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  • dramatic*

I beg you to revert your reverts. I was working 5 hours to think how to bring the Europe section into order and then edit it accordingly. For Central Europeans - Poles, Czechs especially being relegated to Eastern Europe is a huge faux pas. Also - all other guides in diferent languages seem to have a rather similar approach, and Swedish was standing out rather badly. -- 22 juli 2013 kl. 07.10 (CEST) I don't know - I can't see my edits at all now! -- 22 juli 2013 kl. 07.21 (CEST)

You could please be more specific on what is missing, I checked all the pages and there has not been a single edit from your IP, nor has there been any edits for a few months. Did you remember to press save?
Please let me know so I can help. --OVK (diskussion) 25 juli 2013 kl. 17.02 (CEST)