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Beijing, capital of the most populous country in the world, People's Republic of China. It was also the seat of the Qing dynasty emperor until the formation of a republic in 1911, so it has rich historical sites, and important government institutions.

The city is well known for its flatness and regular construction. There is not a hill to be found in the city limits, and like the configuration of the famous Forbidden City, it has concentric "ring roads", which are actually rectangular, that go around the metropolis.



Get in

By plane

Beijing has a major international airport to the northeast of the city.

Most people use taxicabs to reach town from the airport.

By train

By car

By bus

Get around


The city has a 30-year old subway system that now reaches many parts of the city. There are two systems -- the Loop Line, with 16 stations, and follows the contours of the city walls, near the second ring road. The other is Line One, which is 21 stops stretching from Pingguoyuan, via Tiananmen Square to Sihuidong.


Taxis are the preferred choice for moving around, and are fairly inexpensive.


Tourist spots

  • Forbidden City
  • Summer Palace
  • Tiananmen Square

Hot spots

  • Ho hai - a hangout with trendy restaurants and bars in the northern part of Beijing.


  • Oriental Plaza


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  • Vegetarian Lifestyle, 77 Song Shan Rd (in a fabulously decorated alleyway just south of Huai Hai Rd.), 21-6384-8000. Every day until 10pm. Wow! A beautifully appointed modern restaurant where everything just happens to be vegi. You won't find much in the way of fake meat that pervades most of the other vegetarian places. Instead you'll enjoy beautifully cooked dishes from all over the country, and juices from the juice bar. They serve beer as well, but careful, one bottle will double your bill! ~30 RMB (18 RMB Lunch special).




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