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(Botswana: Maun carnival)
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* '''Edinburgh Fringe Festival''' [http://www.edfringe.com] - [[Edinburgh]]
* '''Edinburgh Fringe Festival''' [http://www.edfringe.com] - [[Edinburgh]]
* '''Edinbugh Military Tattoo''' [http://www.edintattoo.co.uk] - [[Edinburgh]]
* '''Edinbugh Military Tattoo''' [http://www.edintattoo.co.uk] - [[Edinburgh]]
* Mid August: '''Puck Fair''', [http://www.puckfair.ie/] in [[Killorglin]], [[Ireland]]
==[[United States of America]]==
==[[United States of America]]==

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This is a calendar of events and festivals in the month of August.


  • 3rd weekend in August: World Peace and Service Day (holiday) off for work for all business and service organisations across the globe and service activities like feeding cows milk to new born children in hospitals if mothers are incapable of feeding, new clothes, food offering to blind, deaf,spastic, mentally handicapped, physically handicapped, polio attacked patients, aids, cancer patients and dental, ortho, gynaec, opthamology patients, neuro, for all patients in hospital and other centres, food and clothing to be provided.


  • Late August: Kuru Traditional Dance and Music Festival, [1] near Ghanzi
  • Late August: The Maun Carnival in Maun


  • 17th: Independence Day - public holiday



  • 26th: Heroes’ Day


  • Kamfest arts festival - in Kamnik

South Africa


  • 15th: Madrid - Virgen de la Paloma
  • 15th: Malaga- Asunción de la Virgen this is a holiday celebrating one of the patrons of Spain.


  • 1st: National Day - because day off work August 1st celebrations are often (for example in Basel) held 31st of July


  • 12th: Queen's Birthday - mother's day / public holiday

United Kingdom

United States of America

  • Third weekend in August: Milwaukee Irish Fest [7] - the world's largest festival celebrating Irish music and culture, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Last weekend in August (August Bank Holiday weekend): Notting Hill Carnival [8] - Notting Hill, London
  • Last weekend in August (August Bank Holiday weekend): Leeds and Reading Festivals - weekend of rock music
  • MAS Carnival, Swansea - the city's ethnic diversity is celebrated by a colorful parade that passes through the city center.

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