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Batangas /bəˈtæŋɡæs/

BATANGAS is a name formed from the word 'batang' meaning logs (trunks or large branches of trees).

Legend has it that logs, locally known as batang, were floating all over the river. The word batang is said to be the root of Batangan, the former name of the city and the province.[1]

HISTORICAL and CURRENT evolution of Batangas is undoubtedly tuning in with its major river in Eastern Batangas - the "Nile of Batangas" - the Calumpang River (Filipino: Ilog Calumpang). Folks say it is shaped like a tuning fork. HENCE, it is natural for Batangas to eco-friendly flow its identity, to nourish and enrich: its musical, scientific, medicinal and electrical possibilities -as such with a good tuning fork. --Gemma Linas Buquiran (talk) 15:11, 3 May 2015 (EDT)

The Official Website of Batangas Province

Home of Batangueños, the Super-Tagalogs. The word Tagalog is derived from the endonym taga-ilog ("river dweller"). Batangas. Gov.Ph [2]

The Official Website of Batangas City

CITY OF BATANGAS – Known as the “Industrial Port City of CALABARZON” Batangas City.Gov.Ph [3]

Batangas Legacy Route


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Visitor Information Centre


SOLAR FARMS in Eco-Friendly Batangas

SOLAR Companies with Solar Farm Installations in Batangas: (1) Calatagan, Batangas Solar Philippines (2) Lian, Batangas Lucio Tan Group

Sun Poem -ARAW for ECO-FRIENDLY Batangas, Pilipinas!

Shaping sand into castles - shaping sands for eco-modern living. In this age of global warming, a natural renewable energy alternative comes from the sun. In recent 2015 'going-green' initiatives - the Birthplace and "Heartland of Tagalog Culture" - NOW translates to Solar Farms. SOME FACTS ON SOLAR POWER: It is historically recognized that the first glimpse of solar power is this: Glass pieces used to converge sun’s rays for fire. NOW: Adoption of transparent glimpse of sun in sheets of glass -to look as natural as it can be -explores the most eco-friendly glass design integration in solar power environments. NEXT: Solar energy is produced by conducting the sun’s radiation. To produce solar electricity there must be sunlight. On shady times, Solar Cells comes to the rescue. Ergo, development and manufacturing of powerful and efficient Eco-Solar Cells shapes 'green solar powers'. File:Creative Ms. Gemma Linas Buquiran in ECO-FRIENDLY Batangas, Pilipinas! Sun Poem -ARAW.jpgECO-FRIENDLY Batangas, Pilipinas! --Gemma Linas Buquiran (talk) 01:19, 4 May 2015 (EDT)