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* How much is this? - Manggurano ini?
*How much is this?-Manggurano ini?
* That's only just P1,000 - Sarong mil piso man lang yan.
*That's only just P1,000-Sarong mil piso man lang yan
* Is this the right dress for me? - Bagay man ining bado sakuya?
*Is this the right dress for me?-Bagay man ining bado sakuya?
* That dress is beautiful - Malanggayon san na bado.
*That dress is beautiful-Malanggayon san na bado
* Go to the casier - Dumuman sa bayadan (cashier).
*Go to the casier-Dumuman sa bayadan
* My money is insufficient - Di na kasya ang kwarta ko.
*My money is insufficient-An kwarta ko di na kasya
* Where is the cosmetic section? - Sain an bakalan nin mga kosmetik?
*Where is the cosmetic section?-Diin an bakalan nin mga kusmetik?
* Would you like to come with me? - Muya mong mag-iba sakuya?
*Would you like to come with me?-Muya mong mag-iba sakuya?
* We'll go shopping - Mamasyar kita.
*We'll go shopping-Mamasyar kita
* How many stuffs will you buy then? - Pira man an babakalun mong gamit?
*How many stuffs will you buy then?-Pira man an babakalun mong gamit?
* Out of stock - Wara nang butang.
*Out of stock-Wara nang butang
* Get some shopping cart - Kumua nin shopping cart.
*Get some shopping cart-Kumuko nin pamasyar na kart
* Which is better, this or that? - Arin an mas magayon, ini o itu?
*Which is better.This or that?-Arin an mas magayon.Ini o yato?
* If you like, you may want to invite your friends to join us - Kung muya mo, imbitahun mo man su mga barkada mo na mag-iba samu.
*If you like,you may want to invite your friends to join us-Kung muya mo,imbitahun mo man su mga kabarkada mo na mag-iba samu
* How expensive! - Mahalun!
*How expensive!-Mahalun
* Can i use my credit card? - Pwede ko gamitun an credit card?
*Can i use my credit card?-Pede ko gamitun an kredit kard?
* Shopping centre - Sentro ki pasyaran.
*Shopping centre-Sentrong pamasyar

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