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Wikitravel:Go-betweenrapporter/Dec 20, 2005

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Log - Swedish Wikitravel[Redigera]

What's been done(all by myself in 4 days!)[Redigera]

  • All information and help pages done or close to done.
  • The Traveller's Pub has been cleaned up and relevant discussions put in seperate pages in the Wikitraveldiskussion namespace.
  • All countries have a template-skeleton, as for now they may be empty but it will be easier for visitors to add information until we got to them.
  • A "Questionable information"-tag as been made as a template, to be put on pages where people find information they are skeptical too. The tag will automaticly create a link to a discussion page in the Wikitraveldiskussion namespace, as well as encourage anyone with knowledge to edit the questioned information.
  • Main page Wikitravel Guide re-done. Put all European regions under Europe, as well as adding information on all world regions. I also put the welcome text in a box as on en:. QUESTION! Look on the Swedish Main Page, scroll down to "Wikitravelprojektet". Why isn't the text centered?
  • Everything on the Main Page had been put in separate templates. This made editing a misery. I put back all text on the Main Page. Later I propose we put everything in the templates again as some parts rarely will be edited.

To do[Redigera]

  • Get the "Destination of the month"-nomination going.
  • Contactpage/list of all members. With location information, the purpose is that if you need pictures or are having difficulties finding information you should be able to contact a Wikitraveller living in or close to that location.
  • Upcoming journey announcement. Whenever a member has plans to go somewhere, they should announce it here, making it possible for other member to request pictures from that location.
  • Synchronize en: and sv:. Encourage people to sync en: and sv: articles. This goes for plain information only. I.e. a user finds something on sv: that isn't on the english counterpart, he/she then adds the information to the english article.
  • Travelnews. Getting the travelnews section on the first page up and running.


  • In the guidelines it says that articles on Wikitravel should only be general and not consists of list of i.e. restaurants, hotels, etc. I'm a bit skeptical to this rule, I'd love to have a list of all available restaurants at the destination I'm at. With at short description and perhaps some contact information(adress, phone, homepage(if existing)). The problem would be keeping the informaiton up to date, but if we manage to get many users I think this would be possible.
  • Removing inactive sysops. What's the point of having sysops that's not active? The user Alers isn't even active on Wikipedia, he has stopped using his account and is instead editing anonymiously.

Conclusion and comments[Redigera]


I think we(I...) have done quite a bit in a couple of days. I'll try to contact the other sysops on Wikipedia once again.