Black Forest

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Black Forest

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The Black Forest (German: Schwarzwald) is in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.



The Black Forest is a mountainous terrain at about 800 - 1300 meters above sea level, the highest hill being the Feldberg at around 1500 m.

The region is famous for its cuckoo clocks, watchmaking, skiing and tourism. There is a large high-tech light engineering industry in the region stemming from the gold-mining and watchmaking days. Almost all tourists are from Germany and Switzerland; the region's tourist industry is therefore not well equipped to deal with guests who don't speak German.

The most important destination in the Schwarzwald is called, interestingly, Titisee, which is a medium-sized man-made lake with associated tourist village and hotels, with very nice views and generally very relaxed and healthy activities. From here it is a short journey to Lake Constance and the city of Konstanz, or to see the Rhein Waterfall at Neuhausen in Switzerland.

The region is fine for people who like long hikes in the country or want to learn something about Germany. The tourist industry shamelessly sells overpriced trinkets and poorly made Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte ("Black Forest Cherry Cake"), everything including accommodation is quite expensive.

Get in

Getting there: fly to (in order of best location): Konstanz, Karlsruhe, Basel (Switzerland), Stuttgart or Frankfurt. Then take the train (excellent) or hire a car.


  • The city of Freiburg, a provincial University city, well known as the driest, warmest, sunniest part of Germany.


  • Hiking
  • Water sports
  • High altitude lake diving
  • Skiing (December and January only)


The food tends to be "Wholesome", heavy dishes and lots of cakes, biscuits, meats and gravies. The "Drink" is excellent, with some of Germany's best beers and wines produced in the region.


No real need to book in advance, hotels and "Pension" are available in all price categories. Mid-price is around €50-100 a night per double room, with lots of availablility in the mid and expensive categories. You will need a deep pocket, a meal for two in a Pizzeria would cost around €50, in a good restaurant around €150 including drinks. Camping and self-catering is also available.

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