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Wikitravel:Go-betweenrapporter/Apr 19, 2006

Från Wikitravel, den fria resehandboken.
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This is a go-between report from swedish Wikitravel, prepared by Riggwelter, approved by Adestro.


Progress in general[Redigera]

During the last month, the work to add isIn and basic information on all articles have continued. Things are still a bit slow and only a few contributors are active. On the negative side - there are still quite a fair amount of sabotage of articles. We have been forced to do a few bans and have handed out many warnings.

New contributors[Redigera]

About 3-4 that have created an account and about five anonymous serious users. Several users of Wikitravel in other languages have registred here too. The most noted is Episteme who have been doing a lot of interwiking during the past two weeks. We're still in a need for more users though.

Focus since last report[Redigera]

  • Continued effort to add basic information on all pages.
  • Adding a link to Swedish Wikitravel on related Swedish Wikipedia articles.
  • Adding isIn to all pages.

Focus during the next month[Redigera]

Hopefully, we will be able to focus on a few articles in order to produce a "Destination of the month" each mointh during the summer. We will most likely focus on swedish destinations.

Special issues[Redigera]

We think that the appointment of a swedish-speaking bureaucrat would come in handy.


Better then last month, we are seeing that at laest a few users are showing up. Hopefully the trend will continue and we'll get a decent amount of active contributors.