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'''Brändö''' is in [[Åland]].
Brändö consists of the villages Lappo, Asterholma, Torsholma, Baggholma, Brändö by, Björnholma, Korsö, Fiskö, Åva and Jurmo.
Lappo, Asterholma and Jurmo are separate islands.
==Other destinations==
==Get in==
You can reach Brändö by ferry operated by [ Ålandstrafiken]. Ferries serves from Osnäs in Kustavi in the Finnish Mainland to the village of Åva (Norra Linjen M/S Viggen) and from Hummelvik, Vårdö (Norra Linjen M/S Alfågeln) on the main island of Åland to Lappo and to Torsholma.
==Get around==
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