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Bornholm belongs to Denmark and is an island located in the Baltic Sea 37 km south of Sweden. The island is roughly 588 square kilometres and has 158 km of coastline. Bornholm is widely known for its smoked herring, high quality arts and crafts and its beautiful nature.


As of January 2003 Bornholm five regions assembled into one administrative and political unit called Bornholms Regionskommune.


The largest city is Ronne with approximately 10.000 inhabitants. Other cities include:

  • Nexoe (Nexø or Neksø)
  • Gudhjem
  • Allinge-Sandvig
  • Aakirkeby (Åkirkeby)
  • Svaneke

Other destinations

  • HammershusA large ruin at the northernmost point of the island.
  • JobolandAn amusementpark with a small water park, animals and rides.
  • AlmindingenThe third largest forest in Denmark.
  • Bornholms KunstmuseumThe largest art collection on Bornholm. Include such artists as Oluf Host (Høst), Karl Isakson and many others.
  • The Medieval Centre of BornholmA small rebuild city from the medieval times. Has stalls, demonstrations, food, performers and special activities for children.



As Bornholm has many tourists each year most people speak either English, German or Swedish, the exception being most of the older population.

Get in

Get around

You can get to the island by ferry or airplane, but the island also provides excellent opportunities for arriving by private boat. It’s easy getting around either by car, bus or bicycles.




Smoked herrings are a speciality of the island. You can get them at smokehouses in cities near the sea, such as Arnager, Gudhjem or Snogebæk, where they also sell other fish and seafood delicacies.


Get out

Bornholm is famous for its many high quality crafts such as blown glass and textiles. It’s highly recommended to visit the different shops and exhibits.

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