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Bonndorf im Schwarzwald

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Bonndorf im Schwarzwald

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Bonndorf im Schwarzwald (short form: Bonndorf), a 7,000 inhabitant town in the Black Forest in the very southwest of Germany, is located in the district of Waldshut in the land of Baden-Württemberg.

Mentioned for the first time in the early 13th century, the town is known for its Castle (Schloss) which was built in the late 16th century.

Interesting fact: One of the biggest producers of Black Forest ham is located in Bonndorf.

Get in

By train

There is no train station in Bonndorf anymore so your best choice is to arrive at the Seebrugg oder Neustadt stations via train and to go from there by bus.

By car

Get around

On foot

As there are many Wanderwege that are maintained by the Schwarzwaldverein. Many strangers come here especially for that purpose. A quite famous Wanderweg is that through the Wutach gorge, one entry for example is located in Bonndorf's surburb of Boll.

By bicycle

The Wanderwege mentioned above are mostly rideable by bicyclists as well.

By bus

The bus system of Südbaden-Bus-Gesellschaft connects many small towns with the major ones although most buses cease operating well before the late evening. The intervals of connection are rarely shorter than one hour.

By car

The car remains your best choice while travelling through the surroundings of Bonndorf as there are many parking lots near interesting sites.



  • The Bonndorfer Schloss (Castle) dates from the 16th century and is the home of the Schlossnarrenstuben museum.
  • The Japanischer Garten (Japanese Garden) is part of the park of the town.
  • The Wutachschlucht (Wutach gorge) is located some kilometres away from Bonndorf.


  • The Schlossnarrenstuben museum, located in the Bonndorfer Schloss (Castle), is one of Germany's biggest museums of Shrovetide (taking place some weeks before Easter) figures. The Bonndorfer Pflumeschlucker belong to the well-known Shrovetide clubs in the southwest of Germany.



Black Forest ham is always a good souvenir (if you're allowed to bring it into your country of origin!). The Adler company located in Bonndorf is quite well-known for their meat products throughout Germany.


There are some Gasthäuser in the centre of Bonndorf. Most of them are family-run like, for example, the Kranz in Martinstraße, next to the city hall. Those Gasthäuser serve good value for money, mainly meat products like Schnitzel, and more traditional products like Wurstsalat (literally sausage salad). Many serve the famous Black Forest cake for dessert as well.

Many Turkish kebap shops are available as well as pizzerias, e. g. Di Lisi in Martinstraße.

If you are interested in paying a bit more and getting well-above-average quality of food you have the choice between Germania in Martinstraße, opposite to the primary school, and Möhringer's Schwarzwaldhotel in Rothausstraße, only some metres away from the primary school.


The Rothaus brewery is only some fifteen kilometres away from Bonndorf, so virtually everywhere you go in Bonndorf you will either get the Pils (0.5 litres) and Tannenzäpfle (0.33 litres) bottles or draught Rothaus beer. Especially Tannenzäpfle is becoming known as a cult beer throughout Germany as the label contains a highly cliché depiction of a Black Forest girl.

There are plenty of pubs in Bonndorf that sometimes serve quite acceptable food as well: Schnitzer in Paulinerstraße, Sonntag in Schlossstraße (both near the Schloss), Braukessel in Rothausstraße (serving Fürstenberg beer), Humpen in Martinstraße, to mention some.


Accommodation begins in the youth hostel for the budget traveller. There are bed-and-breakfasts in Bonndorf while many Gasthäuser and restaurants also offer accommodation, most notably Kranz, Germania and the four-star Möhringer's Schwarzwaldhotel.

Get out

In the area, you can find: