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Wikitravel:Liaisonrapporter/Dec 24, 2007

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This is a go-between report from Swedish Wikitravel, prepared by Riggwelter.


Progress in general[Redigera]

The progress has been rather slow, but we continue to grow. At the time of writing this, we have 1072 articles. The active users have discussed suitable ways to make Wikitravel in Swedish grow, and we have decided to try to add regional article templates to provide even more space for possible contributors to work on. Rome wasn't built in a day...

New contributors[Redigera]

Total amount of registered users is 355 (or thereabouts...). This is a nice figure, but sadly very few of these contribute. I'd say that Wikitravel in Swedish currently has about 10 active and serious contributors.

Focus since last report[Redigera]

Growing... growing... growing!

Focus during the next month[Redigera]

Attracting new users and "spreading the Wikitravel gospel". We still have several policies and guidelines to translate (does it never stop...), but we're working on it. Wikipedia in Swedish has created a certain link template fo Wikitravel in Swedish. When we elect the travel destination of the month, we make sure that this template is added to the corresponding article in Wikipedia. We hope this may attract a few more contributors.

Special issues[Redigera]

We have experienced a growing addition of spam links or spam articles. The way they have been added indicates that they have come to us through wikilinks from other language versions. A couple of articles have had to be protected from being edited by non-registered users, but it does not affect the guide articles.


We look to the future with hope. Swedish is a small language and Wikitravel in Swedish will never be the most active Wikitravel version. However - we want quality and that is what we work for.


(This space is for you to comment on our work!)