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Baltic Sea

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The Baltic Sea is a brackish inland sea located in [[Northern Europe]], from 53°N to 66°N latitude and from 20°E to 26°E longitude. It is bounded by the Scandinavian Peninsula, the mainland of Europe, and the Danish islands.
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The is a popular [[Cruise ships|Cruise line]] destination and provides access to most of Northern Europe as the [[Mediterranean Sea]] does for [[Southern Europe]].
[[Image:Baltic Sea.gif|thumb|250px|The <font color="red">Baltic Sea</font>]]
The following countries have outlets on the Baltic Sea (moving clockwise)
* [[Norway]]
* [[Sweden]]
* [[Finland]]
* [[Russia]] - Eastern most destination [[St. Petersburg]]
* [[Estonia]]
* [[Latvia]]
* [[Lithuania]]
* [[Poland]]
* [[Germany]]
* [[Denmakr]]
==Other destinations==
* [[Kaliningrad Oblast]] - a small exclave of [[Russia]], between [[Lithuania]] and [[Poland]]. You need to get visa for Russia to enter Kaliningrad Oblast and proceed through customs.
==Get in==
==Get around==
===By Sea===
Cruise Ships frequent these waters with tours that last 10 to 14 days depending on what countries you want to visit.
==Stay safe==
==Get out==
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