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Apple Valley (Minnesota)

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(Get in)
(Get in)
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==Get in==
==Get in==
* '''Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport''', ({{IATA|MSP}}, {{ICAO|KMSP}}), []. The airport is divided into two terminals: '''Terminal 1-Lindbergh''' and '''Terminal 2-Humphrey''', with most flights arriving at the former. Savvy travelers should check to make sure they know which terminal they are arriving at/departing from.
'''By Plane'''
* '''Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport''', ({{IATA|MSP}}, {{ICAO|KMSP}}), []. Apple Valley is just minutes south of MSP. The airport is divided into two terminals: '''Terminal 1-Lindbergh''' and '''Terminal 2-Humphrey''', with most flights arriving at the former. Savvy travelers should check to make sure they know which terminal they are arriving at/departing from.
'''By Bus'''
Apple Valley is serviced by the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority. The newly constructed Apple Valley Transit Station serves as a launching point for not only adventures, but also dreams. Routes 420, 440, 441, 442, 465, 477 and 477 will all get you out of dodge.[]
==Get around==
==Get around==

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Apple Valley, a city in Minnesota, is the home of picturesque rolling hills and pristine lake fronts. Located in northwest Dakota County, this suburb of the Twin Cities personifies the idea of suburbia, yet the metropolitan luxuries of theater, shopping, and fine dining have barely put a dent in real Midwestern friendliness. It's a city with a swagger, but without the surliness or even the fake smiles found in other cities of its size.

As the hub of the south metro Apple Valley is easy to find — its scenic landscape leads to a first impression that soon reveals world-class museums of art and science, miles of sandy beaches, huge parks and priceless public art.

With a wealth of iconic sights and neighborhoods to explore, there's enough to fill a visit of minutes, hours, or even a whole day without ever seeing the end. Dress warm in the winter, and prepare to cover a lot of ground: the meaning of Apple Valley is only found in movement, from sight to sight, in the pride of tired feet and eyes raised once more to the sky.


Apple Valley is one of the regional centers of finance, politics, communications, film, music, fashion, and culture, and is among the state’s most important and influential cities. It is home to many museums, art galleries, and theaters. This city's influence on the state—and all its inhabitants—is hard to overstate, as decisions made within its boundaries often have impacts and ramifications literally across the state.

Immigrants (and their descendants) from over six countries live here, making it one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the region. Travelers are attracted to Apple Valley for its culture, energy and cosmopolitanism. Local residents enjoy mowing their lawn, edging their lawn, fertilizing their lawn and looking at their lawn.


At the center of Apple Valley sits the intersection of Cedar Avenue and County Road 42, a bustling, vibrant location nestled in friendliness. Local eateries surround the area, including newly developed White Castle and Raising Cane’s. To the west is a major shopping district including Wal-Mart and Darque Tan. To the east sits every handy man’s dream, a Home Depot and Menards within walking distance of each other.

The term “the city” may refer either to Apple Valley as a whole, or to the downtown district alone, depending on the context. Lebanon, Crystal Lake and Valley Wood are sometimes referred to as “the outer boroughs.”


Weather is definitely not one of the attractions in Apple Valley. There's a boat load of fun to be had in any season, but it is a place where the climate has to be taken into consideration.

Obscured by Minnesota’s ferocious winters are the heat waves of summer. Many days in July and August are disgustingly hot and humid. Summer nights are more reasonable, though, and you'll get a few degrees' respite along one of the many lakefronts — in the local parlance, that's "cooler by the lake."

But then there are those winters. The months from December to March will see very cold temperatures, with even more bitter wind chill factors. Blizzards and ice storms are a regular occurrence. It's a city that's well-accustomed to these winters, though, so city services and public transportation are highly unlikely to shut down.

Apple Valley does have a few nice months of weather. May and September are pleasant and mild; April and June are mostly fine, although thunderstorms with heavy winds can also occur suddenly. Although there may be a chill in the air in October, it rarely calls for more than a light coat.


The diverse population runs the gamut from some of the wealthiest socialites to homeless people. Apple Valley’s population has been diverse since the city's founding by the Dutch. Successive waves of immigration from a couple nations around the world make Apple Valley a social experiment in cross-cultural harmony.

Get in

By Plane

  • Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, (IATA: MSP, ICAO: KMSP), [21]. Apple Valley is just minutes south of MSP. The airport is divided into two terminals: Terminal 1-Lindbergh and Terminal 2-Humphrey, with most flights arriving at the former. Savvy travelers should check to make sure they know which terminal they are arriving at/departing from.

By Bus

Apple Valley is serviced by the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority. The newly constructed Apple Valley Transit Station serves as a launching point for not only adventures, but also dreams. Routes 420, 440, 441, 442, 465, 477 and 477 will all get you out of dodge.[22]

Get around

Getting around in Apple Valley is very easy and affordable. Local taxis are frequent and public buses are available, though frowned upon in local culture. The most popular mode of transit is automobile, although walking and biking are also popular due to the city's many trails and public parks. The city has also announced plans to become 'Segway friendly' by 2013.


  • 4th of July Parade (Freedom Days and Fun Run), Pennock Avenue (downtown), [1]. The largest and most popular Independance Day parade in the midwest, second only to Chicago's. Relax on Pennock boulevard and enjoy the sights and sounds of over 100 floats, marching bands, antique cars and oversized mascots. If you're in town, stop by the Greening Drive 4th of July Whiffle Ball Tournament - free brats and burgers, BYOB, BYOC, and guaranteed barnburner finishes. Free.
  • Summit Pond Hockey Classic (SPHC). Located on the scenic Hutton Pond, this annual weekend tournament highlights the talents of many local athletes and brings spectators from far and wide. The hot and fast action nearly melts the ice, despite the frigid January temperatures. On the pond, skill, speed and toughness are tested to their limits and champions are immediately vaulted into iconic status within the community, free to revel in glory for eternity. Enjoy not only supreme athleticism, but also Jeff’s famous pizzas. Free.


  • Minnesota Zoo, 13000 Zoo Boulevard Apple Valley, +1 952 432-9000, [2]. Although the face of Apple Valley, its zoo and its police department is the amur tiger, this is the home of the infamous komodo dragon. Although the dragons have been known to be a danger to humans because of their deceiving speed (up to 13 mph), these docile creatures have grown slightly overweight while in captivity and do not pose a threat to lost children. The mini-donuts outside the Northern Trail are a must.
  • Bogart's and Apple Place Bowl, 14917 Garret Ave S, 952-432-1515, [3]. Live music, bowling, drinks...what more could you ask for? Located behind the library in a vivid and exciting part of the city, Bogart's is great for catching local bands, singing a little karaoke or trying your luck at the Love Tester outside the bathroom. Free drinks 8:00 - 10:00 PM on Wednesdays for the ever so popular Guys Night Out - remember to bring your guy friends!
  • Apple Valley Community Center, 14603 Hayes Road (north of Cty Rd 42), 952) 953-2300, [4]. open until 10:00 PM, 7:30 PM on weekends. The Community Center, or AVCC, is home to many adult and youth recreational athletic leagues. A great location for your next basketball or volleyball tournament, organization meeting, gang fight, or family banquet. There are four full size basketball courts, though they are dangerously slippery, so remember to bring an ice pack and crutches.
  • Valleywood Municipal Golf Course, 4851 - 125th Street West, (952) 953-2323, [5]. Widely recognized as one of the premier public golf courses in the Twin Cities area. 18 holes, par 71, elite driving range, practice green, quality pro shop, bar and grill (food & beverage cart) and club rental.
  • Lebanon Hills Regional Park, 651-437-3191, [6]. Campgrounds, white sand beaches, hiking and biking trails, fishing docks, canoe rental, picnic shelters, visitor's and learning center. Beware of wild pumas.
  • Alimagnet Lake and Park. Great for frisbee golf and purchasing small quantities of marijuana. The adult softball leagues here are popular with young alcoholics.
  • Lac Lavon Park, (southwest), [7]. Lac Lavon was discovered in 1806 by the American expedition of Lewis and Clark. It was here that Sacajawea met her future husband, explorer Toussaint Charbonneau, while he was sowing a new field of corn. The reception was held on the future grounds of nearby Southview Elementary.
  • Johnny Cake Park and Aquatic Center. Johnny Cake is one of the state's premier softball and soccer complexes. Across the street, the aquatic center provides hours of relief to parents who want to abandon their kids for a day.
  • Redwood Park and Pool, 311 County Road 42, [8]. Open June 12- August 29, from 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Relive your childhood memories at the pool a la "The Sandlot."
  • Galaxie Library - Dakota County, 14955 Galaxie Av. (located in the Dakota County Western Services Center.), 651-437-3191, [9]. M-Th: 10:00 AM - 8:30 PM, F-Sat: 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Sun: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM.


  • Half Price Books, 7600 W. 150th St., +1 952 431-0749, [10]. Independent used bookstore. Great selection and unbeatable prices.
  • Cheddar Bob's, ask around for the address. 1:00 AM - 3:00 AM. For all your legal medication needs. $40 - $50 / oz..


  • enjoy!, 15435 Founders Lane (Galaxie Commons), 952-891-6569, [11]. An elegant yet relaxed atmosphere. A stylish, metropolitan bar designed to make happy hours even more so. Steaks, pasta and seafood dishes. A delicious ambience - whether you dine indoors or outside on the patio, enjoying the beautiful vistas of the neighboring man-made lake. $15 - $30.
  • World Buffet, 15050 Cedar Ave (SE corner of Cedar and Galaxie), 952-997-9888. Lunch and dinner. Despite its name, World Buffet offers only Chinese cuisine and chicken wing. $5 - $10.
  • Song Long, 14871 Granada Drive (in the Times Square shopping mall), 952-891-2668, [12]. Lunch and dinner. Vietnamese. So good, your meal will be Sai-gone in seconds. Take out available. Lunch specials $5.99, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Mon - Fri. $5 - $15.
  • Von Hanson's, 7533 148th Street (Co. Rd 42 and Cedar Ave), (952) 431-3330, [13]. The flagship store. Von Hanson's is the staple neighborhood meat market. Things are done the old fashioned way here - no pre-packaging - just great service. Grab some fresh baked buns and beer brats and enjoy.
  • Egg Roll King, 15100 Cedar Ave. South, (952) 431-2233, [14]. Reasonable prices, great tasting fare, and out-of-this-world service: you can expect all three from this local mainstay. Step back in time to the Ming Dynasty and enjoy authentic far eastern cuisine. Try the house General Tso's or lo mein noodles. Drinks extra. $5 - $10.


  • Panino Bros., 7083 153rd Street West (corner of 153rd and Galaxie, near a useless roundabout), 952-236-9292, [15]. 11:00 AM - 2:00 AM, 7 days a week. Happy hour is from 2:00-6:00pm and 10:00pm-1:00am every day, $2 taps. If you are a strict Atkins dieter, avoid the breadsticks. Great locale for Vikings games and Buck Hunter tournaments. Come on over after you're done shopping at Wal-Mart. $5 - $10.
  • Wild Bill's Cowboy Sports Saloon, 15020 Glazier Ave (NW corner of Cedar and 150th), [16]. Monday-Friday 3 - 6:30pm. Get a taste of the ol' Wild West with 21st century sports entertainment and countless flat screen, hi-def TVs, Stop in for lunch and get a $5 burger Monday - Friday. Yee-haw! $5 - $15.
  • Major's Sports Cafe, 14889 Florence Trail (corner of Cedar and Galaxie, across from the county library and next to Barnes and Noble), (952)432-4787, [17]. Although known for its exotic assortment of appetizers, such as nacho chips and cheese sticks, Major's is a growing nightlife establishment. The sprawling dancefloor features local DJs and popular music. Cover charge: your dignity. $10 - $20.
  • Back Alley Tavern, 14917 Garret Ave S (inside Apple Place Bowl, next to Bogart's), [18]. Loud happy hours, cheap appetizers, and unlimited peanuts. Though, don't bring your hooker into the bathroom - it's not big enough - use the abandoned movie theater across the street, instead.


  • Grandstay Residential Suites, 83 153rd Street West (153rd and Galaxie), 952-953-6111, [19]. Feel at home in our one of our hotel suites offering pool and hot tub access, complimentary breakfast, free high speed internet and a fully equipped kitchen in every suite. Nightly, weekly and monthly extended stay rates available. Panino's is located on the ground floor. $100.00 - $150.00.
  • AmericInn Hotel and Suites, 15000 Glazier Avenue South (corner of Cedar and Cty Rd 42), 952-431-3800, [20]. Complimentary shuttle service to the Mall of America, MN Zoo, and the Mpls/St. Paul International Airport. Families like our Two-Room Suites, but we also feature Jacuzzi Suites, and a Grand Master Suite which has a jacuzzi and fireplace. $100.00 - $150.00.


Apple Valley Visitor Information,

Get out

The Mall of America is ten minutes north on Cedar Avenue. From there the light rail can bring you to the airport and downtown Minneapolis.

Routes through Apple Valley
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