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Heyya Evan, I guess I would have to ask you about adminship :) --Alers 7 oktober 2004 kl.08.22 (EDT)

Done! Let me know if you have any questions or need help with the software. --Evan 7 oktober 2004 kl.14.15 (EDT)
No problem. Everything is working smoothly so far. Anyhow, can you please give any of us bureaucrat status, in order to be able to appoint sysops for ourselves in the future? --Alers 8 oktober 2004 kl.02.18 (EDT)
I have identified one problem, the search box doesn't work. When searching, you get the reply For query "", as if you didn't write anything in the search box. --Alers 8 oktober 2004 kl.08.13 (EDT)

Hello there! I'm Lamré, sysop at Swedish Wikipedia. May I be a sysop here also? Lamré 7 oktober 2004 kl.22.21 (EDT)

Hi, Lamré! It's not up to me to decide who's a sysop and who's not. Alers is the go-between for the Swedish Wikitravel and the rest of the Wikitravel community (see en:Wikitravel:Language version policy for what this means), and if he asks me to make you a sysop, I'll do that. I'd be really concerned, though, if there hadn't been some kind of nomination/election process on this site. I also want to add that Wikitravel is not Wikipedia -- we have a different culture and different ways of doing things. Not that different, but different enough. For example: we hardly ever delete stuff without a v.f.d. vote, we've had zero user bans after one year, and we haven't ever protected a page. We have very few admins and those that we do have rarely flex their muscles. Anyways: it'd be great to see what happens with Swedish Wikitravel over the next "crucial" month before adding a lot of admins. I think having one admin out of 10 or so users is probably enough for now. --Evan 8 oktober 2004 kl.14.50 (EDT)

Time zones[Redigera]

Evan, I need to ask you to change time zone to the Swedish Wikitravel, from EDT to GMT +1 (Western European Time). Can this be done? --Alers 10 oktober 2004 kl.05.46 (EDT)

I believe it's done. The default timezone for all users is now GMT+1. Logged-in users who signed up before... uh... a couple of minutes ago may have their times off by a few hours -- they should go to Special:Preferences and hit the "Fill in from browser" button for the time zone. The Apache server's time is still Eastern Canada time, and I'm not really able to change that. So low-level HTTP stuff will still show that timezone. Also, since all the other Wikitravel's are on it, it wouldn't make sense. Let me know if this is OK. --Evan 10 oktober 2004 kl.13.52 (EDT)

Trying to test this again. --Evan 11 oktober 2004 kl.23.51 (WEST)

OK, I set the default time to WET. Hopefully this is the right thing to do. --Evan 11 oktober 2004 kl.23.53 (WEST)
This doesn't seem quite right, there's still a one-hour error... I think Sweden's time zone is normally called Central European Time (CET), though, so if there's such an option for setting default time, this would be a better choise... /Salsero 12 oktober 2004 kl.00.41 (WEST)
As you seem to have realised in the section "Categories" below :-) Salsero 12 oktober 2004 kl.00.44 (WEST)
I thought Alers contradicted me. OK, I think we're in CET now. Chew me out if it's wrong! --Evan 12 oktober 2004 kl.04.18 (CEST)


Categorizing doesn't seem to work, see for example Stockholm. We want it to belong to category Sweden (by using Kategori:Sverige. I tried using Category:Sverige, it didn't work either. Known bug? --Alers 10 oktober 2004 kl.19.02 (GMT) <-- in the signature, it says GMT, but when I wrote this, the time was 22:02 in Stockholm, not 19:02, despite having set the time zone in preferences.

Yes, after I made the previous message I realize there's still a problem with timezones. I'll continue working on it. Quick question, though: why WET rather than CET? Sweden is CET, isn't it?
It may be called CET, I just traslated what my Windows clock said, and it said Tidszon: Västeuropa (Time zone: Western Europe). :) --Alers 11 oktober 2004 kl.05.40 (GMT)
As to categories: these are turned off for Wikitravel for the moment. (You can see a list of other things enabled or disabled at en:Wikitravel:Travellers'_pub#Wikimedia 1.3.5 bugs and features). It's not clear what place categories have in a travel guide. There's a discussion started at en:Wikitravel:Categories and en:Wikitravel talk:Categories. I can enable categories just for sv: if you want, but I'm hoping you'll think it through first. --Evan 10 oktober 2004 kl.20.48 (GMT)
We'll discuss it at the traveller's joint. --Alers 11 oktober 2004 kl.05.40 (GMT)


Evan, I don't understand why you changed some of the translated text back to English?! Please see here for some of the translation that disappeared. --Alers 12 oktober 2004 kl.19.44 (CEST)

Anyway, the translation is now complete. :) --Alers 14 oktober 2004 kl.20.27 (CEST)

Usage problem[Redigera]

As I work with WT, and keep clicking between pages, adding articles, etc etc, i.e. normal use, I am sometimes, without warning, transferred to what appears to be the page I want, but it turns out that the "www.wikitravel.org" text in the URL are again replaced by the numerical IP address mentioned in the previous paragraph. Whenever that happens, my user name does not show up in articles and/or logs, only my IP address. What on earth causes this problem?? I have not yet found out if this problem occurs when I try to access a certain page, but I think it is a rather random issue, which makes it even more annoying. Can you help? Riggwelter 26 december 2005 kl.18.34 (CET)

More info: it appears that this problem occurs a) when I enter something in the "Search" box and then press "Go". I have not tried to enter something in the search box and then press "Search", if the problem should occur there too. b) when I click "Random page". I will let you know if I find out more. Riggwelter 26 december 2005 kl.18.45 (CET)
Even more info: It now happens whenever I add and save any addition to an existing article or whenever I add a new page. Riggwelter 26 december 2005 kl.18.51 (CET)
I have the same problem both here and at the en version. Akteacher 27 december 2005 kl.18.22 (CET)
Problem solved after your fix of the previous problem. Riggwelter 2 januari 2006 kl.21.34 (CET)

Button sp[Redigera]

In article edit mode, the "Show preview" button is spelled wrong in the swedish version. The correct version should be "Visa förhandsgranskning", i e an "s" between "förhand" and "granskning". Can you fix? Riggwelter 26 december 2005 kl.18.34 (CET)

Problem not solved. Riggwelter 2 januari 2006 kl.21.35 (CET)
This is fixed now. --Evan 3 januari 2006 kl.01.39 (CET)
Swap the d and s and it will be perfect: "Förhandsgranskning" is the correct spelling. :-) Riggwelter 4 januari 2006 kl.09.37 (CET)

Message notification[Redigera]

Whenever we log in, it would be nice to have a message notification on my screen, telling me to check my talk page to retrieve the new messages. Is it difficult to get that implemented on sv: WT? Adestro has asked you about this before, but not, as far as I know, received an answer. Riggwelter 2 januari 2006 kl.21.47 (CET)

Yes, it's difficult, but it's probably a good idea to get it working. --Evan 3 januari 2006 kl.01.39 (CET)
Evan, when can we get it working on swedish Wikitravel? We see it as a rather important thing, since we believe it will improve the "user friendliness" of the site. Riggwelter 11 januari 2006 kl.12.08 (CET)


I would love to get the category system working before we get too many articles and the site is turned into a swamp. Can you help? I want to start with "Kategori:Wikitravel" and under that headline keep all the Wikitravel-related pages. I cannot get it to work, for some odd reason...I have created the top category (Kategori:Wikitravel), but the automated "sorting" does not seem to work. I have added an article called: "Wikitravel:Snabba raderingar" and linked it to "Kategori:Wikitravel" but it will not cooperate. It is probably me though... Riggwelter 2 januari 2006 kl.21.47 (CET)

We don't use categories on any of the other Wikitravel versions; the feature is disabled. Please take a look at en:Wikitravel:Categories and let me know if you disagree. We have en:Wikitravel:RDF enabled on this site which is more powerful and more specific than categories. --Evan 3 januari 2006 kl.01.35 (CET)
I have to look more into this...before making up my mind. I have looked at the RDF feature, and I am not sure I understand it fully, ha ha! Well, I will get back to you when my brain has catched up. Riggwelter 5 januari 2006 kl.11.44 (CET)


As you can see from Wikitravel:Mallar, I have taken the liberty to launch a few new templates. Subsequently, Adestro and I have a discussion about how to deal with new and anonymous users. I have created two templates for this purpose, one which welcomes the anonymous user to WT and recommends them to log in, and one template for the newly signed in user, welcoming them and giving them a few tips and interesting links to look at before they start to edit. Adestro claims that en: WT has a policy not to welcome anonymous users as I have done. However, I beg to differ: there are not many swedes or people speaking swedish, compared to people with english as their mother tongue. Hence sv: WT need all the contributors we can get, and if an anonymous user edits responsibly and with know-how, I do not see why we should not welcome them and offer them to sign up. After they have signed up, they get the "welcome" template I mentioned before. What's your opinion? If you think this is a good idea, and if you think it can help sv:WT get more contributors, please let us know. If so, I will write a policy telling how it should be done on sv: WT. Riggwelter 5 januari 2006 kl.11.44 (CET)

I don't see a big problem with it, but since Wikitravel has message notification turned off for now (it's a caching issue), I'm not sure how effective it is.
One thing I like is when welcoming someone, use {{subst:templatename}} to insert the template into the page. This at least gives the illusion that you wrote the welcome yourself. --Evan 10 januari 2006 kl.09.08 (CET)
In our instruction Wikitravel:Mallar, we advice the users to sign when they apply the template. Riggwelter 11 januari 2006 kl.12.06 (CET)

New message indicator[Redigera]

There's now a new message indicator for logged-in users. I'm going to try to get it working for non-logged-in users really soon. --Evan 5 mars 2006 kl.21.48 (CET)

You are an absolute wiz! We are looking forward to the non-logged-in version too. However - is there any way to make the New Message Indicator more apparent - i e like a big orange bar coming up on the screen on the page telling you that you have a new message? This is mostly for the non-logged in users, so they really get that they have a message (and hopefully check their Talk page). The red dot works fine for logged in users. I will let this be known in Traveller's Pub. Riggwelter 5 mars 2006 kl.23.23 (CET)

Red dot?[Redigera]

Evan, instead of a red dot, I would like this type of bar to show up. Is it possible? The reason is that this bar is much more obvious...an unexperienced used may not see the red dot and understand its meaning. The text in the square reads "You have new messages", and the "new messages" link are linked to the user's talk page (in the example below, it is linked to your User page so as to indicate the link):

What do you think? Riggwelter 6 mars 2006 kl.11.23 (CET)

It's actually very hard to do with text. What if it's not a text box, but rather a long image that says "New messages"? --Evan 7 mars 2006 kl.02.18 (CET)
That sounds OK. What I am looking for is something that attracts the attention of the user, something which really makes them go to their talk page and read the message. Fat flashing red text mid-page, if possible? Riggwelter 8 mars 2006 kl.20.39 (CET)

Problems with Mozilla and Firefox[Redigera]

Tåggas uses Mozilla and seems to have a problem with the red dot. Apparently, it keeps on blinking despite having read the message. In order to clear the MWI, he has to select "edit", then "save". He has tried to clear the cache, but it did not help. Jonas Ryberg uses Firefox and does not get any MWI at all. Riggwelter 6 mars 2006 kl.16.12 (CET)

I'm using Mozilla Firefox and don't have that problem. Works great! Do they have the latest version and standard security settings? Any security-applications that might interfere? /Adestro 6 mars 2006 kl.16.22 (CET)
If I use Internet Explorer it's the same thing, I must press edit and preview or save. The difference in IE is that the red dot is lighting and not twinkle. If I am not logged in, then it works fine if I have a message on my IP-adress discussion page. The version of Mozilla is 1.0.6 //Tåggas 6 mars 2006 kl.17.44 (CET)