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[[Image:LakeBohinjInSummer.jpg|thumb|Lake Bohinj In Summer]]  
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'''Bohinj''' (German ''Wochein'') is an alpine valley and a municipality in the north-west of [[Slovenia]], in the [[Julian Alps]]. It is recognisable by its periglacial lake, Lake Bohinj (Slovenian ''Bohinjsko jezero'', German ''Wocheinersee'').
Some 20km long and 5km wide, Bohinj is the name given to the entire Sava Bohinjka basin southwest of Bled.
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==Get around==
*'''Walking''' - There is a vast amount of good walking in the region. It's possible to walk round the entire shore of the lake, The far side of the lake is a popular hang out for naturist in the summer months. There is also a lot of good trekking through the mountains with views down over the lake.
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