Annapurna Sanctuary

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Annapurna Sanctuary

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This article is an itinerary.

The Annapurna Sanctuary trek is in Nepal.


The Annapurna Sanctuary trek is a trek in the Annapurna region which commonly starts or finishes in either Phedi or Nayapul and reaches the Annapurna base camp.


See Annapurna_Circuit

Get in

Take a bus or taxi to either Phedi or Nayapul. Taxi to Nayapul was NRP 1500 in November 2010.


There are a myriad of trails that traverse the Annapurna and lead to the Annapurna Base Camp.

Nayapul is marked by a collection of road side shacks that function as bus/taxi stop backed by a slightly more substantial village that has a jeep track through the middle of it.

Start your trek by following the jeep track down until you spot a swingbridge to your left, there is a foot path leading to it and you cross the river here. Turn left as you come of the bridge and pick up the track along the Modi Khola for about half an hour before you come to the outskirts of Birethanti and a ACAP check point where you have to get your Conservation permit checked. You can now see another swingbridge that you have to cross. This brings you into Birethanti proper. Directly opposite the swingbridge is the TIMS office where you have to get that piece of paper checked.

Birethanti has a number of lodges although if you have just started your hike you may wish to walk on to Tikhedunga.

Keep the river to your left hand side as you follow the start of a jeep track, and the destruction of the trail, for an hour or so before it peters out at the small hamlet of Baajgara where there are two tea shops. The trail keeps following the river, make sure the river is always to your left, and eventually you arrive in Hile where there are four lodges. The lodge owners here like to make out you are already in Tikhedunga in order to catch some of their customers. In fact Tikhedunga and it's myriad of lodges is another fifteen minutes down the track.

  • If you do not want to go to Landruk then you can go from Chomrong via Syauli Bazar to Birethani/Nayapul. Note: From Kimche it is a dirt road with traffic (jeeps).

If you come from Poon Hill:

  • Ghorephani to Tadapani (3h) (or continue to Chomrong)
  • Tadapani to Chomrong (4h) Bridges to cross river in :
 a) Gurjung
 b) Rimrong (after Melache/Kimrong steep down on one side, and step up on other side of the river)
 c) Jhindu (very steep stairs up to Jhindu and Chomrong)
  • Chomrong to ABC is doable in 2 days (Deurali to MBC 2h, MBC to ABC 1.5h)
  • ABC to Jhindu is doable in 1 day; Hotspring in Jhindu : 50 NPR; Within Chomrong ask for the shortest way to Jhindu to avoid 100 step steps.

Villages and Altitude

Chomrong 2170
Sinuwa 2540
Bambu 2310
Dobhan 2600
Himalaya 2920
Deurali 3230
MBC 3700
ABC 4130
Chomrong 2170
Jhindu 1780
New Bridge 1340
Syauli Bazar 1220
Chimrung 1130
Birethanti 1050

Stay safe

See Annapurna_Circuit

Get out

Catch Taxi or Public Bus to Pokhara. Bus takes 2 h from Nayapul and costs 110 - 200 NPR. In Pokhara exists several bus stations - within Pokhara Taxi to Lakeside costs 200 NPR.