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Beijing : Shijingshan
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* <sleep name="Pullman Beijing West Wanda" alt="北京万达铂尔曼大饭店; Běi​jīng​ Wàn​dá​bó​ěr​màn​dà​ Fàn​diàn​" address="Building 1, Jia 18 Shijinagshan Road (石景山路甲18号1号楼; shí​jǐng​shān​lù​ Jiǎ​18hào 1hào​lóu​​)" directions="Babaoshan subway station, exit D), turn to the left, walk 500m" phone="+86 10 88681188" email="[email protected]" fax="+86 10 88681199" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Listed rates for doubles &yen;1,150-3,393, breakfast &yen;92 (included for most rooms)">Very large rooms with free internet, safe deposit box, free mineral water, coffee facilities and minibar.  Business center, currency exchange, gift shop, beauty salon, ticket office, fitness and indoor swimming pool available.  Chinese, Western and Japanese restaurants as well as café and bar.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Pullman Beijing West Wanda" alt="北京万达铂尔曼大饭店" address="Building 1, Jia 18 Shijinagshan Road" directions="" phone="+86 10 88681188" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="">located in the Wanda Plaza in the new Shijingshan business district, 45 minutes from the airport and just a half hour drive from popular Beijing attractions.</sleep>

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Lanterns at the Dafei Temple in Badachu

Shijingshan District (石景山区; Shíjǐngshānqū) is in the west part of Beijing.

Get in

Subway line 1 (red) extends west into Shijingshan. Bus and taxi journeys from central Beijing will be long.


  • Badachu (八大处; Bādàchǔ; lit. The Eight Great Sites), (Take Bus 311 north from the Pingguoyuan subway station to Badachu Middle School (八大处中学; Bādàchǔ Zhōngxué) and then walk north-west one kilometer). Badachu is comprised of eight Buddhist temples and monasteries at the foot of the Western Hills. Restored in the 1980s, the whole area is now a park and popular tourist destination for Beijingers wishing to escape city life.
  • Hope Park (希望公园; Xīwàng Gōngyuán). A small but attractive park south-east of Badachu.
A fresco in Fahai Temple
  • Fahai Temple (法海寺; Fàhǎi Sì), (3.5km northwest from the Pingguoyuan subway stop. Buses 311, 336, 527, 621 all head from around Pingguoyuan to the temple). This fifteenth century temple has some of the best-preserved and extensive Ming frescoes to be found.
  • Tianyi's Tomb (田义墓; Tiányì Mù), 80 Moshikou Dajie (模式口大街80号) (At the foot of Cuiwei Mountain and to the south of Fahai Temple). This is the most extensive and well-preserved Ming dynasty tomb of an eunuch. There is a Eunuch Culture Museum (¥8 entrance fee) at the same site.
  • Cheng'en Temple (承恩寺; Chéng'ēn Sì), East Moshikou Dajie (模式口大街东部) (South of the Fahai Temple). This is another temple with a history of at least five hundred years.
  • China Quaternary Glacier Museum (中国第四纪冰川陈列馆; Zhōngguó Dìsìjì Bīngchuān Chénlièguǎn), Moshikou Dajie (模式口大街) (Just south of Fahai). This museum was founded in 1992 and offers an introduction to geology, geography, and glaciers.
Snow White at the Shijingshan Amusement Park
  • Shijingshan Amusement Park (北京石景山游乐园; Běijīng Shíjǐngshān Yóulèyuán), (Take subway to Bajiao Amusement Park). One of the three amusement parks in Beijing, this park features the usual assortment of rollercoasters, ferris wheels, and a Disney-esque castle (Disney sued). ¥10 for entrance, each ride has a separate fee.
  • Beijing International Sculpture Park (北京国际雕塑公园 Běijīng Guójì Diāosù Gōngyuán), (Take subway line one to Yuqianlu), +86 (0)10 68650422. Opened in 2002, this park places sculpture from around the world in an attractive, green setting. ¥5.
  • Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery (八宝山革命公墓; Bābǎoshān Gémìng Gōngmù), (Head north from the Babaoshan subway stop). Originally a temple, this was made into the chief cemetery for Communist Party figures. Buried here are artist Xu Feihong, writer Lao She, and many of the most important CCP leaders.
  • Cishan Temple (天台山慈善寺; Tiāntái Shān Císhàn Sì), (On Tiantai Mountain). This is also known as Tiantai Temple. You will be lucky to see this one: the temple only opens March 15-17 of every year.
Olympic competition at the Beijing Shooting Range


  • Beijing Shooting Range (北京射击场; Běijīng Shèjī Chǎng), Xiangshan Nanlu 香山南路 (South-east of Badachu, next to the Fifth Ring Road). Shoot stuff at this Olympic-class shooting range.
  • Take a tour of Capital Steel (首钢工业旅游; Shǒugāng Gōngyè Lǚyóu), (One kilometer west from the Gucheng subway stop), +86 10 88296558. Since 2001, Capital Steel has been offering tours of its facilities and explanations of how steel is made. Get a Chinese-speaker to call find out when the tours are running.


  • Wanda Plaza. Shopping mall.


  • Huang Ji Huang Stewing Pot (Pingguoyuan Branch) (黄记煌三汁焖锅 (苹果园)), 2 Grain Shop, Pingguoyuan (苹果园第二粮店), +86 10 88756828. 10AM-10:30PM.
  • Mei Zhou Dong Po Restaurant (Shijingshan Branch) (眉州东坡酒楼 (石景山店)), 22 Shijingshan Road (石景山路22号) (Bus 337, 389, 622, 663, 728, 742, 941), +86 10 88680808. 9:30AM-11PM. Sichuan cuisine.
  • Fengbozhuang (风波庄), 43 Gucheng South Road (古城南路43号) (Metro Line 1 to Gucheng Station, exit B, or bus 337, 621, 318, 941, 728, 959 to Gucheng Stop), +86 10 68880812, [1]. 10:30AM-midnight.
  • Xiaotudou (Gucheng Branch) (小土豆美食 (古城店)), 6 Gucheng Xiaojie (古城小街甲6号), +86 10 68885396. 11AM-10:30PM.



  • Cactus Bar (仙人掌酒吧; Xiānrénzhǎng Jiǔ​​), North end of Bajiao Stadium/Gym (八角体育馆北侧; Bā​jiǎo​tǐ​yù​guǎn​běi​cè​), +86 10 68829791. Cossy bar with wooden furniture and fake tropical plants. Frequented by young locals who all seem to know each other and the staff.
  • Buyetian Bar (不夜天酒吧; Bùtiān Jiǔ), Shijingshan Road (石景山路; Shí​jǐng​shān​lù​).
  • Huarniu Bar (华尔牛啤酒屋; Huàěrniújiǔ), 49 Gucheng North Road (古城北路49号; Gǔchéngběilù), +86 10 88107320.
  • Xiaomu Bar (小木屋酒吧; Xiǎo Jiǔ), Qixing Garden, Lugu (鲁谷七星园内; Lǔ​gǔ​ Qī​xīng​yuán​nèi​​), +86 10 68641908.


  • Laiyin Café (莱茵咖啡; Láiyīnfēi), 1 Shixing Avenue (实兴大街1号; Shí​xīng​dà​jiē​).
  • Zhenguo Café (Shijingshan Wanda Branch) (真锅咖啡馆 (石景山万达店); Zhēnguōfēiguǎn (Shíjǐngshānwàndiàn)), Wanda Square, B18 Shijingshan Road (石景山路乙18号万达广场; Shí​jǐng​shān​lù Wàn​dá​guǎng​chǎng)​​.
  • SPR Coffe (Shijingshan Wanda Square Branch) (石景山万达广场店; Shíjǐngshānwànguǎngchǎngdiàn)), 2 Wanda Square, 18 Shijingshan Road (石景山路乙18号万达广场2楼; Shí​jǐng​shān​lù Wàn​dá​guǎng​chǎng).



  • Beijing Xinshiyuan Hotel (北京鑫仕源度假村; Běijīngxīnshìyuándùjiàcūn), Xiwang Park, Badachu Lu, Shijingshan (石景山区八大处路希望公园内; Shíjǐngshānqū Bādàchǔlù Xīwànggōngyuánnèi) (Just outside West Ring Road Five, buses), +86 10 88703399. Small rooms without internet access. Business center, gift shop, karaoke, billiard, table tennis, tennis, massage and sauna available. Chinese restaurant and room service. Listed rates for doubles from ¥380, discounted from ¥148; breakfast ¥15.
  • Beijing Jiujiuyuan Super8 Hotel (北京石景山玖玖源速8酒店; Běijīng Shíjǐngshān Jiǔyuánsùbā Jiǔdiàn), Yangzhuang East Road (杨庄东路; Yángzhuāng​dōng​lù​), +86 10 68835888 (fax: +86 10 68835689). Small rooms with free internet and kettle. Listed rates for doubles from ¥218, breakfast ¥10.


  • Beijing Haite Hotel (北京海特饭店; Běijīng Hǎi Fàndiàn), 1 Shixing Avenue (实兴大街1号; Shíxīng​dà​jiē​), +86 10 68811188, [2]. Three star hotel with rooms with free internet, safe, electric kettle and mini bar. ATM, shopping malls, beauty salon, ticketing service, fitness, indoor swimming pool and tennis available. Chinese and Western restaurants as well as bar and room service. Listed rates for doubles from ¥900, discounted from ¥330, including breakfast.
  • Mercure Wanshang Beijing (北京万商花园酒店​), 1 Yinhe Avenue​, +86 10 68681199, [3]. Located west of the city, just 50 min from the airport, the hotel is close to exciting attractions including Tian An Men Square, the Great Wall of China, Shijingshan Amusement Park and the Laoshan BMX arena.


  • Pullman Beijing West Wanda (北京万达铂尔曼大饭店), Building 1, Jia 18 Shijinagshan Road, +86 10 88681188, [4]. located in the Wanda Plaza in the new Shijingshan business district, 45 minutes from the airport and just a half hour drive from popular Beijing attractions.


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