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[en] The name of this article is just completely messed up. Why not Tokyo/Shibuya, like in every single other language version of Wikitravel? 11 januari 2006 kl.16.16 (CET) en:User:Jpatokal

I'm not an admin so I shouldn't be anawearing this one but from what I've heard of the discussion we're about to change. However my personal opinion is that Tokyo/Shibuya is just confusing. Shibuya, Tokyo (stadsdel) makes more sense like "Shibuya (in) Tokyo (district)". --Jonas Ryberg 11 januari 2006 kl.16.19 (CET)
Like Jonas said this is about to change. --Adestro 11 januari 2006 kl.16.21 (CET)