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Łódź Voivodship

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Łódż Voivodship (Polish: Łódskie) [1], is a region in Poland.


  • Łódź — once renowned for its textile industries, the Polish Manchester has the longest walking street in Europe
  • Bełchatów — City of one of the biggest lignite mines
  • Łowicz— City famous by folk art
  • Pabianice — A former textile industry city rivaling in the past with Łódź
  • Piotrków Trybunalski — A city with a long history
  • Radomsko — City with Jewish heritage
  • Rawa Mazowiecka — town with a castle
  • Sieradz — Born place of artificial satellites shuttle program
  • Skierniewice — A gateway to Bolimowski Landscape Park
  • Tomaszów Mazowiecki — Place of beautiful Blue Springs and Nagórzyckie Grottoes
  • Wieluń — Main city of Jura Wieluńska

Other destinations

  • Aleksandrów Łódzki and Konstantynów Łódzki — charming towns near city of Łódź
  • Drzewica — Recreation place with castle ruins
  • Głowno — Town of many lakes
  • Jura Wieluńska — Northernmost part of Jura Mountains
  • Kleszczów Region — The riches Polish county
  • Krośniewice — Small town with very rich past
  • Kutno — Old, charming city
  • Łask — Small town in the woods
  • Łęczyca — Old town with a castle
  • Opoczno — town with a castle
  • Osjaków — Beautiful holiday village on Warta river on the border with Jura Wieluńska
  • Ozorków — Small town on Bzura river
  • Uniejów — town with a castle and thermal spa
  • Zduńska Wola — Multireligious city, birth place of Saint Maksymilian Maria Kolbe
  • Zgierz — Town with multucultural past
  • Jeziorsko lake — Another big lake, not much popular as Sulejowskie lake
  • Sulejowskie lake — popular water sport destination. There're many weekend houses, hotels, public beaches and campings


Łódzkie Vovoidship is located in the center of Poland. The capital is Łódź, which is the second biggest city in Poland. In geographical terms, the Łódź region is located on the Central Polish Lowland, in proximity to the Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

In the early middle ages Łódzkie was part of Wielkopolskie which was the major part of Poland in the 10th century. However, the capital of Poland was moved from Gniezno to Kraków in 1040. When in 1138 the Seniorat of Poland was formed, nowerdays Łódzkie was part of three differnt duchies, the south-eastern part of Wielkopolskie, Sieradz and Łęczyca. The later both soon were again reunited with Wielkopolskie and subsequently bacame part of the Kingdom of Poland in the beginning of the 14th century. Piotrków Trybunalski played an important role in Polish parliamentarism, as this was the place where the most Polish Sejms gathered since the 15th century. After the Second Partition of Poland in 1793 most of its territory was annexed by Prussia, but became independent as part of the Duchy of Warsaw between 1807-1815. After the Congress of Vienna it became part of the Kingdom of Poland, ruled by the Russian Tsar. Łódź, often refered to as the Polish Manchester, emerged as a major industrial city in Central Europe in the early 19th century. After World War I Łódzkie became part of the Second Polish Republic, but was occupied by Nazi-Germany between 1939 and 1944, when it was part of the German Generalgovernement. After World War II it again became part of Poland. Nowerdays it is situated quite in the heart of the country.


Get in

By plane

  • Lodz Lublinek Airport [2] - Has just two terminals and though it is mainly used as a charter airport, budget airlines such as Ryanair have begun operations offering international flights between Lodz and London Stansted (a smaller airport outside of London), Nottingham East Midlands and Dublin. Centralwings (Polish budget airlines) offers flights between Lodz and Dublin. There are numerous Sky Taxis that operate from the airport. A list of these companies can be found on the airport's "Booking" page. [3]

By train

  • Łódź-Fabryczna is the terminal for trains that originated in Poland with Lodz as a stop. This station is centrally located and announcements are in Polish, English and German.
  • Łódź-Kaliska is the more international train station that services riders from the Czech Republic and Germany.

The most important railway infrastructure points in the region are Koluszki (east from Lodz) and Kutno (north from Lodz, between Poznan and Warsaw).

By car

Poland is planning an extensive network of highways, but until this project is completed the best advice is to check a map or an atlas.

Several completed and planned international highways that will pass through or by Lodz are listed below.

Get around

Taxi from Airport to Central Lodz ~ 30PLN (Mid 2013). Hold up 25PLN show the address and get a thumbs up. Do not trust Taxi meters.


  • Sulejowskie lake
  • Jura Wieluńska
  • Bełchatów
  • city of Łódź
  • Kleszczów Region
  • Żychlin
  • Zduńska Wola


Natural wonders of Załęczański Landscape Park

  • Day 1

Węże reserve and Zelce Mountain, Szachownica cave.

  • Day 2

Saint Genevieve Mountain, Wapiennik and Krzemionki Mountains

  • Day 3

Frog pond, Objawienie water spring, Navy Blue Spring, Wronia Woda

  • Day 4

Dąbrowa w Niżankowicach reserve.

Kleszczów Region trip

  • Day 1

Village of Kleszczów, view points in Żłobnica

  • Day 2

Łękińsko, Łuszczanowice and rest on Eligiów pond

  • Day 3

Rest on Winek lake, Kamieńsk Mountain view point

Kleszczów Region and Jura Wieluńska on camper

  • Day 1

Kleszczów village, Żłobnica view point, rest on lake Winek lake.

  • Day 2

Rest on Eligiów and Winek lakes.

  • Day 3

Visiting Węże Reserve in Załęczański Landscape Park

  • Day 4

Visiting Szachownica cave and Saint Genevieve Mountain.

  • Day 5

Visiting wooden churches

  • Day 6

Short stop in Osjaków, last night and some rest on Kamieńsk Mountain (see: Kleszczów Region.

Towns and cities nearby Łódź sightseeing

  • Day 1

Łódź highlights sightseeing.

  • Day 2

Shopping in Manufaktura Shopping Center

  • Day 3-4

Zgierz highlights

  • Day 5

Okręglik and Krogulec forests walk

  • Day 6

Walk on Piętnastki ponds, hiking Bzura River Trail.

  • Day 7

Aleksandrów Łódzki and Konstantynów Łódzki sightseeing

  • Day 8

Seeing Uroczysko Lublinek and rest on Ner river.

  • Day 9

Rest in Ozorków

  • Day 10 (final one)

Walk in Sokolniki-Las.

Note: You can sleep in Łódź, Zgierz, Konstantynów Łódzki and Ozorków. It's a good option for people sleeping in campers.

Holiday in Łask

  • Day 1

Town center seeing

  • Day 2

Grabia River rest, Mały Staw pond park

  • Day 3

Rest on Zajączek lake.

  • Day 4

Rest on pond on Piaskowa street

  • Day 5

Rest on Grabia river in Barycz village.


Most of people go to Łódź voivodship to see its capital city-Łódź. You can also see smaller cities. Jura Wieluńska and Załęczański Landscape Park're ideal places for hiking and cave exploration. Local rivers're popular for kayaking. Sulejowski lake is a big water sport center.

Young adults activities

  • Łódź is a city with big amount of clubs and bars. There're also many discos and lots of shopping center like f.ex. Manufaktura. There're also many clothes shopping center in suburbs or in villages near Łódź. It can be an ideal destination for party, shopping or bachelor/bachelorette weekend.
  • The voivodship doesn't offer many places for hiking. There're not far hills in Jura Wieluńska, you can join it with visiting view points on lignite mine in Kleszczów Region.
  • Jeziorsko and Sulejowskie lakes are popular recreation areas with public beaches and other attractions.
  • There aren't many places for camping, you can find many in Jura Wieluńska.

LGBT visitors

Łódź's very tolerant place for gay people. There's a moderate gay scene. There're pride marches (marsz równości) organised in cities of Łódź and Radomsko. Rest of the voivodship's rather conservative and it's better to stay discrete while visiting other places or rural areas.



Stay safe

Get out

Łódzkie boarders ssix other Polish voivodships

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