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Brantford [3] on the Grand River in Southwestern Ontario is a former industrial city. It's best known as Telephone City, where Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

Get in

If coming from the east (Hamilton or the GTA), Highway 403 will take you into Brantford. For downtown, exit at King George Rd./Fairview Dr.

Get around

Brantford Transit (519)753-3847

City Taxi (519)759-7800

Brant Taxi (519)752-1010

Bell City Cabs (519)759-1300


  • the pope, 94 Tutela Heights Rd. (just outside the City of Brantford; take Brantford Southern Access Road, turn left on Mount Pleasant Street and left on Tutela Heights Road), 519-756-6220, [1]. Tu–Sa 9:30 AM–4:30 PM. The location of the invention of the telephone, Bell's house, now a museum, has been restored to its 1870s appearance and also includes an exhibit illustrating history of the telephone. $5 for adults, $3.75 for seniors and students.


Brantford's location along the Grand river makes it an excellent spot for water activites, especially canoeing and Kayaking.

Brantford hosts the Annual Gretzky Hockey Tournament in which teams from North America and sometimes Europe come to compete.

Brantford has a junior B hockey club called the Brantford Golden Eagles who play at the Civic Center located on Market Street. The senior team for Brantford is called the Brantford Blast; they also play at the Civic Center. You can watch these games for a ticket price ranging from $5 - $15.

Brantford also has a baseball club called the Brantford Red Sox which play at Arnold Anderson Stadium located at Cockshutt Park. You can also watch these games for a fair price. If sports are not your thing, you can also experience great plays and musicals at the Sanderson Centre located on Dalhousie Street, across from the newly built Harmony Square.

The Ford Plant was founded in 2003, and is Brantford's most popular music venue. Numerous bands have played there in the past, and they continue to put great shows on for the future. The general admission is usually ranging from $5 - $15 depending on the bands which are performing.

There are also many festivals during certain seasons of the year and a newly opened cinema which is located on King George Road at the plaza where the old Brantford Mall once was.

The Tourism centre for Brantford is located off of Wayne Gretzky Parkway which is also close to the Lynden Park Mall.


For a detailed guide check the Brantford Events Calendar.

Ribfests typically attract large crowds

Come on out to “Ribfest” this August at the beautiful Cockshutt Park in Brantford, Ontario. Enjoy great music, crafts, and most importantly, some of the best rib makers in North America! Ribfest is more than just ribs! Food lovers also enjoy: slow roasted corn and Baked Potatoes, blooming onions and much more.

We have fun for all ages with a midway. "It's all about the Ribs baby". Presented by the Kinsmen Club of Brantford.

  • Brantford International Villages Festival in July Four Fabulous Days of Culture! Each location/hall is where the various ethnic communities of Brantford are ready to entertain you. Your four-day passports or one day pass gives you access to all villages. Free transportation between Villages enables you to sample and explore the diversified cultures of our community. You will enjoy continuous cultural entertainment including music, dancing, unique cuisine and beverages plus cultural displays of costumes and history.


There is only one mall located in Brantford that is worth shopping at. The Lynden Park Mall which is located at 84 Lynden Road is Brantford's only mall with more than 10 stores. It is a fairly sized mall with numerous stores, and only one level. Parking is located all around the mall; recently the parking lot has been victim to crime. People tend to break into people's cars and steal their belongings or even steal the car itself. Security has been stepped up as of recent, and this problem is soon to be diminished.


It's hard to miss restaurants in Brantford; they are numerous on every busy street. You can find anything from fast food to gourmet dinners. Many of the big chain restaurants have located to Brantford over the years, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding a restaurant that suits your taste.


There are numerous bars in Brantford where you can go for a drink. The downtown core alone has most of them.

The Rodeo Bar & Grill, located across from the Royal Bank, is a bar where university students come on Tuesdays for dollar beer night. Also they host dollar beer night on Thursdays and Sundays.

Boston Pizza, though a restaurant in most cities, is a very popular bar in Brantford that is packed on weekends and even has a bouncer to keep out the rowdy ones.

Piston Broke is a more expensive bar, but is also frequented by youths and students during the weekends.

Las Vegas Lounge is a bar where girls (oftentimes relatively unattractive and scantily clad) will dance on the bar while you have yourself a nice domestic beer for $3.25.

Alexander’s is a bar located on Market Street close to the Train Station. This bar has music shows almost every weekend, and is a great place to socialize and get to know people.

Brando's and Two Doors are bars that are side to side and are very popular among youth and students in Brantford. The occasional drunken bar fight will happen, but it is generally safe.

There are two nightclubs in Brantford. Club NV is on Colbourne Street, you can't miss it. It’s most popular during the school year as university students are let in for a cheap price or free. They hold university and college nights for students who have come to school in Brantford. Ignite is a new club located on St. Paul Ave, by the Dairee Delight.

  • Therapy Lounge, 16 Market St., 519-753-6510, [2]. Live bands, guest DJs and great food and martinis. Not to be missed!


Best Western Hotel which is located at 19 Holiday Drive. The Comfort Inn which is located at 58 King George Road. Days Inn which is located at 460 Fairview Drive. The Bodega Inn which is located at 75 Dalhousie Street. Quality Inn & Suites which is located at 664 Colbourne Street. Hampton Inn which is located at 20 Fen Ridge Court(Industrial Area).

There are also many motels in Brantford, the appearances of these look run-down and shanty. The service is just like any other motel in Ontario, you get your room for cheap. Some are close to restaurants and other services for your needs.

Four Star Inn Motel which is located at 568 Colbourne Street. Sherwood Motel which is located at 797 Colbourne Street. Bell City Motel which is located at 901 Colbourne Street. Grand Motel which is located at 780 Colbourne Street.

Colbourne Street goes from the West end of the city, to the East end of the city. While driving down Colbourne Street you may notice the street signs go from Colbourne Street West to Colbourne Street East.

Stay Safe

Brantford like many other cities of the same size in Ontario is a dangerous city during the night hours. From the Lorne Bridge down to Stanley Street is where most of the crime takes place. Assaults and robberies are common in these areas, as in Eagle Place which is located east of the downtown core. Police presence is most frequented in these areas; drunken bar fights are an every night thing in Brantford on the weekends, and sometimes week nights. The Brantford downtown has come a long way since the year 2000; the city has put money into the downtown core, and continues to build new buildings and more local friendly attractions. Laurier University is located across from the Eaton Square, which is in the downtown core. Police have stepped up and cut down crime since McLean’s magazine ranked Brantford 11th worst city in Canada for its crime rate. If you take the necessary precautions and walk with groups you will unlikely encounter any problems, but if you are alone you may be target for criminals or drug addicts looking for their next fix.

Get out

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Eagle Place is no worse than any other part of the city. There are no clubs, bars or nightlife in this part of the city so it's relatively quiet. It may have a bad rep from being one of the oldest parts of the city or being the closest part of the city to the Six Nations reserve (old racism is still alive in Brantford as in many parts of the world) but it's definitely s myth that eagle place is worse then any other part.

I agree with this Eagle place is very quiet. After moving to Brantford from the states (and not a dangerous area of the states at all) I have always felt very safe no matter what part of Brantford or what time of day. I think it's like any city anywhere. If you are looking for trouble you will find it but if you're out for a leisurely 3am walk (as my husband and I often do) you should be fine. Safety in numbers is just plain common sense especially at night time.