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Azerbaijan in 5 Days

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Day 1Edit

  • Arrive in Baku
  • Check into lodging
  • Eat lunch in Fountain Square at the Lebanese fast food shop
  • Walk around the Baku Bolvar
  • Go to the old city and spend the afternoon around the old city. Climb the Maiden's tower.
  • Eat dinner at Cafe Rendezvous
  • Walk around Fountain Square and enjoy the night life
  • Sleep

Day 2Edit

  • Wake up
  • Buy pastries from Judo Petchka near Sahil station and eat them in the nearby park
  • Go to the Atashgah Fire Temple via electric train (leave 28 May station at 10:20)
  • Return to 28 May station, buy a night train ticket to Sheki and eat a lunch of Georgian food at Georgian Home
  • Go to Café Aroma or another cafe and get some coffee-invite a Bakuvian and learn more about the city over a cup of coffee/tea
  • Eat dinner at Cafe Rendezvous
  • Depart for Sheki at 22:00

Day 3Edit

  • Share a taxi to the center of Sheki. Pay 1 AZN per person.
  • Check into lodging

Walk to the center of town while observing the ancient architecture of the Friday Mosque. Walk around the center and observe the men play bat gammon nard. After soaking in some of the culture walk to Chelebi Xan and try a bowl of Piti and Capital Salad Stolicnoye Salat. For a true Sheki experience, eat the pity in the following manner: First crumble up pieces of bread, pour the au jous into the bowl from the earthenware pot, eat the bread and au jous, and finally pour the rest of the stew into your bowl and eat it. To finish the night, walk up to the tea house inside the walls of the Palace of the Sheki Khans. There request a plate of the Sheki specialty halva alongside a pot of tea. Pay 2 AZN. Finally, walk back to the hotel and sleep soundly.

Day 4Edit

Wake up and walk over to the Sheki Bazaar and eat breakfast at the Turkish café adjacent to the Istanbul restaurant. There have a pot of tea alongside delicious pastries. If you have a sweet tooth in the morning, make sure to try the snicker’s cake. After breakfast, walk through the Sheki bazaar and look at the various local handicrafts including scarves, unique boxes, and a plethora of sweets and confections. Once finished with shopping, buy a picnic lunch to eat in Kish. Then catch a cab up to Kish, pay .8 AZN for admission, walk around the church and eat lunch; pay the cab ~3 AZN and tell him to return in. It is also possible to take the 23 or the 15 minibus from the Sheki bazaar to save about 3-4 AZN up and back. Upon returning to Sheki take a cab to the Palace of the Sheki Khans, pay .8 AZN for admission, and tour the grounds. Then walk down the hill to the Karavan Palace and enjoy a dinner in the ancient grounds. To end the day, look at the various handicrafts on the road from the Karavan Palace while walking down the hill to the hotel.

Day 5Edit

Wake up and go to the Sheki Saray’s Shebeke (stain glass) Restaurant. There order an omelet, a cup of coffee or tea by preference, and enjoy the plentiful variety of fruit, cereal, juice, and yogurt. Upon finishing breakfast pay 6 AZN and walk across the town center and go to the Friday (Juma) mosque. There tour the interior and enjoy the ornate geometric designs. Upon completing the tour, check out of the hotel and depart for Georgia on the 14:00 Balakan bus. Upon arriving to Balakan, find a bus marked to Tbilisi and board it.