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It's amazing how many translations you've already managed to put up. Congratulations! -- Rmx 21:58, 24 febr 2007 (EST)

Thank you Rmx! Both for your kind words and for your assistance and support! (Carmepla 15:45, 25 febr 2007 (EST))

Table of contents and new message notification

Hola Carme, com va?

As for your questions on my pt: talk page:

  • Index - I'm afraid I really don't know how to fix the table of contents at the Bar dels Viatgers. I'd guess it's got something to do with the Wikitravel:Bar dels viatgers/Portada template but we should probably ask for technical help at Wikitravel shared or to Evan directly.
  • As for the new message notification, I've tried leaving a message to myself and there's clearly a bug. I'm creating a bug report at Shared right away, tant de bo it will be solved quickly.

Salut! -- Rmx 22:56, 27 febr 2007 (EST)

Article Templates

Are the article templates still being revised? Can I "plunge forward" and start creating a lot of articles now, or should I wait longer? Texugo 00:58, 5 març 2007 (EST)