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Wikitravel:Liaisonrapporter/Dec 23, 2006

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This is a go-between report from swedish Wikitravel, prepared by Riggwelter.


Progress in general[Redigera]

A few new articles have been created since our last report, which the multilingual statistics show. Former, really active users, have not been as active as before, and therefor, the work on Wikitravel in swedish have been rather limited.

New contributors[Redigera]

Wikitravel have 189 registered users, which means that we have had about 20 new users since our liaison report in October (163).

Focus since last report[Redigera]

The focus have been aimed at marketing the site, for example on swedish wiki get-togethers, which probably shows through the addition of new users.

Focus during the next month[Redigera]

Hopefully, we will be able to put together a few new articles and use them as "travel destination of the month". We have articles which should do very well, but they lack one or two major issues, like pictures, to be worth putting up as a destination.

Special issues[Redigera]

At the moment, we feel that the reported technical issues are not really given the attention we would wish them to have. This should change.


Work is rather heavy. There are, again, very few active users which puts tremendous strain on the rest. Perhaps most people, for some reason, do not believe in the idea of a wiki based travel guide? We hope that is not the case.


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