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Armenia in 9 Days

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Armenia in 9 Days

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Day One in Armenia

  • Arrive in Yerevan
  • Visit tourist information office (Nalbandyan 3)
  • Visit the Parajanov Museum (surrealist director able to make art out of all manner of junk)
  • Half day trip to Echmiadzin Cathedral (mother church), Zvartnots Cathedral ruins.
  • Dinner at the Club (Agump), drink at Melody Cafe in the Opera Square

Day Two in Armenia

  • Breakfast at Artbridge before heading to the following sites in Central Armenia
  • Take a day trip to Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery (UNESCO)
  • Hike to Aghjots Vank from Garni. Continue to explore Khosrov Reserve if you are inclined (S. Stepanos Monastery, Fortress, old inhabited caves, canyons - might need car/guide).
  • Dinner at Amrots, stroll the Northern Avenue, check out the fancy fountains of Republic Square

Day Three in Armenia

  • Quick breakfast sandwich at Yum Yum (try the basturma!)
  • Head north to Lori
  • Visit Saghmosavank en route
  • Visit Akhtala
  • Visit Odzun
  • Spend night at Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget.

Day Four in Armenia

  • Breakfast at Tufenkian hotel.
  • Head to Haghpat and Sanahin UNESCO Monasteries.
  • Hike to Kobayr Monastery (15 min)
  • Hike to Horomayri Monastery (45 min) or Surp Grigori Monastery (35 min)
  • Head back to Yerevan, spend the night

Day Five in Armenia

  • Visit Matenadaran (Illuminated Manuscripts Collection)
  • Visit Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum
  • Explore the city (and vernissage if it's the weekend)
  • Have dinner at Central Cafe
  • Sleep in Yerevan

Day Six in Armenia

  • Head to Southern Armenia, get an early start.
  • Visit Khor Virap Monastery and the views of Mt. Ararat en route
  • Visit Noravank Monastery's two double decker church and brick red cliffs
  • Visit some other sites of your choice in the area. Choose from:
    • Selim Caravanseray
    • Smbataberd Fortress
    • Mozrov or Arjeri Caverns (requires guide)
    • Tsakhats Kar Monastery
    • Areni wineries
  • Sleep in Jermuk

Day Seven in Armenia

  • Soak in one of the spas in Jermuk, take a bath, and hit the long road to...
  • Zorats Karer - Armenia's cruder and much older roadside "Stonehenge"
  • Tatev Monastery
  • Satan's Bridge spring fed pools (risk a treacherous climb down to the cavern and underground river below if you like)
  • Spend the night in Goris at Mrhav B&B.
  • Return to Yerevan or take a side trip to nearby Nagorno-Karabakh (see separate section on page)

Day Eight in Armenia

  • Head north to Yeghegnadzor where you can take the highway directly to Lake Sevan (Martuni). Head northwest along the shores.
  • Visit Noratus, Armenia's largest khachkar cemetary
  • Visit Hayravank Monastery, overlooking the lake
  • Visit "Kghzi", the peninsula with Sevanavank and the more popular beaches
  • Eat fish and crayfish on the shores of the lake!
  • Head to Dilijan and spend the night.

Day Nine in Armenia

  • Explore Dilijan
  • Visit Haghartsin and/or Goshavank Monastery
  • Have fish by the river - try Getap Restaurant
  • Visit a Molokan (Russian Amish type sect) Village
  • Head back to Yerevan to depart the following day, or on to Georgia