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It's amazing how many translations you've already managed to put up. Congratulations! -- Rmx 21:58, 24 febr 2007 (EST)

Thank you Rmx! Both for your kind words and for your assistance and support! (Carmepla 15:45, 25 febr 2007 (EST))

Table of contents and new message notification

Hola Carme, com va?

As for your questions on my pt: talk page:

  • Index - I'm afraid I really don't know how to fix the table of contents at the Bar dels Viatgers. I'd guess it's got something to do with the Wikitravel:Bar dels viatgers/Portada template but we should probably ask for technical help at Wikitravel shared or to Evan directly.
  • As for the new message notification, I've tried leaving a message to myself and there's clearly a bug. I'm creating a bug report at Shared right away, tant de bo it will be solved quickly.

Salut! -- Rmx 22:56, 27 febr 2007 (EST)

Article Templates

Are the article templates still being revised? Can I "plunge forward" and start creating a lot of articles now, or should I wait longer? Texugo 00:58, 5 març 2007 (EST)

The article templates review is over and we can start creating articles. So please, go ahead freely. Thanks a lot for your interest and support. -- (Carmepla 18:46, 5 març 2007 (EST))

Moltes gràcies per les ajudes

Moltes gràcies per la benvinguda, per cert he creat la plantilla Plantilla:User eo-0, a veure si pots revisar-la per si l'he creat bé (mai havia creat una plantilla de Babel. Espero col·laborar sovint ;-).--Aljullu 12:27, 29 març 2007 (EDT)

Bé el text l'he copiat de la mateixa plantilla de la Viquipèdia. Com veus la plantilla és del nivell 0, o sigui que jo tampoc sé esperanto: però n'estic aprenent!--Aljullu 15:15, 31 març 2007 (EDT)

[en] Open Directory

Hi, Carme! So, I've been checking on the links to our different language versions in the Open Directory, and I noticed that there's not yet a link to Wikitravel ca:. Do you think you could submit the link, with a description in Catalan, for this link category: . I think that's the right place to put it, right? --Evan 14:31, 5 abr 2007 (EDT)

Submitted! Carmepla 18:16, 5 abr 2007 (EDT)

Machine translation

Well I believe that machine translated texts must be marked with a template that also leads to the original text in the other language. In this way people know that the text is probably not 100% correct and that they can help by clicking on edit and proofreading the text. There should be some kind of project page that has the links to the pages that should be translated giving also the future title of the page on ca-wikitravel. In such a way nearly anybody can help with the work, even if they hardly understand Catalan. This would lead to less work for native speakers since they can simply follow a list of machine translated texts to proof read and they do not really have to think about what they want to work on. Once the article was proof-read the template is taken away. The good side of this is: by doing so we can also get the link of the not proofread text and the finished text with proofreading to the Apertium people and they, based on the corrections, improve their tool. Over time this means you will get texts that are of increasing quality. Therefore: machine translation yes, but not hundreds of articles - maybe only 5 or so a week, so that other people can follow. Only when we note that 5 a week is not enough one can do more.
To your information: they are also working on a English-Catalan translator. The problem there is that not many people worked on it and therefore it lacks in terminology and translation rules for now. I would say: we do not use it for now, concentrate on Spanish-Catalan which is quite good and once we have everything over here and people are working for proof reading we could do one article a week or so in order to improve it so that sooner or later you have a really good tool. The English community is normally also the biggest one and therefore the English project grows exponentially.
I am copying this piece also to Texugo. Ciao :-) --SabineCretella 13:19, 15 maig 2007 (EDT)
I moved this discussion to the Bar dels viatgers. Please leave your comments there. Thanks! Texugo 19:59, 15 maig 2007 (EDT)


Well, I knew there was this word, but I wanted to avoid having an accented character in the plantilla name, because a lot of times I am at a computer that can't type those accents. Is an abbreviation like "Cast" ok for you? Texugo 04:38, 17 maig 2007 (EDT)