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'''Tags''' are short, simple descriptions used to organize information about places, pages, and people. The idea comes from sites like and which use tags to organize links and photos. Users add a word or two ("vacation", "2005", "amita", "santa-barbara", "beach") to categorize items. Users can then search and sort items by tag ("Show me stuff tagged 'vacation' and also 'santa-barbara', so I can see pictures from my trip to Santa Barbara"), and also look at other users' images or links or whatever with the same tag.
This article describes how tags work on Wikitravel.
== Adding tags ==
To add a tag to a page, use [[:Template:Tag]]. Only one tag per template inclusion.
== Tag limitations ==
Currently, only whole pages can be tagged. Tags are only output to the "keywords" <meta> section of a page. You can't search for tags on the site.
== Future ==
In the future,
* ... individual attractions, restaurants, bars, and hotels will be taggable.
* ... you'll be able to search for tags.
* ... tags will appear on the page next to the item tagged.
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