they’ve got some seriously unique options to choose from and great homemade ice cream. They’ve got pretzel cones and chocolate chip cones which are unique as there aren’t many other places in the city offering these, so you should opt to have one if you’re up for it. Afterwards, make your way towards the train, stop by the Brooklyn Promenade for some of the most romantic and breathtaking views of Manhattan. It’s a great location for photo ops too. If you’re looking to spend the night out, making your way around to different bars is the way to go. For a taste of Brooklyn’s excentrities visit the Boobie Trap and Barcade. They both guaranteed to make you have a great time. The Boobie Trap is a dive bar with great, cheap drinks. The décor is a little out there: there’s a chandelier made of barbies, the draft beer is served out of what appears to be the bare midsection of a mannequin and a neon pink sign reads “fuck off.” Barcade, on the other hand, is known for their nostalgia provoking arcade games like Donkey Kong, Ms. Pacman and more. Their bathroom is filled with graffiti and stickers, which is a part of its charm. They have a large tap selection as well. If you’re looking for a more subtle atmosphere Maison Premiere, The Bearded Lady or Greenwood Park, which are all popular for great alcohol and chill but sophisticated vibes.