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Welcome, newcomers

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Welcome, newcomers

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Welcome to Wikitravel Shared! We, the Wikitravellers who've made it, hope that you enjoy what you see and that you join us in making a free, up-to-date, complete and reliable world-wide travel guide.

What is Wikitravel Shared?[edit]

Wikitravel Shared has two jobs:

  1. Shared is the image and illustration repository for all the language versions of Wikitravel. An image on Shared can be used in any language version.
  2. Shared handles cross-language coordination for Wikitravel. This includes, for example, announcements that affect the entire site, bug reports, feature requests, launching and tracking language versions.

That means we do not have any travel guides here, just illustrations of various kinds and various administrative discussions. Do not add any articles here - feel free to improve the travel guides instead!

Where's the travel guide?[edit]

If you are looking for the travel guide itself, please see the list of Wikitravel sites in all languages.

Can I upload any pictures I like?[edit]

Not if they cannot be released under our copyleft license. See our image policy and what's said about our copyleft license.

How do I use these pictures?[edit]

In (almost) any way you like! All images in Wikitravel Shared are licensed either under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License or are in the public domain, which means that they can be freely reused as long as you follow the license conditions.

To add a Wikitravel Shared image to any Wikitravel page, please see the instructions at "How to add an image".

How do I add my own pictures here?[edit]

It's a three-step process:

  1. First, log into Wikitravel Shared [1] . This is free, painless and instant.
  2. Second, upload the image. Please, please make sure the image complies with the terms of our license! As a rule, anything you made by yourself is OK, but images from other websites are not OK (unless they explicitly place everything in the public domain or use the CC by-sa license).
  3. Third, place some tags in the image description, so we know what the picture represents, what license applies and where it came from.