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Aragonese phrasebook

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Aragonese phrasebook

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Fabla / l'Aragonés (Aragonese)


Bienveniu / Bienvenius



How are you?

Fine thanks, and you? 

Qué tal plantas?

Bien grazias, y tú?

Long time no see

What's your name?

My name is ... 

Cómo te clamas? (inf) Cómo se clama? (frm)

Me clamo ...

Where are you from?

I'm from ... 

¿Dan yes?

Soi de ...

Pleased to meet you

Good morning

Buen diya

Good afternoon

Buena tardi

Good evening

Buena nuei

Good night

Buena nuei


Adiós / Adixatz / Dica luego / Que vaiga bueno

Good luck

Cheers/Good health!


Have a nice day

Bon appetit

Bon voyage

Buen viache

I understand

I don't understand

No repleco

I don't know

Please speak more slowly

Please say that again

Please write it down

Do you speak English?

Do you speak Aragonese?

Yes, a little 

¿Charra aragonés?

How do you say ... in Aragonese?

Excuse me

How much is this?




Porfavor / Perfavor

Thank you



Where's the toilet?

This gentleman/lady will pay for everything

Would you like to dance with me?

I miss you

Me fas falta

I love you


Get well soon

Go away!

Leave me alone!

Help! Fire! Stop!

Call the police!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Feliz Nadal