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Batangas is famous for a special variety of strong, highly aromatic coffee made with Liberica beans, known locally as "Kapeng Barako". It is often sweetened with honey, muscovado or brown sugar.
Red Horse beer and Colt 45 are very popular for beers.  if you want refreshing drink, try the mura juice with mura meat. its is young coconut juice with the fruit's meat, really good when served very cold mixed with condensed milk for sweetness...
"Tsokolate Eh" is a thick, very rich hot chocolate made from tableya (locally grown cocoa and sugar pressed into blocks) cooked in water, often with a little milk. A wooden whisk called a batirol is used to stir and froth the beverage as it cooks. A small cup of tsokolate is often served as an accompaniment to salty dishes such as adobo or daing, and poured over the rice like a sauce. Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere mentions the difference between Batangas and Manila varieties of hot chocolate, explaining that "tsokolate eh", means "espeso", thick and creamy; while "tsokolate ah", for "aguado", tends to be a thinner liquid with more water added to the tableya.
Try Lambanog from San Juan town. It's a local brew from Cane.
San Juan produces a popular variety of lambanog, a local distilled spirit with a high alcohol content (typically about 80 to 90 proof or higher) derived from tubâ (palm wine). Traditionally it is served pure and flavored with raisins, but many commercial varieties now have flavors added like mango and bubblegum.
Red Horse and Colt 45 are very popular local beers.
Young coconut juice with coconut meat is often served as a refreshment; as the sweetness of the coconut water tends to vary depending on the ripeness of the harvest, sometimes condensed milk is added to enhance the sweetness.

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