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Amharic phrasebook

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Amharic phrasebook

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Hello! -- Seulam! Thank you! -- Ahmesugaynalo! Thank you very much! -- Betam ahmesugaynalo! How are you? -- Dunna noT (That last "T" is a hard t, called an emphatic consonant) I am well -- Dunna ñuey. Foreigner -- ferenji.


A locally grown grain, high in protein -- teff The local mild, slightly sour bread -- injera A delicious local curry sauce -- Berbere red meat -- Ziga chicken or poultry -- doro vegetable -- alterkek Spicy -- weT mild -- aletcha Coffee shop -- bunna bett

I am a vegetarian. (literally, "there is no meat") -- Ziga albuelam. (Again, the Z is a hard, emphatic s.)