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Wikitravel:Liaisonrapporter/Jun 23, 2007

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This is a go-between report from swedish Wikitravel, prepared by Riggwelter.


Progress in general[Redigera]

The progress has been like a roller-coaster... the activity curve has been rather dynamic! The amount of serious anonymous edits has been rather low, and the vandalism edits have been quite a few. This is all to do with the extremely high internet penetration in Sweden, and we fight a constant battle against the vandals. We have also noticed an increased interest from italian spam adresses, mostly adding links to hotels.

New contributors[Redigera]

We have 290 registered users. Our last liaison report in january this year stated 208 users. So, a steady increase of registrated users is apparent, but the amount of serious edits does not correspond to that increase.

Focus since last report[Redigera]

We have recently gone through all swedish counties (close to 300) and added the administrative and legislative (and any other -ive thing you can think of) town of each county. This has of course increased the amount of stub articles, but we expect this to add an increased interest to the site.

Focus during the next month[Redigera]

There are still a few guidelines that remains to be translated and added. That work must continue. On the other hand, summer is here and the activity will most likely be low.

Special issues[Redigera]

At the moment, we do not have any special issues that we need to bring to your attention.


The inflow of new contributors is low, but... we will grow!


(Your comments here, please!)