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Boulders is a popular beach near Simonstown, Cape Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa. There are larger and more scenic beaches around, as Boulders, which gets its name from the large boulders surrounding it, is fairly small. From the beach one has views over False Bay. It is world famous for its colony of African penguins (formerly known as Jackass penguins).


The first penguins came to Foxy Beach only two decades ago and with the time their number increased to more than 3000, mainly because penguins from the surrounding islands immigrated to the beach. Although they attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, they can be a menace to the local inhabitants. The penguins do not stick to their beach, but like to go on safari, and can occasionally be found in neighbouring gardens and houses. A fence has been erected, but they still seem to find holes...

Get in

You can get there with your own car. Simply follow the road from Cape Town along the east coast of the Cape Peninsula. Passing Simonstown you will see a brown sign directing you to the parking lot. Please be careful, because the road is quite narrow and there is the danger of accidents when going out again.

Get around

Park your car at the parking lot and walk around to see the penguins or stroll around the surroundings.

See & Do

Once you have parked your car at the parking lot, pay the entry fee, and go either to Boulders Beach to enjoy a relaxed time, swimming together with penguins (the only place in the world, where you can do that) or walk further on and you will get to a spotting place, where you will be able to see most of the penguins from a small distance.

Going to the beach is an adventure especially in summer, when it is warm and when you will share most of your time with penguins in the water. You can also climb around to get to a less crowded part of the beach. Please do NOT try to catch or touch the penguins. They are already distracted from their natural way of life by tourists and they can easily bite off a finger! Going to the beach means getting up early, because only a limited number of people are allowed onto the beach and it can be full by 10 or 11am.


You can buy souvenirs at the nearby stalls and hops.

Eat & Drink & Sleep

Boulders Beach Lodge offers rooms and self-catering accommodation and also boasts a little restaurant and a curio shop. It is situated only a few meters from the beach entrance and is a good location to start a day at Boulders. Rooms are relatively cheap, but you might find better accommodation in Simonstown.

Get out

Visit the sights of the Cape Peninsula, Cape Town and the Cape Winelands.

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