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[[Image:The Queens Arms pub Charlotte Street Birmingham 2005-10-14.jpg|thumb|The Travellers' pub - your watering hole on Wikitravel]]
#REDIRECT [[Wikitravel:Bar dels viatgers]]
The '''Travellers' pub''' is the place to ask questions when you're confused, lost, afraid, tired, annoyed, thoughtful, or helpful. Please check the [[Wikitravel Shared:FAQ|FAQ]] and [[Wikitravel Shared:Help|Help]] page before asking a question, though, since that may save your time and others'. Also, if you have a question or suggestion about a particular article, try [[Wikitravel Shared:using talk pages|using talk pages]] to keep the discussion specific to that article.
If you are having a problem that you think has to do with the [http://wikipedia.sourceforge.net/ Mediawiki software], please post that on the [[Wikitravel Shared:technical requests|technical requests]] page instead.
Please add new questions '''at the bottom''' of the page and sign your post by appending four tildes (<nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>) to it, but otherwise [[Wikitravel Shared:plunge forward|plunge forward]]!
==First post==
So, I create this page so that we, your fellow [[Wikitravel:Wikitravellers|Wikitravellers]] can leave a message somewhere. Feel free to move it to a better and local name, rather than Traveller's pub, but be sure to let us know so we can fix our interwiki links. [[Usuari:Riggwelter|Riggwelter]] 09:11, 25 febr 2007 (EST)
==Good luck==
Good to see that you are up and running. Very best wishes from Sweden! [[Usuari:Riggwelter|Riggwelter]] 09:11, 25 febr 2007 (EST)
[[en:Wikitravel:Travellers' pub]]
[[eo:Wikitravel:Vojaĝista drinkejo]]
[[es:Wikitravel:Bar de los viajeros]]
[[fr:Wikitravel:Café des Voyageurs]]
[[hu:Wikitravel:Közösségi portál]]
[[it:Wikitravel:Bar dei viaggiatori]]
[[pl:Wikitravel:Pub podróżnika]]
[[pt:Wikitravel:Bar dos viajantes]]
[[ro:Wikitravel:Hanul călătorilor]]

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