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Baltic Sea ferries

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Baltic Sea ferries

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This article is about cruise ferries local to the Baltic Sea. See cruising the Baltic Sea for international luxury cruise ships visiting the Baltic Sea.

There are many car and passenger ferries crossing the Baltic Sea, between all Baltic countries. Those between Sweden and Finland are in Sweden called Finlandsbåt ("Finland boat"), while in Finland "Sweden boat".

Most of these ferries carry car traffic between countries. They also function as cruise ships for short shopping trips, from 2 to 48 hours.

Major companies

  • Tallink/Silja Line [4] between Sweden, Finland and Baltic states is a mid-market carrier, offering good standard of food, accommodation and entertainment for road-trips and entertainment cruises.


Most cruise ferries have several cafés and restaurants at all price levels. The value for paid money is typical to Sweden and Finland; you know what you get, but you won't be impressed. The most famous one is an all-you-can-eat Nordic buffet/smörgåsbord at around 300 SEK. Should traditionally be eaten as seven servings; herring, other seafood, cold cuts, warm meat, sausage, cheese and dessert.


Drinks in the bar are slightly cheaper than in regular Swedish or Finnish pubs.


Most cruise ferries between Sweden and Finland make a stop at Åland, to earn the legal opportunity to host duty free shopping. These stores, with alcohol and tobacco prices far below Swedish and Finnish levels, are the main attraction for many passengers. Consumption on board is officially not allowed, but happens all the time.


Gambling at slot machines and roulette tables.


Scenic view of the Stockholm archipelago, Åland and Turku archipelago. Stage performances nightly.

Stay safe

To make an understatement, drunkenness is common on these ferries. While security crew tends to be forgiving to drunkenness itself, violent behaviour is usually punished by spending the rest of the journey in a detention cell, or even marooned in a foreign port.

During night-time, there is no reason to visit open deck, except smoking. Remain indoors.

Get around

Most cruise ships make an 8-hour stop in each city, enough for visitors to make a short tour.