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Banteay Chhmar

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'''{{#explode:{{SUBPAGENAME}}| (|0}}''' is in [[North Western Cambodia]].
#REDIRECT [[Sisophon#Get_out]]
==Get in==
The village of Banteay chhmar, is on National Highway 56, 60km north of [[Sisophon]], and 50km west of [[Samraong]]. The road is not paved, but is passable for most of the year.
There are currently no bus services to Banteay Chhmar. The journey must be done by taxi from [[Sisophon]] (1 hour), [[Samraong]] (1 hour) or even further, [[Siem Reap]] (2 1/2 hours). For those travelling on a budget, it's possible to hire a tuk-tuk in [[Sisophon]] to take you there and back for US$30 - however, prepare for a bumpy ride!

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