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[[Image:Mother Temple of Besakih.jpg|thumb|300px|Gateway to the main temple of Besakih.]]
#REDIRECT [[Mount Agung]]
'''Besakih''' is known as the Mother Temple of [[Bali]]. Besides being the most important temple for the whole of the island, another attraction of Besakih, actually a complex of temples, is its dramatic location on the southern slopes of [[Mount Agung]], Bali's tallest mountain.
Like most major temples in Bali, the area surrounding Besakih is starting to take the shape of a small town, with many souvenir and eating shops.
Besakih is located in the eastern Bali regency of Karangasem.
==Get in==
===By road===
The usual way to get to Besakih is from '''Semarapura''' or better known by its old name '''Klungkung'''. Besakih is about 20km north of Klungkung and the road is winding at several stretches.
There is also a "back" road to Besakih from [[Kintamani]] and the hour-long drive is beautiful as you pass through forests, villages and fields as you move from the slopes of the Batur caldera to that of Mount Agung. The road meets the main Besakih-Klungkung road just before the entrance to Besakih.
If you are coming from the eastern end of the island, such as from [[Amed]], [[Tirta Gangga]] or even [[Candidasa]], you can also get to Besakih by taking a smaller inland road from [[Amlapura]]. The road goes through small villages like Selat and the Bukit Putung lookout, and meets the Besakih-Klungkung road at Rendang, where you turn north/right to head to Besakih.
===By public transport===
==Get around==
==Get out==

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