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===Boat tours===
===Boat tours===
[[Image:Boracay_boat_sunset.jpg|thumb|300px|Boat trip on a sunset]]The best way to see the beauty of Boracay and its various beaches is by Paraw (native outrigger sailboat)or by Kayak. You will be constantly asked if you want to take a boat trip, as there are literally dozens of companies offering this service. It is better to go with a reputable and established group such as Allen Fun Tours (motorized banca boat tours) or Red Pirates (paraw sailing) or (kayak tours with sail option) to ensure your safety and avoid being overcharged.
[[Image:Boracay_boat_sunset.jpg|thumb|300px|Boat trip on a sunset]]The best way to see the beauty of Boracay and its various beaches is by Paraw (native outrigger sailboat)or by Kayak. You will be constantly asked if you want to take a boat trip, as there are literally dozens of companies offering this service. It is better to go with a reputable and established group such as Allen Fun Tours (motorized banca boat tours) or Red Pirates (paraw sailing) or Sail.Me.Baby.Boracay (Hobie hi tech kayak and trimaran sailing rental/tours) to ensure your safety and avoid being overcharged.

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White Beach, Boracay

Boracay is a tropical island surrounded by stunning white sand beaches about an hour's flight from Cebu or Manila just off the larger Philippines island of Panay.

For beach connoisseurs it competes with the best beaches of more popular destinations such as the Caribbean and the South Pacific as well as neighbouring Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. For those wanting to just lounge around and top up their tan, beach-front hotels usually have lounge chairs set up just a few steps away from the hotel entrances. The more active will appreciate water sports and activities such as sailing, wind surfing, snorkelling, diving and jet skiing. The fun in Boracay doesn't end when the sun sets. Boracay night-life pulsates with many bars and restaurants serving food, drink and fun until dawn.


Map of Boracay


White Beach is divided into five areas from

  • Area 1 — Boracay Terraces (north) to Willy's Rock
  • Area 2 — From Willy's Rock to Red Coconut Resort
  • Area 3 — From Red Coconut to Boat Station 2
  • Area 4 — From Boat Station 2 to Station 3
  • Area 5 — From Boat Station 3 to Angol Point

In every station, there are two lifeguards on foot patrolling equipped with whistle, life buoy and hand-held radio. The boat station 2 is the lifeguard and rescue command center.


During the dry season (Nov-Apr), also known as Amihan, White Beach is calm and very suitable for swimming, etc. The other side of the island has large winds and waves making it suitable for kitesurfing & windsurfing etc. During the rainy season (Jun-Oct), also known as Habagat, this is reversed, with a risk of typhoons. White Beach often gets large winds and waves which sometimes makes it unsuitable for swimming. Current weather conditions can be found at [90].

Boracay Beach live cameras

  • Red Coconut Beach Front Resort with a 12 Megapixel, High Definition, wide angle lens camera which live streams - 24 hours. [91]
  • Ariel's House Boracay Beach camera located at Ariel's Bar which is beach front boat station 1 with a 30 second camera refresh rate.
  • Nigi Nigi Too camera with a refresh rate of approximately every 5 seconds.

Get in

Whether you go by plane or by boat, you will pass through the small town of Caticlan on the "mainland" of Panay island. Outrigger boats or "bancas" leave every few minutes from Caticlan's jetty port. The short boat trip to Boracay's jetty port at Cagban costs ₱20. Tourists also have to pay a terminal fee of ₱75 and an environmental fee of ₱100. Tricycles are available at Cagban to bring passengers to their hotels. Tricycle fare is from ₱20 per pax up to ₱150 per trip depending where your resort is. If you have luggage, the standard fare is ₱100 minimum.

From Cagban Port to Station 1, the most that you should pay is ₱25 per head. That is, if you don't mind sharing the tricycle with other tourists. If you don't want to rent the tricycle and allow the driver to pick up other passengers along the way, say you just want the "Individual" price and not a "Special" journey.

By plane

There are two airports located near to the island of Boracay.

  • Caticlan or Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (IATA: MPH) (ICAO: RPVE) - Only relatively small aircraft can land at this airport. Airlines with flights to and from Caticlan are South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR)[92], Cebu Pacific Air[93] and Air Philippines[94] from Manila, Cebu and Clark. From Caticlan airport you can either take a tricycle (₱40) or walk (10 minutes) to Caticlan Jetty Port. You can't bring more than 15 kg luggage when flying here.
  • Kalibo International Airport (IATA: KLO) (ICAO: RPVK) - Compared to Caticlan's airport, the runway is able to land larger aircraft such as Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. However, it is farther from Caticlan's jetty port which is 90 minutes away. Cebu Pacific Air, China Airlines[95], Philippine Airlines[96], and Zest Airways[97] connects Kalibo to Manila, Taipei, Shanghai and Seoul. Now budget carrier Philippines AirAsia connects from Clark/Angeles City in central Luzon to Kalibo with daily return flights.

There are minivans, vans, coasters and buses that serve travellers between Kalibo International Airport and Caticlan Jetty Port. Be sure to ask if your ticket includes a ferry ticket to Boracay (₱200 for a minivan and ferry, ₱300 for more comfortable bus), and how much the additional environmental taxes will be (Official ₱100 for environmental fee and ₱75 for jetty fee that you have to pay in Caticlan port). Minivans start moving when they are full of customers (usually about 10 seats) so be prepared to wait up to half an hour in some cases.

After stepping off the boat in Boracay you can see at least 10 tricycles waiting and offering to take you to your hotel. The trip usually costs up to ₱100. There are also several agents greeting you and offering hotels in case you have already not booked.

Note that if your flight connects in Manila, your ticket purchased after 1 August 2012 now includes the domestic terminal fee of ₱200.

By road and ferry (RoRo)

The "Nautical Highway" is a combination of overland highways and roll-on, roll-off (RoRo) vessels that allows you to bring your vehicle to Panay Island [98] and visit key cities like Kalibo. Taking your car all the way to Boracay, though, is not possible. Public transport also operates on the same route, and is the most cost-effective way of traveling between Manila and Boracay. Assuming good connections, the total journey time is around 12 hours.

The easiest way of arranging this is to book a van in Manila by contacting private operators such as Angel Star (+63 2 783-0886 c/o Abner) and Gope (+63 2 732-6891 c/o Cesar). This will enable you to book a straight trip from Manila to Caticlan at the cost of P1200, more or less. Their group operates several passenger vans which can load 10-14 or 15-18 persons. You book the trip exclusively or share with fellow travellers. The van leaves at 21:00 daily from Manila, travelling through Batangas-Calapan-Roxas (arrives Roxas at 05:00 or 06:00) to catch the 08:00 or 10:00 boat to Caticlan, where you are expected to arrive between noon and 2PM. Before proceeding to Boracay Island though, be sure to get your return ticket (Roxas-Manila) at the Caticlan Ferry Terminal (inquire about the updated schedule from the staff of the van operators). Take an early dinner before boarding the van and bring water and something to eat while on travel. Riding a van gives you a more relaxed pace to Caticlan because you wouldn't have to stop in many sub-destinations which lengthen your trip and therefore can be truly tiresome.

Effective early 2012, there are one or two ferries per day direct from Batangas Port to Caticlan Port, which eliminates the long sea and road journey from Batangas to Roxas. This ferry is offered by 2GO Travel (formerly Superferry). Schedules and bookings are at

The more challenging (but slightly cheaper) do-it-yourself version goes as follows:

The easiest way would be to book a straight trip that allows you to purchase just one ticket from Cubao terminal to Caticlan Port. The cost is between ₱1000-1200 pesos.

But if you really want to save money, you can also commute from Cubao bus terminal station (near Alimall). There is really no difference except for the fact that you need to purchase ticket/s in every stop.

Cubao-Batangas Best leave 07:00-08:00 so you arrive in Batangas Port before 22:00.

Batangas-Calapan the trip takes 2 hours via cargo ship or an hour to one hour and a half via Supercat. Do not purchase tickets for the Calapan to Roxas Van as this can either be a scam or you end up squeezed in one van along with several other passengers with tickets.

Calapan-Roxas Takes about 4 hours. Make sure you leave early so you arrive before 04:00. In the morning, the ship to Caticlan usually leaves at 02:00 and 04:00 and the next trip won't be until 10:00. The 10:00 trip usually leaves late.

This is the best time to leave travel via Cubao to Roxas. You arrive in Caticlan at 8am and you are left to enjoy the rest of your day in Boracay.

You can also start your journey with Philtranco, Alps, Dimple, Ceres, Rodastco coaches which leave at regular intervals throughout the day from Cubao, serving the Manila-Caticlan route for P1,200.00. Rodastco also offers a door-to-door service with pick ups anywhere in Metro Manila. The contact numbers for trip booking are +63 2 732-6891 or +63 917 382 0426, or +63 919 382 0426.

Get around

Boracay sandcastle
  • Most visitors opt for motorized tricycles, which act as the island's taxis and make up most of its traffic. As the tricycle seats are (in)conveniently located right above the vehicle exhausts, there can be a little pollution however - bring a handkerchief if you tend to be easily bothered by this sort of thing.
  • Short rides on busy routes, say from D'Mall to Station 3 or from Station 1 to Station 3, are a standard rate of ₱20 per passenger if you hire a vacant trike as they drive past. Trikes that are stationary and seeking passengers are seen as seeking a chartered fare and fares will start at ₱60. In short, if you wish to save money, you should flag down a moving vacant trike.
  • Long rides, like Puka beach to D'Mall, should cost around ₱40. Drivers waiting near beaches, hotels, etc, generally ask a higher price like ₱150-200 even if you're alone. May be worth bargaining if there are a few people with you and you want an individual ride - otherwise, better catch a passing-by tricycle on the main road.
  • Scooters provide the best flexibility at a reasonable price. The downside is having to deal with island traffic which can be unnerving for visitors unused to the aggressive tricycle drivers.
  • Mountain bikes are also available for rent at several locations along White Beach, which is off limits to motorized vehicles.
  • To explore around the island, rent a native sailboat (paraw) or motorized outrigger (banca) and visit the many beaches of Boracay.


Willy's Rock, White Beach, Boracay
Puka Beach
  • White Beach - This is what most people are here for. Not only is it a lovely stretch of powdery white sand against azure water, it's also the commercial center of the island. The long beach is divided into three sections, Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3. Station 1 is the northernmost and has the widest beachfront, where prime hotels and resorts are located. Accommodations are pricier, but quality is generally the best as well. Station 2 is the commercial and geographical center of white beach. This is the center of it all for for shopping, eating, partying, and etc. That said, the beach here is also the most crowded, and the area the noisiest. Station 3 is the southernmost section; quieter than station 2, it is the least developed, and also the lowest priced. All of White Beach from the northernmost tip of Station 1 to the southernmost of Station 3 (~4km) is open to the public, so one can relax and/or swim wherever you like, regardless of hotel location.
  • Puka Beach - A quiet stretch of white sand along the northern tip of the island, Puka Beach is an image of what most people expect on a tropical island: white sand, azure water, and relatively empty. This is where locals gather the small puka shells for some of the jewelry that is sold on the island so expect the sand to be more coarse than on White Beach. The water tends to be a little rougher on this side of the island but it is much quieter. Similarly, there are fewer services -- there are only a couple of restaurants, but you likely won't have a problem getting a cold drink or an ice cream as there are a few vendors that patrol the beach. The main road in Boracay terminates at Puka Beach therefore you'll be able to hire a tricycle to get there in less than 10-15 minutes from central White Beach. Make sure you arrange a pick up if it is a quiet day and no tricycles are hanging around the beach. Most people experience Puka as one of their sailboat or banca stops during a day trip. This is a good spot for a picnic, but be sure to bring your trash home with you.
  • Baling Hai Beach - This is a quiet little cove just north of Diniwid Beach, where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and dining in a relaxed, peaceful environment. There are some fantastic views from the cliff top restaurant. Baling Hai is often included as a stop-off on an island boat tour.
  • Bulabog Beach - Come there on a windy days to see kiteboarders doing high jumps and crazy tricks.
  • The Bat Cave. One will see in several tour guides and maps of Boracay something called the Bat Cave, which houses many small insectivorous bats (the larger fruit bats roost in the trees on the hillside above Punta Bunga Beach), and locals will be more than happy to accompany you there for a fee, or "tip". The cave is on the western-end of the island and down several dirt roads. The guide will then take you on a short hike through the forest to the mouth of a cave, which drops down at a very steep angle. The mouth of the cave is littered with large boulders, and is extremely difficult to enter and walk down. There is no visible path, no handrail, and the stones are extremely slippery with slime and bat guano, as well as extremely dangerous, since the cave is at such an extreme angle. Also, the air inside the cave is very warm and humid, and in addition to the amount of guano, is very difficult to breathe. Additionally, several snakes live inside the cave. Caution should be taken by those visiting and entering the cave. There are bats in the cave, but down at the bottom of it in the dark, and unless you have a flashlight or are there at dusk, you won't see them. The ceiling of the cave is interesting, however, with multiple, small stalactites. Just nearby, you can find another cave, called "crystal" cave which has a lot of stalactites and a hole on the opposite site of the entrance, from which you can watch out to the sea if you dare to climb up to it. You will have to pay ₱50 entry-fee to visit both caves on behalf of the family that owns the land, in addition to paying your guide. Visiting both caves can cost up to ₱2500 for the guide, but this is the "rich tourist price", so try to bargain if you like.


Cliff Diving at Ariel's Point
Fire Dancing

Scuba diving

For those interested in Scuba Diving and Diving Packages, there are literally dozens of Dive Centres along the White Beach; it is a good place to learn or to improve your skills. Cost is typically $33 per dive which includes hire of all equipment. The dive centres operate a cartel and have agreed standard prices amongst themselves so prices will be the same at all centres. There are 25-30 dive sites within 10-15 minutes speed boat ride from the beach, suitable for beginners up to advanced level. Dives range from 'Angol Point' (10m), through 'Crocodile Island' (22-25m), a straightforward wall dive, up to 'Yapak'- a deep wall dive suitable for only the most experienced divers due to strong currents, although there is the possibility of seeing sharks and stingrays.

Boat tours

Boat trip on a sunset
The best way to see the beauty of Boracay and its various beaches is by Paraw (native outrigger sailboat)or by Kayak. You will be constantly asked if you want to take a boat trip, as there are literally dozens of companies offering this service. It is better to go with a reputable and established group such as Allen Fun Tours (motorized banca boat tours) or Red Pirates (paraw sailing) or Sail.Me.Baby.Boracay (Hobie hi tech kayak and trimaran sailing rental/tours) to ensure your safety and avoid being overcharged.


Kites on Bulabog beach

Boracay's Bulabog beach is known as the best kitesurf destination in Asia. The season runs from November through to April with onshore winds varying between 12-30 knots. Small lagoon (2km wide) is protected from waves with coral reef. Water becomes almost flat on a low tide, making it easy to start learning kitesurfing and continue with freestyle tricks. Because of its nice conditions, spot becomes overcrowded with riders in high season.

  • Freestyle Academy Kitesurfing School, Bulabog Beach, +63 915 559 3080 (), [1]. Kitesurfing School owned by local hero Ken Nacor, offers lessons from beginner to advanced. All instructors are IKO-certified.
  • Habagat, Bulabog Beach, +63 929 157 9871 (), [2]. School owned by a German who was one of the first kiteboarders to arrive in Boracay. School offers lessons from beginner to advanced. All instructors are IKO-certified.
  • Isla Kiteboarding school, Bulabog Beach, +63 36 288-5352 (), [3]. Offers courses from beginners to advanced level. All instructors are IKO-certified
  • Pinas Kite Boarding, Bulabog Beach, +63 918 257 4658, [4]. Locally owned kite-boarding shop, offers courses from level 1 to 3. All instructors are IKO-certified.


Skimboarding in Boracay has been a new fun sport for kids and entertainment for older for people for several years. It is a welcome new attraction and a pleasure to watch. Skimboards are available for rent at several places along White Beach. But be sure to hire an expert to teach you to do the skills, 1-hour lesson from a local rider is usually around ₱300.



  • Along White Beach you will be approached frequently by women offering to give you a massage, which they will do on the spot or on a towel laid out on the beach - your choice.
  • A bit more organized, White Beach also has several "Massage Stations": collections of masseurs that have their mats set up. The stations are typically open as long as there are customers around but in general start to shut down just after sunset.
  • For Swedish, Accupressure, Shiatsu etc, visit Abe (pronounced Abby) the blind masseur who operates outside Cocoloco restaurant in Angol (south of boat station 3). Only P300 per hour.
  • There is a great outdoor massage station in the beach area of Nigi Nigi Beach Resort, where they have two tables set up. The booth is draped with curtains which they will close if you wish, or leave open if you want to watch the people on the beach. They offer every massage in the book, and charge 500 Peso for one hour.


  • Bella Isa Salon & Spa [99] is a little spot on the beach in Station 3 with upscale decor and professional staff. They provide a full range of services including massage, facials, foot spa, and hair services..
  • There are several smaller/mid-range spas in Boracay that offer a menu including massages, scrubs and facials but don't quite have the facilities to be considered a full spa. Most hotels in Boracay offer a limited spa menu that falls into this category.


  • Ceasar's, found along the main road near boat station 3, specializes in Filipino and Thai massage and uses two masseurs simultaneously to deliver the service. A 90 minute massage is priced at US$50.
  • Tirta SPA [100]— found in Sitio Malabunot, Manoc-Manoc, area. Indian treatments in a stunning environment. Friendly and helpful staff. It is a good idea to compare prices between Tirta Spa, Mandala Spa, and Shangri-La Boracay to find the best deal.


  • Ariel's Point, [5]. an affordable eco-adventure destination for Boracay travelers who want to experience the natural splendor of the Philippines and meet fellow travelers. 30 min away from Station 1 by outrigger boat, wide array of adventurous activities such as cliff diving (five different platforms ranging in height from 3-13 m), snorkeling, and paddling in an unspoiled setting with volcanic caves, mangrove forests, turquoise coves, and remote beaches. Purchase tickets at Ariel's House (along the White Beach in front of the Boracay Beach Club) before 11AM on the day of departure. ₱1500for round-trip boat transfer, a BBQ buffet, unlimited drinks (bottled water, beer, soda, rum), and access to cliff diving, snorkeling, paddling.
  • Parasailing. Take a parasailing tour around the island, to explore quiet beaches and snorkel sites. Ask your crew to organize a romantic BBQ on the beach with fresh grilled seafood, if you like. Cruise back at sunset to experience breathtaking views.
  • Motorbiking. It is worth hiring motorbikes or scooters out to explore the island, as there are other beautiful beaches on the other side of the island that are even better for snorkeling that will be completely deserted. Hire them for a couple of days and you should get a discount. The roads are a bit dodgy, and some are still being constructed, but it's a good laugh and better than plunking yourself on a patch of white sand and seeing nothing.
  • Horseriding. Horse riding is a fun activity in Boracay. Get off the beaten path and experience villages and scenery most other visitors don't get to see. All levels of experience are catered to. Ask a tricycle to take you to the Boracay Horse Riding Stables.


D*Mall off of White Beach

Along White Beach, there is a wide variety of gift shops and boutiques along the beach path and in D*Mall, (mostly concentrated, including D*Mall* at Station 2). In addition to the crowded stalls that you expect in Asia, Boracay also has several high-end stores including clothing, art and household items. Some places will permit you to haggle, others have a fixed pricing system with price tags. Shop around as prices vary. Outside of White Beach, the shopping becomes sparse or non-existent. An alternative to D'Mall is D'talipapa at station 3, between the main road and White Beach, which features a number of shops, vegetable merchants and a large meat market also selling a large selection of live seafood. Prices at D'talipapa (including those for basic necessities such as milk, vegetables and meat) are about 25% below those of D'Mall, which seems like a ripoff in comparison.

While walking or laying on the sand, anywhere on Boracay, you'll be approached to buy a variety of items including jewelry made of shells, fresh fruit, ice cream, sunglasses or a nice massage.

  • Shell jewelry — similar to what you can find elsewhere in the world, the jewelry made of shells is popular as for the most part it is made locally from shells found on Puka Beach.
  • Paulo Collection BodyWear, D'Mall,Bamboo Beach Resort,PC Main -Fish eye diving shop,Island Magic near cocomangas beach Resort, +63 36 288-3448, [6]. Variety of beach wear and other souvenir items.


There are about 8 ATMs on the entire island for the 16,000 inhabitants plus tourists, and when they run out of cash, they are not refilled until the next business day. On weekends and holidays it is even worse, as the ATM's might go several days without being refilled. On paydays one will also see very long lines at the ATM's, and be aware that not every ATM accepts every card. One might only accept cards with the Visa logo, and not the MasterCard logo, so before standing in line for two hours, be sure it accepts your card. Also, be prepared for a very long wait in line, as many Boracay natives seem to do all their banking at the ATM, spending what seems like an unusual amount of time at it. Maximum withdrawal at any one time is ₱10,000 the maximum per day at an ATM is ₱20,000.

The best solution is to bring travelers checks or plenty of cash. Also, many establishments, including the tricycles, cannot break a bill over ₱500 (around $10), so it pays to always have small bills.

Foreign money (US dollars, Euros, Korean Won, Japanese Yen, etc.) can be exchanged at several locations around the island. It's worth checking around for the best exchange rate, as all places don't offer the same rate. You're best off heading away from the beach for better rates.


Because of its wide draw of international travelers, Boracay has a wide variety of places to eat, including a surprising number of bakeries.

  • A1 Boracay, [101] serving only the best imported Italian arabica coffee beans.
  • Andok's, [102]. Andok's, which has 5 locations, sells rotisserie and fried chicken as well as favorite Filipino dishes.
  • A Loja Delicatessen was for many years the only deli on the island. A Loja Deli, working with Heidiland Deli, caters today more to the wholesale market, but offers also a nice quiet place to eat sausages and sandwiches and drink wine in a quiet garden, away from the crowded beachfront area. Wholesale prices also apply to visitors who buy in bulk.
  • Aria in "D' Mall". Delicious Italian food. If they don't give you the spicy olive oil bottle on the side for your custom made pizza, make sure you ask for it.
  • Arwana Coffee Shop (near Station 3) is one of the nicest spots in the area for a tasty breakfast at a beachside table.
  • Bamboo Lounge, near Station 1, serves a good selection of Chinese food in a relaxed beachfront setting.
  • Bistro Valhalla [103] in the mall is a newly refurbished steakhouse with a varied and interesting menu.
  • Blue Jade Cafe is in D'Talipapa and offers Asian and European cuisine. Customers can also shop in the market for fresh sea food and have it cooked for them at the restaurant.
  • Blue Mango, near Station 3, has a good reputation and serves some interesting mango-inspired creations on the menu, among other things.
  • Chez De Paris Resort, on the White Beach balabag (beside Le Soleil and The Mandarin), (036)288-3233. one of the first European restaurants on the island, the first in fact to have chocolate mousse and Italian pizza when the island was without electricity in the early 80's. Owned by the infamous and eccentric Frenchman Roger Deparis who has lived on the island since his backpacking days. It is a throwback to the old island style of mismatched decorations and heavy foliage. A little bit of island history resides in this sleepy getaway nestled between two large hotel
  • Cocoloco bar/restaurant near Station 3 serves great Filipino and international cuisine in an attractive native-style setting.
  • Cowboy Cocina near Station 3 serves affordable and tasty steaks, ribs and other grilled dishes, and arguably the best burgers in Boracay.
  • Crafty's Rooftop Bar and Coffee Shop is on the top level of Crafts Department Store at D' Mall's main road entrance. There is an excellent menu of Indian food as well as international dishes, and there's also a wide selection of imported beers and ales. This is a great place to watch the sunset.
  • Cyma, in the new part of the mall. Excellent food and service at this Greek restaurant. Try the mezedes combination, the spinach and artichoke fondue and the chicken souvlaki.
  • D'Talipapa The cheapest - and for many people, the best - place to eat. Around the place are a variety of food stores that offer to cook for you. You could just buy fresh seafood, etc., right near the stores, then have the stores cook it for you with whichever way you like. (Imagine you can get crabs for 250 Pesos for 1 kilo opposed to buying in restaurants that charge 130 pesos per 100 grams).
  • Deja Vu, Station 2. 10AM - 2AM. Deja Vu serves fresh seafood, pizzas and burgers. Contemporary decor and big comfy lounge furniture.
  • Dos Mestizos This restaurant is the brainchild of respected Boracay chef & restaurateur Binggoy Remedios and his close childhood friend, Jose Ramon Valdes Nieto. Both owners have Spanish ancestors, hence the name "Dos Mestizos". This restaurant serves a selection of excellent tapas and is located between stations 2 and 3, behind the Tourist Center.
  • Fridays Boracay tel: +63 36 288-6200 fax: +63 36 288-6222 [104] - all day dining, themed dinner, Friday night buffet, seafood grill, plus 3 cultural dance shows every week with fire dance.
  • Heidiland Deli [105] - Next to the main plaza at the D'Mall Phase IV is a fully air-conditioned European style deli selling all kinds of deli food as cheeses, cold cuts, salami, yoghurt, wines, etc. Locally famous for reasonably priced sandwiches.
  • The Hobbit House, [106] - (Also located in D'Mall) With great food, drinks and live music, this place is the best of the Hobbit House chain. The main draw is the midget staff, however.
  • Jammers, on the front beach of D'Mall. Up and running for more than 8 years, amazing burgers, hotdogs, fruit shakes, etc. Open 24/7
  • Jonas Fruitshake in Station 1. Their fruit shakes are to die for!
  • Kasbah Authentic Moroccan cuisine serving exquisite tagines and couscous. Next to Discovery Shores, Station 1.
  • Kurt's restaurant and bar near Station 3 has a wide selection of good German and Filipino dishes and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Lemon Cafe, in D' Mall. A new addition to the island, this place serves a variety of breakfasts, lunches and light meals. The service and presentation is excellent.
  • Lovells Swiss Bakery, Balabag (next to Pantelco and infront of the balabag main hospital). Boracay's first European bakery and pastry shop, founded and run by a Swiss guy since the early 1980s.
  • Manana, near Station 1, serves large portions of tasty Mexican food. Guacamole is only available when avocados are in-season despite what the menu says.
  • Obama Grill Bar-Restaurant (Station 1), Beachfront & Main Road Frontage (across from Andok's Station 1 and Shore Time Hotel). Steak restaurant, opened April 2009. Some say it's expensive and the portions are small.
  • Ole (located in D'Mall) is a great place to go for Spanish tapas and other specialties. Beware - the main courses are enormous!
  • Real Coffee, near Station 1, serves a variety of pancakes, sandwiches, omelettes, baked goods and salads as well as freshly brewed coffee. The mother-and-daughter owners also get repeat customers who have been going there for years.
  • Rumbas, in D'Mall serves good steaks, pies and other English-style dishes. Enjoy curry, fish and chips and sausage sandwiches while watching live sports on big screens.
  • Shantal's Resto Bar, in Station 3 at the pathway to Dave's Straw Hat Inn, Morenos, and Escurel. Revered, family-owned cantina on the beach with great value homemade food. The menu offers a bit of everything and the friendly staff will go out of their way to make you feel right at home.
  • Smoke , located down one of the alleys opposite Lemon cafe in D'Mall is a very good budget eatery. Local dishes, meat and seafood dishes, omeletes and excellent sandwiches are on offer. Most meals cost around 70 pesos and are all cooked fresh. If you are around between 11AM and 2PM you get a free drink of iced lemon tea with every rice meal.
  • Tilapia 'N Chips, G/F Kamayan Bldg. Station 2, Boracay (Beside Crafts), +63 36 288 2283, [7]. 12pm-10pm. Visit this place for good beer battered fish and chips. They also serve Asian and Western style fish dishes, burgers, sandwiches and soup at this modern, airconditioned restaurant. Take out also available.
  • True Food, in Station 2, offers fiery Indian cuisine that will awaken the tastebuds. The place is cozy with straw mats and over-sized cushions. The staff is polite and very accommodating. For those who enjoy the spicier side of life, try the tandoori chicken.
  • Wind riders, on Bulabog beach, offers tasty food before and after you kiteboarding sessions. Everything is delicious and made with passion. Try "Rider's fish favorite", Tuna pasta, Cheeseburger and mango shake.
  • Zuzuni, near boat station 1, is the island's newest Greek restaurant, serving excellent cuisine in a romantic, beachfront setting. The service is friendly and extremely efficient.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the best mangoes in the world. Climate in Philippines is perfect for mangoes, so you always get them mellow and sweet.

  • Titos Resto & Grill, Station 2, Boracay, (036)663-0079. 10am to 2am. Serves modern Filipino food that combines the casual comfort of a home-cooked meal with the relaxed sophistication
  • Shenna's, Station 2 ish, south of d'mall. Filipino breakfast for only 150. Also offer for 75 without the meal so if you're feeling hungry it's a good deal. May also have rooms for booking.


If you like to party, there are plenty of places to choose from. The livelier bars are situated near boat stations 1 and 2. There are plenty of places to party all night! Boat station 3 has a more laid back and relaxed atmosphere, with small native bars and restaurants - popular with backpackers.

Expect to check your handgun with the security guard!

Sunset during Happy Hour on White Beach
  • Bom Bom Bar (near D 'Mall) is a native-style beach bar that often has live music. It's a popular hang out for artists and musicians.
  • Charhls Bar, Station 2 (Right in the middle of the beach). This bar is a long-time favorite on Boracay with live bands that play covers. Customers are invited to sing with the bands.
  • Cocoloco, near boat station 3, is an attractive beach bar/restaurant that also serves tasty food. You can enjoy your drink by the beach, under the coconut trees, and there's a pool table in the bar too.
  • Cocomangas, near station 1, is famous for it's "Still standing after 15" challenge. Drink 15 ferocious shots and win a t-shirt and a plaque on the wall. This bar is popular with the younger crowd but a few "working girls" are around for lonely men. Try the Jam Jar, a pineapple and vodka cocktail.
  • Crafty's rooftop bar has probably the most extensive selection of imported beers and ales on the island. Head to the top floor of Crafts Superstore.
  • Cream Cafe, right on White Beach, between La Reserve & Crystal Sand in Station 1. It's a great place for good old fashioned milkshakes and Arce Dairy Carabao (Water Buffalo) Ice Cream.
  • Deja Vu, Station 2. Contemporary design and big comfy lounge furniture. Deja Vu's disco starts around 10PM or so; however, the drinks start flowing in the afternoon during lunch and dinner. Deja Vu has at least 10+ drinks on their menu that you can only find there.
  • Juice located right between Boracay Regency and Boat Station 2 offers top notch cocktails and a variety of "sneaky smoothies". with a wide open courtyard opening up to the beach it tends to fill up by around 11PM but still very comfortable. The crowd is a nice mix of locals and foreigners. Great staff and charming bartenders.
  • Kurts Bar, near station 3, is run by friendly Bavarian Kurt and his wife Mags. It's a very popular spot to meet and chat, and one of the few places on the island serving draft beer.
  • Nigi Nigi's, between boat stations 2 and 3, three minutes walk north of the tourist center, is a popular centrally located spot to have a cool drink and enjoy a little people watching. The manager is an expat.
  • Red Pirates Pub, is a native style beach bar (Angol, near boat station 3) with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and good selection of fruity cocktails as well as affordable ice cold beer. It's a good place to meet other travelers and chat, and on weekends, selected weekdays and full moon nights there is live music and an all-you-can-eat beach BBQ and buffet (Fridays).
  • Rumbas, in "D' Mall Plaza", is an English-style pub that attracts a friendly crowd. The menu is pretty good too, especially the sirloin steaks. Big TV screens show sports.
  • Shantal's Resto Bar, in Station 3 at the pathway to Dave's Straw Hat Inn, Morenos, and Escurel. Has a popular Happy Hour from 2PM to 8PM, offers one of the best beachside and sunset views on the island, and bumps a non-stop soundtrack of the best in electronic, hip-hop, R&B/soul, and reggae music.
  • Station 3 Sports Bar, located along the station 3 road has decent tapas and English food (at affordable prices), three good pool tables, dartboard, and plenty of large flat screen TVs to catch the sporting events of the moment.


Accommodation standards vary, with top of the line hotels and resorts to a simple bed rented from a resident. As such, whatever your budget, you could easily find a suitable place to stay. During peak periods such as Holy Week, Christmas and New Year, rooms are more difficult to find and more expensive, so book in advance.

Staying along White Beach gets you closer to the bars, lounging and food, while staying closer to Bulabog beach gives you better access to the popular wind and kite-boarding areas.

A word of warning: Boracay is notorious for travel agents (many in Manila) passing themselves off as the resorts, often through websites. When you call them to get a room rate or make a reservation, you will be quoted much more than if you called the resort itself. The travel agents simply take your request, call the hotel and make reservations and charge you extra for the service, up to double the original rate. Meanwhile, the traveler has no idea he wasn't talking to the resort. This can often lead to frustration, as the traveler will show up at his hotel or resort and see he was charged double the rate that the hotel is listing, even though the hotel had nothing to do with it! So the advice is, try your best to ignore the many travel agencies and make your reservation with the resort or hotel directly.

Better yet, don't make advance reservations in the low season. Just go to White Beach or the region you want to stay and negotiate deals with the places you want to stay at. Many street touts will offer to show you the rooms first and then you can negotiate.

White Beach

Boracay Sunset

If you prefer peace and quiet, avoid accommodation at the centre of White Beach, as this is the most crowded area. Head further north or south instead. The area south of boat station 3 has a more relaxed and peaceful vibe - no pounding disco till 4AM. Accommodation is more reasonably priced, and there are some friendly little bars and restaurants where you can meet people and chat. North of station 1 you'll find many of the more luxurious (and expensive) establishments. The beach is at it's widest here, and the area is usually relatively peaceful.


  • Austrian Pension House, White Beach, +63 36 288-3406, [8]. This budget hotel has a restaurant, basic fan rooms with a private bathroom. ₱500-800.
  • Casa Sta Fe, Station 1, [9]. 1500/night for high season.
  • Dave's Straw Hat Inn, (+63-36)288-5465 (fax: +63 36 288-5855), [10].
  • Escurel (Escurel Inn and Internet Cafe), Station 3 (Back of Arwana Resort), +63 36 288-3611,+63 999 551 2335; +63 920 418 2785. checkin: 2:00 Pm; checkout: 12:00 AM. Amidst the vast complex of station 3 accommodations tucked behind the pathway next to Arwana's cafe, this is a friendly Filipino-owned establishment. Spacious, private rooms with fan, Hot and cold shower, cable T.V, kitchenette, fridge, and unlimited Free WIFI Internet close to the beach access. All rooms have a nice balcony to lounge out and laze on; the fan-only huts also each have a nice hammock out front. Rooms are priced according to season; either peak or off-peak. ₱1300-1500.
  • Little Corner of Italy (Da Mario's), Angol, White Beach, Station 3 (Just across Red Pirates Bar). Better known as "Da Mario's" as it is owned and run by an Italian businessman. The hotel offers budget common rooms which can be shared by a maximum of 4 persons which have a fan and common shower and toilet, while rooms with bungalows are slightly expensive and can be shared by a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 4 persons. Rooms are priced according to stay and per person. If you don't plan to sleep there, consider trying their lasagna. ₱180-₱1800.
  • Moreno's Place. Run by a different owner of the same family as Escurel's, one will find similar accommodations and friendliness here. Prices are roughly similar to Escurel better publicized (read: Lonely Planet listed) accommodations. It's just 15-second walk to the beach.
  • Orchids Resort, Tel +63 36 288-3313, Fax: +63 36 288-3764, [107]. One of Boracay's finest native-built resorts for the budget-minded vacationer. Less then a minute walk to White Beach.
  • Treffpunkt, in Station 3 along the same pathway to Dave's Straw Hat Inn, Morenos, and Escurel. One of the best budget options on the island. Clean, simple, quiet rooms with television, A/C, private bathroom and shower, and patio. There is also a boarding house upstairs, a general store, a treehouse kitchen, and the cheapest breakfast and sandwiches in Boracay. Friendly, accommodating staff. Rates range from P500 to P1,200/P1,500 a night.
  • Villa Romero Boracay, Station 3, Manoc Manoc, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines 5608, +63 36 288-4421, [11]. Villa Romero Boracay is a 26 room hotel located just a few steps from the front beach of Boracay Island. The hotel also has a restaurant, guest lounge, coffee shop and a convenience store. It is far from the hustle and bustle of central Boracay but at the same time, just a stone's throw away from the beachfront bars, souvenir shops, the market, restaurants, dive shops, and more. Best rates on official website start at PHP 600.
  • Trafalgar Cottages station 3. Great for people on a budget. About 5 minute walk from the beach. Air con rooms, cold shower, no breakfast. 400 - 850 pesos depending on number of people.


  • Alta Vista De Boracay [108], Alta Vista De Boracay is a beautiful resort, close to Puka Beach, Balinghai Beach, and Diniwid Beach. Starts from $65.
  • Blue Lagoon, Sation 3, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines (3-minute walk North from Boat Station 3), (63 36) 288 5170, [12]. checkin: Flexible; checkout: Flexible. This is the South end of white beach which is know to be quieter, cleaner and less busy than station 1 or 2. The Inn has 4 standard rooms, 4 deluxe garden rooms, 3 ocean view suites and two large family room. The inn also has a highly regarded restaurant and dive center, and there is a designated area with lounge chairs. If you get the opportunity, spend some time with the owner, Vaughn, an exceedingly friendly and accommodating American expat. All the rooms also have air-conditioning, hot water, cable TV, wireless internet connection and come with free bottled water, beach towels, and breakfast. $38 - $165 per room/suite.
  • Swiper's Inn, Station 1 Beachfront, Sitio Pinaungon, Boat Station 1, [13]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00nn. Swipers Inn has an amazing view of the white sandy beach. The suites have their own kitchen and dining area. Php6,000.00.
  • Villa Sunset Resort, Manggayad, Malay, Aklan, Boat Station 2, Boracay, [14]. Villa Sunset is an 8-room apartment type hotel located at the heart of Boracay's White Beach at Station 2. The rooms are fully-furnished with their own balcony overlooking the swimming pool. The hotel offers day tour activities to those that would like to explore Boracay and its neighboring islands. Php4,100.00.
  • The Palms of Boracay, Station 1, +6336288-1361, [15]. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, television LCD/plasma screen, bathtub, shower, balcony/terrace and mini bar. Some of its facilities and services are bar, restaurant, large lap outdoor pool, kiddie pool, shops, Jacuzzi outdoor, Golf Course nearby, room service, laundry/dry cleaning, hotel airport transfer, Wi-Fi in public areas, massage, orientation and tour briefings. Rates start at 6,999.00 PHP.
  • Boracay Cottage Island Resort, Station 1, Balabag, Malay Aklan (Station 1 Beach Front), [16]. checkin: 2:00PM; checkout: 12:00NN. The rooms are in Filipino-inspired design with walls made of Banig and bamboo furniture. Php5500.00.
  • Sundown Resort Boracay, Angol, Boracay Island, Station 3 (right at the White Beach, behind Cocoloco Bar), 63 36 288-3406, [17]. Nice resort right on the beach at the nicest part of Boracay with new rooms equipped with ac, hot water, fridge, modern bathroom, cable tv, wifi. Great restaurant on the beach. Austrian management From US$23..
  • Argonauta Boracay- Boutique Hotel with Villas and Apartments, Hagdan, Yapak, 272 Balinghai Road (follow main road direction to Shangri La, Turn right after Grand Vista Hotel), +63 36 288-2746 (), [18]. checkin: 2:00PM; checkout: 12:00. is a boutique hotel situated on a 5,000 square meter hillside property facing west (sunsets) over the famous Punta Bunga Beach. Rooms are equipped with ac, hot water, mini-bar, cable tv, wifi. DVD Players and Ipod Doc ins are available on request. The Argonauta-Mobil brings guests to the White Beach and to Puka Beach. room rates start at PHP 4000.
  • Artista Boracay Resort, Diniwid Beach, +63-36-288-6235, [19].
  • Asya Premier Suites, Sitio Cagban, Barangay Manoc-Manoc, (+6336) 288.1790, [20]. It offers premier and executive suites, all of which have a panoramic vistas of the sea, and is equipped with Cable TV with DVD player, mini-bar, and NDD/IDD phone service. Some of its amenities include private shuttle speedboat and van, nanny & butler service, a fitness center, and Wi-fi internet services. Best rates on official website start at PHP 13,500.
  • Baling Hai Beach Resort, [109],Baling Hai Beach Resort has a secluded beach surrounded by cliffs located on the northern part of Boracay, two coves away from the main White beach. Starts from $50.
  • Bamboo Bungalows, +63 36 288 63 24 (), [21]. 4000 m2 of beachfront property. Offers various categories of rooms, ranging from aircon and hot water-equipped hotel rooms to basic fan-cooled cold-shower bungalows.
  • Beachcomber Resort Boracay, Station 1, Balabag, [22]. 11-room resort across the road from the beachfront. Sun loungers on the beach, pool, roof deck, spa, complimentary breakfast.
  • Blue Coral Resort Boracay, Angol, Boracay Island (right at the White Beach, behind Cocoloco Bar), 63-36-2885220, [23]. Small resort with six rooms equipped with ac, hot water, minibar, modern bathroom, safe, cable tv, wifi. From US$33..
  • Blue Mango. In Angol, at the southern end of White Beach. A friendly, family run establishment. The location is peaceful - less crowded than at station 2.
  • Boracay Beach Chalets, Near Boat Station 2, Manggayad, Balabag, +63-36-288-3993 (fax: +63-36-288-6313), [24]. Air-conditioned cottages. US$50/100 high/low season.
  • Boracay Beach Club (Station 1), [25]. Modern 30-room resort featured in Travel + Leisure magazine. Amenities include a rooftop deck, swimming pool, and beachfront lounge. Special packages with discounts to Ariel's Point and complimentary breakfast included. Family-owned and managed.
  • Boracay Gold Crowne Resort, Station 1, [26]. Beachfront rooms with private balconies. P3,500 and up.

  • Boracay Grand Vista Resort, Barangay Yapak, Station 1, [27]. Claims the largest swimming pool in Boracay.
  • Boracay Hills Resort, Station 3, (+63-36)288-3315, [28]. 3000p and up.
  • Boracay Regency Hotel Resort and Convention Center, (63-2)5238707 (63-2)5238708 (, fax: (63-2)5239790), [29]. 195-room hotel overlooking the beach. Two swimming pools, gym, business center and a host of restaurants that serve international dishes (Korean, Japanese, European, American). Boracay Regency Kai Spa is also on premises. It includes almost 30 unique treatment rooms that offer wellness, rejuvenation and detoxification treatments.
  • Boracay Sandcastles, White Beach, +632-752-7575 (fax: +632-755-6849), [30]. From US$85.
  • Boracay Sands Hotel, White Beach, Manoc-Manoc, +63 36 2884966 to 67, [31]. It offers suites that are equipped with a DVD player, cable TV, Internet connection, refrigerator, IDD phone, writing desk and chair, safe, and hair dryer. Some of its facilities include a spa, swimming pool, restaurant and bar, café, and function rooms. Rates start at USD120.00.
  • Boracay Tourists' Inn, Station 1, Balabag, +63-36-288-3957 (, fax: +63-36-288-3957), [32]. One minute from the beach.
  • Casa Dayang Boracay, tel.+63362882021, +63927-9474468, near D'Mall and across from the hospital. Swiss Deli, Italian coffee-shop, and soon to be opened Japanese restaurant. AC, cable TV, marble floors and toilet, hot and cold shower, veranda, old world charm. Email: [email protected] Starts from $65.
  • Crown Regency Beach Resort, Beachfront, Station 3, Ambulong, Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, (+6336) 288-1888, [33]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00pm. This 41-unit resort has beautiful sunset views. It also has an infinity pool at the deck.
  • Crown Regency Prince Resort, Main Road, Station 1, Bolabog Road, Barangay Balabag (at the crossing of the main road and the road leading to Bolabog Beach), (+6336) 506-3156, [34]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00pm. The resort draws its ambiance from the past and contemporary art echoed in the 36-rooms.
  • Crown Regency Resort & Convention Center, Main Road, Station 2, Sitio Manggayad, Barangay Balabag Malay 5608, Aklan (Across Allied Bank), (+6336) 506-3111, [35]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00pm. It includes an impressive 1,800-sq.m. wave swimming pool with kiddie pool and a country's first wave rider (a pool you can surf on); 479 elegant units; a 1,600-guest conference center; restaurants; an adventure park; and Pricelite Outlet Store, where you can find many US brand items at P99.00, from personal care items to liquors.
  • Erus Hotel and Restaurant Boracay Island, "Balabag"", +63-36-288-3441, (), [36]. A new hotel located right at the heart of station 2.
  • Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Boracay, Newcoast, Boracay, +63 36 288 5587, [37]. Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Boracay offers rooms equipped with air conditioning, cable television, minibar, refrigerator, safe, hairdryer and Baby cot ( subject to availability). Some of its facilities and services are clubhouse, restaurant, golf course on site, swimming pool, spa, parking, full service health spa, complimentary area shuttle and room service. Rates start at 3,655.00 PHP.
  • Fat Jimmys Boracay Resort, Station 2, D'Mall, +63 36 288 5562, [38]. From US$25..
  • Fridays Boracay, +63 36 288 6200, [39]. Comfortable cottages.
  • Hey Jude! Resort Boracay, D’ Mall D’ Boracay Balabag, +63 36 288 5401 (fax: +63 36 2885403), [40]. From US$46.
  • Jay Jays Club Boracay Resort (Jay Jays Boracay Resort), [41]. A hilltop private resort above Boat Station 1 with incredible ocean and beach views. Apartments have aircon, hot water, kitchens, cable TV and wifi.
  • Jony's Beach Resort Boracay, +(63) 36 288 6119 (fax: +(63) 36 288 3119), [42]. One of the oldest family-run establishments on the island. From US$75.
  • La Isla Bonita Resort Bar & Restaurant, Boat Station No. 3 Manggayad, Manoc-Manoc, (036) 288-6959 (, fax: (036) 288-3501), [43]. Nice, basic, aircon room with cable TV and private bathroom runs 2000PHP/night (high season).
  • La Reserve Boracay, Station 1 Balabag, (63 36) 2883020, [44]. Elegant rooms, private balcony with garden views.fdsd Best rates on official website start at Php 3,000.
  • Lingganany, manoc manoc, +6336 288 5734, [45]. Located on a hillside, 22 apartments available, with views, a pool, and free shuttle service to and from the hotel. From US$50.
  • Microtel Inn and Suites Boracay, ''+6336'' 288-6931, [46]. 51-room beachfront hotel. US$105.
  • Monaco Suites de Boracay, manoc manoc, +6336 288 4800, [47]. all-suite hotel, 40 apartments available, with ocean view, an infinity pool, and free shuttle service to and from the hotel. US$300.
  • Nami Resort, Diniwid Beach, 63 36 288 6753 to 56, [48]. A/C rooms equipped with cable television, minibar, coffee / tea maker, jacuzzi and king-size bed. Some of its facilities and services are restaurant and bar, water sports, airport and city transfers. From PHP 7,500.00.
  • Nigi Nigi Nu Noos, [49]. Good "traditional" cottages that look great. Food is good there too.
  • One Azul Boracay Resort, North Station 1, White Beach Brgy. Balabag, +63 (917) 308 8262, [50]. A/C suites equipped with cable tv, private toilet and bath, deluxe bathroom amenities and free continental breakfast. Some of its facilities and services are wireless internet, safety deposit box, massage service, laundry/ dry cleaning service and airport, land, and boat transfers. From PHP 2700.00.
  • Orinda Boracay, Angol, Boracay Island (right at the White Beach,), 63-3400303, [51]. resort right on the beach of Boracay with rooms equipped with ac, hot water, fridge, modern bathroom, cable tv, wifi. Hotel restaurant on the beach. From US$59..
  • One Crescent Place Hotel, Balabag, (63-36) 288-5429, [52]. The resort is in Station 1 of Boracay Island, a two-minute walk to the powdery white sands and crystal-blue waters of White Beach. Each guestroom features a deck, dining area, kitchenette, microwave oven, refrigerator, private toilet and shower, mini-bar, and Internet access. It is also fitted with a DVD player, writing desk and chair, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, and safe.
  • Le Soleil de Boracay, ''+6336'' 288-5734 to 12, [53]. Right in the center of White Beach, near Boat Station 2. The resort as a whole has a nice ambiance, rooms are also brightly decorated. Lounging area available right on the beach front as you step out of the hotel. Breakfast is served a la carte and portions aren't that impressive so if your package doesn't come with breakfast, you might as well have it outside of the hotel. $100.
  • One MGM Boracay Resort Village, +(63 2) 634 3581 – 83, [110]. 88 rooms, two outdoor pools, restaurant, and spa.
  • Panoly Resort Hotel, [54]. 45 bungalows and 55 veranda-equipped hotel rooms.
  • Paradise Garden Boracay Resort, Manggayad, +63.2.524.9638, [55]. US$100.
  • Patio Pacific Boracay, Station 1, (+632) 845.2222 to 28 (fax: ''+632'' 8452233), [56]. checkin: 2PM; checkout: 12:00nn. Formerly known as Pink Patio Resort. Facilities include a gym, pool and climbing wall. The 65 aircon rooms are adequate if a bit bland in decor. Breakfast is served buffet style though choices may be limited at times. Three-minute walk to White Beach.
  • Pearl of the Pacific - Beach Resort Boracay, Pearl of the Pacific, Balabag, "63-36-2883220, [57]. checkin: 2PM; checkout: 12 noon. .At Boat Station one with ocean view suites right on the beach. 60USD-180USD.
  • Punta Rosa Boracay Resort, ''+636''288 6740 (fax: ''+636'' 288 6740), [58]. Northern end of White Beach. Breakfast included.
  • Sea Wind Boracay, 1 R&G Tirol Park, Station 1, Balabag, (632) 4164010 (). 50-room luxury resort. Spacious, Filipino-style rooms with pseudo-antique furniture.
  • Serendipity Resort Boracay, Main Road, Bgy. Balabag, +(63)36 288 5411, [59]. Simple but tastefully-fitted aircon rooms with hot water and cable TV. Fan-cooled cottages, inspired by huts in the Philippine highlands, are also available. Additional features include a commercial arcade, a guest’s lounge and landscaped gardens. From US$35.
  • Serina del Sol Beachfront Inn, +6336 2884343, +6336 5063172, [60]. A cozy hotel located at station 1, White Beach. All rooms air conditioned, with hot and cold shower, cable television, patios, minibar, 24-hour Room Service. Newer hotel.
  • Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa, Barangay Yapak, +63 36 2884988 (fax: +63 36 288 5088), [61]. Boracay's first international branded resort. 219 rooms, suites and villas, with 350m of dedicated beach and 12 hectares of grounds.
  • Shore Time Boracay Resort, Station 1 (next door to Andok's- Station 1 & across from Obama Grill Restaurant)), +63 6 288 4968, (fax: +63 6 288 4765), [62]. checkin: 2PM; checkout: 12PM. In station 1, across from the beach with their own private guests sun loungers on the beachfront.
  • The Strand Boracay Resort, Sinagpa, Balabag, +63(0)36 288-6900, [63]. Small 13-room resort in a fusion Asian-Scandinavian style, one minute away from the beach. Salt-water pools.
  • Sur Beach Resort, Balabag, +63 36 288 6844 and +63 928 781 1233 (, fax: +63 36 288 6843), [64]. One of the smaller but charming hotels in the Station 1 area.
  • The Palms of Boracay. * <sleep name="The Tides Hotel Boracay" address="D'Mall" phone="+63 36 288 4517" fax="+63 36 288 4518" email="[email protected]" url="" >Boracay's most notable boutique hotel located at the heart of D'Mall.
  • Villa Camilla. Nice and quiet beachfront hotel with a swimming pool in Boat Station 3. Can be quite a bargain in low season.
  • Villa Sunset Resort Boracay, Manggayad, Balabag, +63(0)36 288-5666 (fax: +63(0) 36 288-5324), [65]. Eight apartments with own terrace/balcony, cable TV, telephone, kitchenette, shower, air conditioning and a fully stocked fridge. From US$51.
  • Willy's Beach Club Hotel Boracay, Balabag, (6336) 288-3395 (fax: (6336) 288 3016), [66]. 40 Mediterranean-style villas with aircon. From US$88.

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach runs parallel with White Beach and is on the east side of the island. It is approximately 1.5kms long and has similar white sand to that found on White Beach. It is protected from strong seas by a coral reef located 500 meters offshore, and from late Oct. to April the Amihan wind(NE wind) make this beach very popular with windsurfers and kiteboarders.For these reasons it is often referred to as the "No.1 kite boarding beach in Asia." Bulabog Beach has the "old" Boracay atmosphere, being less developed than the White Beach area, quieter, more laid back, with onshore breezes most of the year, and a number of foreign residents have made it their home. In addition, resorts are starting to appear and the various types of water-sports (para-sailing, banana boats, jetskis, water-skiing, etc.) are using this area during the White Beach off-season (May-Oct, when the Habagat wind blows). Access to the D'Mall Shopping Center is only a 5 minute walk and a couple of minutes later you are on White Beach with all the crowds, restaurants, bars, discos, etc.

Water on Bulabog is much polluted with sewage water of all island. You can see few pipes and "rivers" are emptying to sea. Since lagoon is semi-closed and shallow, and water circulation is limited, you can feel smell from water. Color of it will block all your thoughts about swimming there and lot of kiters will simply not allow you to. If you plan to spend your time lying on the beach, swimming and getting tan, Bulabog is certanly not the best choice, head for White beach.


  • Blue Bayou Bungalows, +63 (36) 288 4740, [67]. Offers spacious bungalows with loft bedroom, kitchenette and veranda.
  • Islakite Center, +63 (36) 288 5352, [68]. Offers 9 nice fan rooms, private bathroom with hot shower, cable tv and free Wi-Fi. Perfectly located, right on the beach. Kitesurf as soon as you wake up!! The room rates start at Php 970 per night. Good breakfast and free storage for your gear are included in the rate.


  • 7Stones Boracay Suites, Bulabog Beach, Balabag, +63 36 288 16 01 (), [69]. checkin: 2:00PM; checkout: 12:00 NN. is a boutique hotel situated on a 4,000 square meter beachfront property located at the famous water sports paradise otherwise known as Bulabog Beach. This new and modern boutique hotel has of stunning roomy suites and breathtaking sights.
  • The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast, Tel.+63 9209 454 845 +63.36.288 4128, [111]. This B&B offers 15 fully air conditioned rooms, hot showers, cable tv and free Wi-Fi. Set inside a private garden enclave and conveniently located at the center of the island. The room rates start at Php2,600.00 per night with an on site cafe offering breakfast and lunch. Dogs are welcome. E-mail [email protected]
  • Reef Retreat Boracay, Tel +63 9173 493 060 [112]. A nice cozy 12 room hotel owned by a couple from the UK. It's right near windsurf/kiting schools and breakfast is also served in one of these schools. Free wifi internet is available in all rooms. All rooms are equipped with cable tv, aircon, mini bar, hot/ cold shower and ceiling fan. Bulabog beach is only 1min walk away from the hotel. The walk to White beach takes about 10 min and the same goes for the walk to D*Mall. The hotel is clean and newly built with comfortable rooms.


  • Boracay Butterfly Garden Cottages, Tel +6336 2886701 , Cottages with kitchens, separate air conditioned bedrooms, hot showers, cable TVs, free Wi-Fi, and sea view patios. 10 min from beach, 7 min from D'Mall.
  • Palm Breeze Villa Boracay, Tel. +63.9155352625,[113]. A small luxury resort in a slightly elevated position at the north end of Bulabog Beach. The resort features a swimming pool with swim-up bar. Free wifi throughout. Stunning views over the swimming pool and ocean from all rooms. En-suite bathrooms feature modern fixtures and oversized shower-heads. They also include quiet split-system air-conditioning, cable TV, mini-bar and tea/coffee making facilities.
  • Cohiba Villas Boracay Resort, Tel. Tel: +36-288-4792,[114]. Furnished villas intended for families staying a week or more, located on a cliff overlooking Bulabog Beach. Quiet split-system air-conditioning, cable TV, mini-bar.
  • Tanawin Luxury Apartments, Mt. Luho, Bolabog, +63 (036) 288 - 6654, [70]. Fully fitted apartments in a hillside location with views across to neighboring islands

Near White Beach

Some hotels and resorts are located along roads and footpaths off of White Beach, generally within just a few minutes walk from the beach. Room rates in these may be a bit lower than prices for comparable rooms located in resorts which have beach-front entrances, and the rooms may be a bit quieter than rooms located right on the beach.


  • Ocean Breeze Inn, [115] offers budget cottages or air conditioned Guesthouse rooms (various room sizes for single travellers or families) at affordable rates. Guest kitchen also available. Ocean Breeze Inn is located at Station 3, around 2-3 minutes walk to White Beach.


Casa Dayang Boracay Inn, tel.+63927-9474468, +63920-9094379, near D'Mall and across from the hospital. Swiss Deli, Italian coffee-shop, and soon to be opened Japanese restaurant. Luxurious rooms, AC,Cable TV, marble floors and toilet, hot and cold shower, veranda, old world charm. Your home away from home. Personalized service. Email: [email protected] We are on Facebook. Starts from $65 only


  • Boracay Holiday Resort, Tel +6336 2884086 Fax +6336 2884085, [116]. A Mediterranean inspired resort located at the heart of Manggayad (Station 2), a three-minute leisurely walk to white beach.
  • Grand Boracay Resort, Tel (632) 7315971 to 72 Fax no. (632) 7426272, [117]. Grand Boracay is in the center of Boracay island. Known for its wide space and quiet atmosphere with its affordable prices.
  • Mandala Spa and Villas Boracay, Station 3, +63 36 288 5858, [71]. A sanctuary for the body and soul where a culture of respect for the individual and an atmosphere of beauty, wellness and personal growth pervades. Relax and revive in a romantic and secluded resort villa with spa therapies, yoga or natural foods, walking distance from Boracay’s famous White Beach in this award winning Boracay resort and spa. Best rates on official website start at USD 250.
  • Turtle Inn, Tel +63 (0) 36288 4206, [118]. This is one of the island's newer establishments. Located just a couple of minutes walk from the beach near boat station 3, this hotel has a high standard of accommodation at surprisingly reasonable rates.

Balabag and other areas


  • Seabird International Resort, Road 1-A, Balabag (To reach the Boracay accommodation from Metro Manila, you only have to take a flight to Caticlan International Airport, then a skiff boat ride to the island.), 63-036-288-3047, [72]. Their Boracay resort accommodation offers room equipped with air-conditioning, TV with cable channels, WIFI internet access and private toilet and bath with hot and cold water. Some of its facilities and services are Castaways Restaurant & Bar, housekeeping, room service, facsimile services, night-duty security guard, 24-hour electricity and safety deposit box. Rates start at 1,650.00 PHP.
  • Fat Jimmy's Resort, 0221, Station 2, Balabag Boracay, Malay, Aklan, +, [73]. Neat, clean and comfortable accommodations. Best rates on official website start at PHP 1,200.00.
  • La Bella Casa, Station 1 (near Cocomangas Bar), 0362885846, [74]. Offers air-conditioned rooms, all of which are equipped with a cable TV, mini-fridge, and private shower and bathtub. Superb room service is also offered to guests. Best rates on official website start at $40.
  • Villa Criselda Resort, 27 Balabag, (6336) 288-6337, [75]. 34 air-conditioned rooms, all of which have wireless Internet, cable television, and an in-room safe. Some of its amenities include flight bookings & reconfirmation, a spacious playground for kids, and an on call massage & beauty service. Best rates on official website start at PHP 1,800.00.


  • Bale Mi Resort, Bolabog Road, leading to Bolabog Beach, +63 917 510 0222, [76]. Their Boracay resort accommodation offers rooms equipped with air conditioning, DVD player, minibar, safe, satellite TV, private toilet and bath. Some of its facilities and services are garden, parking, room service, Wi-Fi in public areas and wake-up call. Rates start at PHP 3000.00.
  • Island Nook Hotel Boracay, Station 2, Boracay Highway Central, Brgy. Balabag, +63917-8906665 and +63922-8806665, [77]. All rooms have air-conditioning, plush linen, LCD TV with cable channels, private bath, large beds, spacious floor area, free Wi-Fi access and safety deposit box. Some of its facilities and services are Island Kebab Restaurant, free Wi-Fi, daily housekeeping, pick-up transfer services (fees apply), CCTV cameras around the hotel, laundry service and water sports and activities to be arranged by the hotel.
  • B Pod Hotel Boracay, Station 3, Sitio Angol, Barangay Manoc-Manoc, (036) 288 2387, [78]. Their hotel in Boracay offers rooms equipped with air conditioning, cable television, iPod docking station, digital safe, compact refrigerator, hot and cold shower. Some of its facilities and services are business facilities, bar, room service, free WI-FI connection, digital safety box at reception, airport/bus/ferry transfers, laundry service, 24-hour security and CCTV.
  • Beachcomber Resort Boracay, Station 1, + 63 36 288-4465, [79]. 11 accommodations, all equipped with Cable TV, Air-conditioning and Private veranda. Facilities and services are Spa, Outdoor swimming pool, Restaurant and bar. From ₱4,211.20.
  • Blue Veranda Suites, Station 2, +63 36 288-2414, [80]. Rooms equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, Wi-Fi, safety vault and hot and cold shower. Smoking area, shops, room service, airport transfer, massage and laundry services.
  • Boracay Holiday Resort, Station 2, Corner Main Rd. & Tirol Rd., Manggayad, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan Philippines, (036) 2884085, [81]. Boracay Holiday Resort is a sprawling Mediterranean inspired resort located right at the heart of Manggayad (Station 2) and a 3-minute leisurely walk to the famous white beach. Best rates on official website start at ₱2,200.00.
  • Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center, Boat Station 2, Main Road Barangay Balabag, +63 36 506 3111, [82]. Offers rooms equipped with television, kitchenette, air conditioning, minibar and internet access (charges may apply). Restaurant, bar/pub, garden, swimming pool, 24 hour room service, babysitting/child services, laundry/ironing service, internet access in public areas and round trip transfers (with charge). Rates start at 123.33 USD.
  • Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway, +63 36 288-3548, [83]. A cool beach retreat nicely tucked a few meters away from the buzz of the Boracay coastline. Offers an oasis of calm and understated luxury with its wonderfully modern ambience. Rates start at PHP 3,500.
  • Real Maris Resort, Station 1, Balabag, (+6336) 2884144, [84]. Real Maris Resort is a luxurious Boracay hotel for more bliss in paradise. Their air-conditioned rooms are equipped with a cable TV, DVD player, Internet access, room safe, mini-bar, and refrigerator. Some of their facilities are restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a beach bar, and massage services
  • Roque’s Place Boracay, Station 3, Balabag, 036-288-33-56, [85]. It offers 15 rooms, all of which have air-conditioning, cable TV, and a mini-bar. Some of its amenities include bar and restaurant, beauty parlor, and water sports facilities. While staying here, you can visit some interesting places like Diamond Sea Sports, Boracay Scuba, and Willy's Rock. Best rates on official website start at PHP 2,500.00.
  • The Sitio Boracay, Station 1, (02) 4144065, [86]. From the native cogon roofing to the endearing Filipino-Balinese theme, your air-conditioned Boracay villa is a place rife with comfort and charm. Rates start at PHP 4,500.


  • Boracay Terraces Resort, Brgy. Balabag, +63 (36) 288 4000, [87]. Their Boracay Island resort offers rooms equipped with air conditioning, minibar, Wi-Fi access in rooms, telephone, sofa, cable television, desk, private toilet and bath. Some of its facilities and services are bar, restaurant, outdoor pool, garden, spa, massage service, room service, laundry service and WiFi access in public areas. Rates start at PHP 6,050.00.
  • Boracay Hills Resort, Tel +6336 2883315 Fax +6336 2883768, [119]. One of the most exclusive places to stay on Boracay Island. Located in the lush and hilly hammock of Bantud just 10 minutes walk from the beach; free shuttle service available.
  • Lorenzo's Villa, tel +632 928-0719, [120]. At the southern tip of Boracay, 10-15 min to White Beach by free hotel shuttle. All rooms feature ocean view balconies. There is a pool and spa services on site, but beach access to a small stretch of sand is limited due to the resort being perched on a cliff.
  • Paradise Bay Resort Boracay, Tulubhan Tel.: 0063-36-288 5124 or 288 5071 Fax: 0063-36-288 5127, [121] is popular with German travellers. It offers a middle range accommodation rate with a small pool, a free van-ride to anywhere on the island and a billiard table.
  • Isabel, Newcoast, [122]. Villas on the Fairways & Bluewater Golf Course. Private beach and golf club access.
  • Balaihara, Tel. No.: (+63-36) 288 5587 or 89, [123]. A cluster of villas sprawled over the resort community of Fairways and Bluewater in the Newcoast area. Each villa has roomy and cozy rooms furnished with modern amenities. Recreational facilities include an 18-hole Graham Marsh-designed golf course and a swimming pool.
  • Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel, Beachfront, Station 2, Balabag, +63 36 288 3444, [88]. AAA beachfront resort with fifty-two rooms and suites, an in-house restaurant by the sea, hotel spa, swimming pool, kiddie pool and convention center. Best rates on official website start at Php 8000++.
  • Argonauta Boracay - Boutique Hotel with Villas and Apartments, Hagdan, Yapak, Overlooking Punta Bunga, near Shangri La Resort (tunr left on the main road going to Balinghai), +63 36 288 2746, [89]. Available are boutique hotel rooms, apartments good for 4 guests and villas good for 6 guests. 2 small swimming pools on site. Best rates on official website start at Php 4000++.


Internet connection is pretty slow on whole island. You can expect poor speed around 200 kbps. 3G is provided by Smart and Globe. You can find DSL connection from Pantelco with maximum speed at 700 kbps for 1700 PHP a month.

Small internet cafes are widespread around the island. WiFi is common everywhere from splurge hotels to small guesthouses.

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